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Fibre Arts Take Two regularly interview fibre and mixed media artists from all over the world through our popular Friday Feature Artist series. People tune in live, through Facebook and YouTube to ask questions and hear about their favourite artist’s stories, philosophies and tips.

Below are the insights from some of our featured artists with a link to each interview.

Beverly Ayling-Smith: The Fabric of her Being 

Beverly Ayling-Smith makes art from the fascinating subject of pain. She shared with Fibre Arts Take Two how mourning and fabric can come together. 

Marian Jazmik: Breaking the Rules

Marian Jazmik creates unique fibre art from her village in Northern England. She talked to Fibre Arts Take Two about her book, her art, and her process. 

Fran Skiles: Adapted to the Abstract

Fran Skiles believes it redundant to seek the literal in the abstract. Fibre Arts Take Two learnt about Fran’s, life, art and love of what can’t be explained. 

Rebecca Crowell: Waxing Lyrical 

Rebecca Crowell is a leading talent in the cold wax medium. Fibre Arts take Two talked to her about her career, her book and her teaching. 

Debbie Lyddon: a vision of sound 

Explore the intersection of visual art and music with textile artist Debbie Lyddon, who discussed the influence of sound and music on her art in a recent chat. 

Ana Žanić: Spontaneity and Play 

Croatian-born, US-based artist Ana Žanić loves spontaneity. She shared her artistic process and love of play with a very fortunate Fibre Arts Take Two. 

Roxanne Evans Stout: A teacher’s journey

Roxanne Evans Stout explains her journey to create her own qualification and become a mixed media arts teacher. 

Alice Fox: Art amongst nature 

Textile artist Alice Fox explains her background, discusses her work and reminds full time artists to create their own opportunities in her chat with Fibre Arts Take Two. 

Sandra Meech: Silence and Ice 

UK based artist Sandra Meech talked to Fibre Arts Take Two about the world of ice and silence. Enjoy Sandra’s beautiful take on life and art.

Tara Axford: Rise of the Sunday Shelfie

Mixed media artist Tara Axford talks about her artistic journey, her passion for online learning and her mini exhibitions during COVID.

Roberta Wagner: Does it Make Your Heart Sing? 

After years of corporate work, Roberta Wagner felt a calling to a more creative life. Fibre Arts Take Two talked to Roberta about her work and her book. 

Wen Redmond: Making Art by the Seat of the Pants

Wen Redmond is technically retired but you can’t stop an artist from creating. Wen found the time to share her thoughts on art and the drive to create. 

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“Hi FATT. I just wanted to tell you how WONDERFUL the interview was. I felt like I was there and so in sync, totally understanding and agreeing with the vibes regarding the draw of nature, photography, simple beauty, etc. It was a magical hour for me today.” Lesley Riley

“I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your Friday programming. Listening to and seeing some of my favourite fibre artists has been an awesome treat. The team does a beautiful job with presentation and I absolutely love their genuine personality.” Donnetta Irvis

“I just wanted to reach out to you today because I’m re-watching all the fibre arts takes 2 Friday feature artists videos. They’ve been a godsend to me, not just because I’m in lockdown at home, but also because they are an incredible inspiration too and have kept me creative. The generosity of those artists is greatly appreciated, taking the time to talk and share is a wonderful thing. And last but not least of all your insightful contributions to each video is motivational. You ask the questions we want to ask and questions we didn’t know we needed asking.” Bernadette Daly

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