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Fibre Arts Take Two regularly interview fibre and mixed media artists from all over the world through our popular Friday Feature Artist series. People tune in live, through Facebook and YouTube to ask questions and hear about their favourite artist’s stories, philosophies and tips.

Below are the insights from some of our featured artists with a link to each interview.

Jo Delafons: Integrity First

British artist Jo Delafons creates ethereal, gravity-defying art from her Sussex home. Fibre Arts Take Two had the opportunity to learn about Jo’s work.

Ann Goddard: Unique Boundary Pushing Art

Ann Goddard uses mixed media to create her unique, boundary-pushing art. Fibre Arts Take Two learnt more about Ann’s life and art.

Julie Weaverling: The Front Porch

Julie Weaverling; Artist and director of Front Porch Art Gallery. Fibre Arts Take Two spoke to Julie about her gallery, art and dreams.

Jordan Cunliffe: Record, map and capture

Artist Jordan Cunliffe uses data to tell stories with her art. She spoke to Fibre Arts Take Two about her work and passions.

Tansy Hargan: It’s About Colour

UK artist Tansy Hargan works the rainbow and explores the whole spectrum, listening with her eyes and observing everything she sees.

Sally Tyrie: Photography and Print

Portsmouth artist Sally Tyrie mixes photography with printmaking. She joined Fibre Arts Take Two to share her love of photography, printmaking, and teaching.

Anna Wagner-Ott: Obsessive & Passionate about Art

Painter, weaver, fibre artist, sculptor. Anna Wagner-Ott is all of these and more. Fibre Arts Take Two enjoyed chatting with Anna about her life and work.

Barbara Franc: For the Love of Animals

From early dreams of being a vet through a career at the BBC, Barbara Franc now creates exquisite statues of animals in fabric. Get to know this artist.

Anne Kelly: Finding the Visual Spark

Canadian-born, UK-based Anne Kelly stitches stories. Fibre Arts Take Two had the pleasure of discussing art and life with this delightful artist.

Zora Verona: Feathered Collaborators

Zora Verona creates bird nests. Intrigued, Fibre Arts Take Two talked to Zora Verona about her relationship with birds and her remarkable work.

Sally Hirst: Reworking and Repurposing

The art of UK-based Sally Hirst is all about reworking and repurposing. Fibre Arts Take Two learned more about Sally’s creative, can-do approach.

Jette Clover: Covering Quilts

Antwerp-based Jette Clover discovered a love of quilts by accident and made it her career. Fibre Arts Take Two learned more about Jette’s life and career.

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What our Community is saying!

“Hi FATT. I just wanted to tell you how WONDERFUL the interview was. I felt like I was there and so in sync, totally understanding and agreeing with the vibes regarding the draw of nature, photography, simple beauty, etc. It was a magical hour for me today.” Lesley Riley

“I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your Friday programming. Listening to and seeing some of my favourite fibre artists has been an awesome treat. The team does a beautiful job with presentation and I absolutely love their genuine personality.” Donnetta Irvis

“I just wanted to reach out to you today because I’m re-watching all the fibre arts takes 2 Friday feature artists videos. They’ve been a godsend to me, not just because I’m in lockdown at home, but also because they are an incredible inspiration too and have kept me creative. The generosity of those artists is greatly appreciated, taking the time to talk and share is a wonderful thing. And last but not least of all your insightful contributions to each video is motivational. You ask the questions we want to ask and questions we didn’t know we needed asking.” Bernadette Daly

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