Have you ever wondered what separates great artists from good?

The answer is YOU!

Essence of Identity Masterclass

For internationally renowned Mixed Media Artist Donna Watson creating mindlessly for sales and success was not enough; she had to conquer blocks and confusion working in many mediums and styles before she uncovered her true essence and ultimately a fulfilling art practice. 

In her first comprehensive online Masterclass, Donna Watson virtually invites you into her private studio and gardens promising to reveal your personal artistic path to creating visually impressive and personally fulfilling artwork. Using the same lessons and methods that she has used to help hundreds of artists unearth their own artistic voices, leading workshops all over the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand over her 40+ year career. 

This masterclass is for all artists, all mediums, styles and levels. All course materials, including beautifully filmed videos and comprehensive resource guides, are within an easy to use member portal and yours to revisit anytime. 

Essence of Identity – a Masterclass with Donna Watson is an investment in your creative future. It’s a worldwide community for enrolled students to come together in a private online forum and share your thoughts, fears and breakthroughs directly with Donna, ask questions with multiple live Q&A’s,  and is yours to keep as a resource for life! 

Enrolments are now open, class begins January 1st. See below for a full itinerary. 

Get ready to...

Conquer Blocks and Confusion

By fully engaging with the content from the comfort of your own home, without distractions and time pressures, you’ll end up with a roadmap for a new journey and a wealth of inspiring ways geared to expressing your own unique aesthetic.  

Create Meaningful Artwork

Experience a series of in-depth lessons to guide you on your search for your inner core.  These lessons will help you see into your own heart and mind and bring all to a more conscious level where you’re truly able to connect with your work and connect it with others. 

Uncover Your Signature Style

After completing this unique masterclass with Donna, you’ll have a clearly defined sense of self and a unique ‘signature’ across all your works. It’s an exciting journey that focuses on personal expression above technique and produces confident artists.

Essence of Identity Masterclass

What's Included?

The Essence of Identity Masterclass with Donna Watson comprises of four major components:

8 modules with 4 hours of beautifully filmed content: Beginning January 1st 2022 two modules will be released per fortnight allowing Donna to go deep into each subject and keep the group focused as we work together through the exercises. 

Downloadable and written accompaniments: Donna has prepared a comprehensive notes for you to download and keep as reference as you work you way through the masterclass. 

3 live Q&A’s (recorded and uploaded into your course portal): Live Q&A’s are staggered between each module release so Donna can delve deep into your questions, recap the previous modules and describe what you can expect moving forward.

2 months of ongoing guidance from Donna: Receive invaluable support and guidance from Donna till the end of February 2022 through a private students only facebook group. The forum will remain open for you to continue your journey with your new cohort of like minded artists.

See below for a list of modules and release dates so you can begin planning your new year today. 

About This Course

Why take an online art masterclass?

One of the main benefits, apart from being able to form a personal connection with a renowned artist from anywhere in the world, is being able to pause, rewind and rewatch.

Taking a masterclass online allows you to do deep into your own self discovery without the distractions of a live classroom. You can learn at your own pace and still connect to the Facebook group to share your journey with Donna and other students while engaging with regular live Q&A’s

When you enrol in Essence of Identity with Donna Watson, you pay once and learn forever. 

By fully engaging with the course content you will reveal your true self through your art, which will take on a deeper meaning and a more authentic art practice. 

Donna Watson Masterclass

Will Donna be teaching her style of art?

While you can always take a workshop on technique, few art teachers focus on personal expression and identity. 

Donna believes that when you pay attention to the way your voice is reflected in your work, take things at a slower pace and even feel a little lost at times, you’ll be able to keep searching and go deeper. 

The creative exercises within Essence of Identity are designed to be completed in any medium. One of the most exciting parts will be seeing everyone’s unique work and expression evolve.

Meet your Tutor

8 Modules, 4 Hours of
Footage and 8 Weeks
of Tutor Support!

Enrolments are open for a limited time.

Donna will guide you through the following modules sharing her stories and wisdom along the way.

Essence of Identity Masterclass
Module 1
Who am I? Stumbling into the Light

At different times on Donna’s art journey she has experienced tremendous success and also experienced dark periods where she doubted she could ever be a creative artist and should just quit. In module 1 you will see images that represent Donna’s art journey.  You will see where she started as a watercolour artist, and over the years changed her painting medium, and added collage. You will see videos of her studio and Japanese gardens and Zen greenhouse outside.

Essence of Identity Masterclass
Module 2
Who are you? Excavation

Donna believes you can’t separate yourself from your art. In this module you will begin to excavate who you are through a series of creative exercises and written tasks to bring an awareness of your personality traits… good, bad, physical and emotional. Once you become more conscious and aware of your inner self, your artwork will become more personal and unique. 

Essence of Identity Masterclass
Module 3
Sense of Place

The expression ‘sense of place’ comes from the vivid sensory impressions, memories and influences we derive from a certain place. By exploring your sense of place, whether from memories or travel experiences, or your current environment, you can discover more about yourself. Donna will share her place taking you on a tour of the woods and beach before sharing her collections with you. You’ll be invited to participate in a number of written exercises to uncover your science of place.  

Donna Watson Masterclass
Module 4
Conscious Creativity

Making choices, based on your likes and dislikes and based on what fits your nature and personality, will help your work become more recognisable as your work and make your work more unique and more personal to everyone who views your work.

After looking at examples of the elements and principles of design you will be able to focus on a few elements like colour or value or shape or texture and apply some principles like balance, contrast, dominance or movement to your own work.   You will choose what best fits your own expression and then be consistent with every art work you create.

Donna Watson Masterclass
Module 5
What is Creativity?

Creativity is the process of making a new idea your own, or generating new ideas or new ways to do something.  This can include finding a new method to complete an old task or generating something that is totally new. Creative activities help us acknowledge and celebrate our own uniqueness and diversity.  Creativity encourages self-expression and a way to create something new from personal experiences and feelings. Donna guides you through a series of activities and shares further resource guides to expand your reactive thinking.

Donna Watson Masterclass
Module 6
Creative Anxieties

In this section Donna will talk about the universal feelings most artists go through on a daily basis in their studios. Because the creative process ignites our innermost hopes, needs, fears and dreads, it can be an exhilarating AND challenging experience. Donna will address how artistic blocks are understandable and reasonable responses to your past experiences, and how normal your present fears are about your future.

Once you are aware of how your blocks are actually your efforts at self-preservation, you can determine what you need to do to move beyond these fears.  

Donna Watson Masterclass
Module 7
Deeper Maps

Every new project or series an artist starts, begins in the dark. Everyone needs a map when they begin a new journey, or exploration or experimentation.  By identifying your personality, likes, strengths, elements and principles of design… you have begun making your personal map to help guide you along the way.  In this module Donna will share with you her thoughts on working in a series. You will see examples of handmade books where Donna expresses her content with the subject matter and see images of her work in a series. 

Donna Watson Masterclass
Module 8
Creative Authenticity

You have been on a journey of discovery.  You know much more about yourself and your creative life.  You have a much better understanding of your direction, focus and intent…your work can become more meaningful and expressive and connect with others. Recognisable work is very important to your success as an artist.  The more personal and recognisable your work becomes, the more authentic your work will become and others will respond to your authenticity. In this section, you will write down your goals.  You will learn the difference between a biography and an artist statement.  You will find out what elements to include in a portfolio… a resume, statement, bio, images.

You’re Protected

With Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This course has been created to the highest standards. Professionally filmed and crafted for your viewing pleasure. 

This course is the culmination of Donna’s 40+ years of learning, researching, teaching and mentoring. 

The tuition fee includes lifetime access to Essence of Identity – a Masterclass with Donna Watson. Payment plans are also available, please see below for details. 

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’ve viewed less than 10% of this course and do not download any resource guides before January 7th 2022 we’ll happily purchase the course back from you. 

We’re confident that if you do the work and engage with your tutor you’ll get enormous benefit from this experience. And we’re happy to back that up with our risk-free guarantee.

Pricing Options

Invest once and learn for life!

2 Month Payment Plan
$4402 Monthly Payments of $220
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  • Hours of Footage - 4
  • Modules - 8
  • Paid - 2 Payments Monthly
5 Month Payment Plan
$4505 Monthly Payments Of $90
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  • Modules - 8
  • Paid - 5 Payments Monthly

Is this course right for you?

This course is a perfect fit for you if you want to learn:

You’re willing to change and grow as you bring more of yourself to your work. 

You aspire to create artwork with more meaning that resonates with others. 

You’re ready to unearth your signature style and create recognisable artwork.

You desire more fulfilment in your art practice and a renewed sense of creativity.

You’re open to feedback and encouragement from others sharing this same experience.

You understand that this is not a workshop teaching Donna’s collage techniques, this is a workshop designed for your own self discovery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When you enrol, you will have secured your place in this masterclass which will begin on January the 1st 2022. You will receive an email confirmation with a full itinerary and an invitation to join the private facebook group.

Fibre Arts Take Two courses are professionally filmed, sound recorded and edited so you feel like you are in the room with your tutor.

Modules 1 & 2 will be accessible to you on January the 1st 2022.

Modules 3 & 4 will be released on January the 14th 2022.

Modules 5 & 6 will be released on January the 28th 2022.

Modules 7 & 8 will be released on February the 11th 2022.

Each module will contain written accompaniments.

There will be three live Q&A’s staggered between module releases to recap the previous two modules and help you plan and prepare for what’s coming next.

Once the modules have been released they are yours to access and revisit at any time.

Please note as this is a masterclass and not a technique driven course, the best tool you can bring is an open mind and a willingness to receive feedback and do deeper.

Everyone will be working in their own medium should that be fibre, mixed media, glass, ceramics, the choice is yours.

We recommended having a notebook to document your learnings and record your breakthroughs.

You will also be encouraged to take photos and print them so access to a phone / camera and printer would be helpful.

Essence of Identity is designed as a resource for life.

There is over 4 hours of pre-recorded content for you to enjoy and many prompts and tasks for your to do in your own time.

Donna will be available within the private Facebook group from January 1st 2022 to February the 28th 2022.

We will conduct three live Q&A sessions during this time which will be recorded and uploaded into your course portal.

Online courses are building in popularity. They are a great way to supplement live workshops affordably and from the comfort of your own home. Learn new skills and see behind the scenes into the studios and lives of your favourite artists.

A masterclass delivered online will allow you the privacy and thinking time you’ll need to go deep into the content without the distractions and time limitations of a live class.

Our platform is very simple to use and we offer a great support team should you ever run into problems.

Nope, you will have full access to the course via your online portal.
We offer a closed Facebook group for enrolled students only to connect and share their journey.

The group also offers you the opportunity to gain further insights and tuition from Donna and other Essence of Identity students.

Live Q&A’s will be hosted through Facebook, recorded and uploaded into your course portal for everyone to access.

This group is not compulsory but is highly recommended!

The Essence of Identity Masterclass is $398 USD

The following payment plans are available:

2 x Monthly Instalments of $220 USD

5 x Monthly Instalments of $90 USD

To ensure a solid learning experience and to build community, the Essence of Identity online Masterclass is only offered as a full course.

The Essence of Identity online course has a 100% money-back guarantee. Should you view less than 10% of the course and do not download any resource guides before the 7th of January 2022 we will purchase the course back from you.

If you feel that this course doesn’t meet your expectations please email us at support@fibreartstaketwo.com before the 7th of January 2022.

Absolutely! All of the course content is fully responsive so it will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

Good question! You’ll be able to post your questions about the masterclass in a private Facebook group, either someone from the community, Fibre Arts Take Two or Donna herself will be able to help you.

If you have more technical questions please direct your questions to:  support@fibreartstaketwo.com

8 Modules, 4 Hours of
Footage and 8 Weeks
of Tutor Support!

Enrolments are open for a limited time.