Coming in 2023

Claire Benn

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Artist Claire Benn works in mixed media textiles, raw earth pigments, natural dyes, acrylic paint and thread. Her work is abstract, reductive, contemporary, quiet, and very tactile, apparently simple yet engaged with the complexity of ideas and practices with her inspiration drawn from wilderness landscapes, such as the Atacama Desert, New Mexico, and the Arctic.

Claire says ” I’ve always said, there are no total failures, as long as you extract the lesson that the failure teaches you. If you’re standing there scratching your head going, I wonder if I can do this, just do it. That’s the quickest way to find out. So be brave, be exploratory, and be exploratory with what I call an inquiring mind and observing mind and be willing.”

Fibre Arts Take Two are proud to be collaborating with Claire Benn to bring you her signature online course, with its release in early 2023.

Claire will be sharing her methods of creating powerful reductive textile artworks combining raw earth pigments, soymilk and stitch.

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