Creating art allows us to communicate on a deeper level which words often can’t.

But first, we must find a connection within ourselves
and dare to seek the stillness within.

Break free from the constraints of language, expand your horizons and let go of the idea of
“what is to be created” so you can…



You are your greatest potential.

But have you ever noticed that with the distractions of our busy lives,
something within us is often no longer audible? 

Our intuition?

Our connection with ourselves and our ability to identify
what calls us to communicate through our art?

These questions arise…

How can our art establish a connection with others if we have lost our connection with ourselves?

How can we find our creative flow and poetic process within our artistic practice?

For Eva Kalien, first and foremost, finding quiet and still places within nature is imperative.

She encourages you to find a place where you too, can immerse yourself in deep silence. 

It can be by a tree in your backyard or a bench in a park; the important part is that you find a place to rest within yourself. Eva believes we are only then ready to step into ourselves and create from within. It’s important to realise at the beginning that art doesn’t develop in the head and that art is a very fragile substance with a lot to do with the heart.

Many of these things sound serious, and yet I am convinced that this seriousness also contains something very light and playful, beautiful and joyful.
I hope you can always rediscover this joy and this lightness.

Eva Kalien

Meet Lorna Crane

Hi, I’m Lorna and if I wasn’t an artist I would be a teacher.

I just love sharing and I’m excited to share with you what I have learnt during my 40 years as a professional artist in my first online course.

It hasn’t always been easy, in fact there are times in my life where I really doubted myself. I now realise after all of these years of working and exhibiting that, if I didn’t have those doubts and fears it wouldn’t be healthy. I love sharing those moments with people because I know what that’s like.

This course is all about finding your artistic voice, your own visual language. I’ll be guiding you through every step of the way by making your brushes, exploring your mark making and a series of projects to create objects of desire to record this time and this place.

If you’re a textile artist, you’ll probably do lots of stitching and if you’re a mixed media artist, you’ll probably use a lot of different mediums. It’ll be quite different from being in a class, but there’s a special quality about having this time of isolation of just being you and doing it at your own own pace.

Perfectly imperfect, to me is just the best compliment anybody could give me. I can’t wait to see what you create and hear your stories within our online community.

It’s going to be a time of deep discovery.


Visual Language Course with Lorna Crane

Let’s Officially Meet Your Tutor, Lorna Crane

Many of these things sound serious, and yet I am convinced that this seriousness also contains something very light and playful, beautiful and joyful.
I hope you can always rediscover this joy and this lightness.

Eva Kalien


Visual Language Course with Lorna Crane

A unique, online experience for all levels of artists
looking to explore deeper meanings and connections
to find their own rhythm of creating mixed media artwork.

Perfect for people who want to play, experiment and become re-acquainted with themselves
silence their inner critic and let intuition be their guide.

Come Along For a Sneak Peek...

What Is The Perfectly Imperfect Course?

Perfectly Imperfect is an online course designed to uncover your visual language. Lorna Crane invites you into her studio and guides you every step of the way through the processes and techniques that have made her one of Australia’s best Contemporary Abstract Artists.

Lorna’s unique tuition will take you on a journey of discovery. Layered with a new way of thinking and feeling, in the end you’ll be able to speak confidently about your work, know who you are as an artist and where you want to go.

All course materials, including streaming videos, actionable tasks and downloadable resource guides are within an easy to use member portal.

You’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback and share your story with Lorna and fellow Perfectly Imperfect students through a private online community including live Q&A’s.

You'll Learn How To....

Discover Your Visual Language

By experimenting with found objects, mark making, collage, asemic journal writing, hand painting cloth, machine and hand stitch through a series of guided exercises you’ll discover what makes your heart sing.

Make a Set of Brushes

Creating your own set of beautiful handmade brushes is the first step in unlocking your potential. A time to celebrate and cherish by recording their first marks in your own paper artbook.

Create Objects of Desire

Surprised at the new level of sophistication in your work, turn your hand painted cloth into a series of perfectly imperfect scrolls, reference books, vessels and finished artworks that document this special time and place.

What's Included?

With 8 modules, 8 hours of footage and 8 weeks of ongoing tuition covering, brush making, mark making, collage, hand painting cloth, making sample books, fabric vessels and finished cloth art books, Lorna guides you step by step on a unique creative journey.

Each module contains several palatable video lessons that build on each other plus actionable assignments and downloadable resource guides.

Students are fully supported by the Fibre Arts Take Two team and are invited to join a private Facebook community where you can share your progress directly with Lorna.

Here Lorna offers invaluable support to students and *ongoing tuition.

8 Modules, 8 Hours of Footage and 8 Weeks Ongoing Tuition!

Lorna will guide you through the following modules sharing her stories and wisdom along the way.

Module 1
Inspiration From Nature

Take a walk with Lorna and discover some of her favourite places where she draws inspiration from her landscape. Learn to select the best wood for brush making and forage for found objects to incorporate in your artwork. You’ll be inspired to get out in nature, finding inspiration and creating a deeper connection with your favourite place.

Module 2

Lorna welcomes you into her studio and shares her very first collection of handmade brushes and how they have influenced her work over the years. Lorna will instruct you step by step in making your own set of 5 brushes that are the most robust and versatile when it comes to your mark making. Lorna even includes two extra bonus brushes for you to try!

Module 3
The First Marks

Dipping your brushes into ink for the first time is something to be celebrated and recorded. Lorna takes you through not only the practical steps from the best workstation practices, paper selection and demonstrating how to create your own record book of marks, but also takes you deeper into the stillness and poetry of these precious first marks.

Module 4
Overdrawing & Underdrawing

Moving beyond the brush you’ll start to free yourself of the rules during the overdrawing and underdrawing experience. Using a variety of mark making mediums and tools you’ll experiment on a variety of found and recycled papers, discovering each marks unique properties that allow your individual visual language to emerge.

Module 5
Deconstruct Reconstruct

This module is an enlightening experience. Through a series of exercises in letting go including collage, asemic journal writing and book making, Lorna shares with you her first mark making work and personal journal writing. Lorna often see’s a spark in her students’ eyes during this stage in the discovery process as you learn to further let go of set expectations.

Module 6
Hand Painting Fabric

With a limited pallet you’ll create a series of hand painted cloth using a mixture of fabric and techniques including backwashing and mono printing. In the end you’ll have a collection of amazing fabric to be used in later modules and projects. You’ll be surprised by the variety of layers that can be created, adding sophistication and depth to your future work.

Module 7
Extending Your Visual Language

Experiment with collage using paper and cloth, make a scroll and three beautiful cloth sampler books that are perfectly imperfect objects of desire. Here Lorna will challenge you to look deeper into your work and embellish your creations with subversive stitch, discovering how it has a unique way of allowing you to dig deeper into your inner self.

Module 8
Discovering Your Artistic Voice

Through shared stories and a detailed look into Lorna’s past and new body of work, she opens up a world of possibilities for you to start your own story. Under Lorna’s expert guidance she will prepare you to make your own hand stitched journal or vessel that truly reflects your voice as an artist. A keeper of your memories to record this time and place in your life.

Lorna Crane’s workshops offer an unparalleled artistic experience.

She is one of the most dedicated, talented, and gifted artists I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I count Lorna among the most important artists working today. Her students will gain a wealth of information about materials and techniques, but will also greatly appreciate Lorna’s abilities to bring the spirit of play and experimentation into making compelling artwork.

Allison B Cooke

Here’s How Everything In This Course Comes Together:


Once enrolled you will have instant and lifetime access to the entire course so you can go through the modules at your own pace, refresh, rewind and revisit anytime you like.

By fully engaging with the course content you will be able to develop your own signature style and talk more confidently about your work and who you are as an artist.

During the first 8 weeks of enrolment you have an exclusive opportunity to engage with Lorna for additional tuition, support and feedback in our online alumni community.


Come together with fellow growing creatives and join us for two LIVE Q&A sessions, where you can freely inquire Eva about any queries you may have about the course and further explore your intuition. With the aid of a translator, in case Eva wishes to express herself in German, this presents a distinctive opportunity to engage with Eva.

It is an ideal complement to the lessons to gain more personalised feedback to assist you in moving forward. (We ensure that the technology for these calls is incredibly user-friendly!)


Having an online community of fellow creatives exploring new creative approaches is an extraordinary experience. Past participants of our program have experienced significant breakthroughs by being exposed to the works of other members. They have been particularly inspired by fresh ideas from viewing other students’ creations. Therefore, we are delighted to provide you lifetime access to an exclusive student community, offering an even more expansive space to connect, feel inspired, and learn. With this access, you can engage with and receive support from future alumni, creating a nurturing and encouraging environment for your creative pursuits.

Let’s Make Sure You’re The Perfect Fit To Join Us In This Course…

If you find yourself often seeking out the beauty in the world around you, a look at attuning to your surroundings and capturing the essence of a moment in your work… then this course is the perfect fit for you.

If you are willing to break free from language constraints and are open to a more intuitive approach to art-making… then you’re in the right place.

If you want to learn the techniques and processes to create multi-layered mixed media artwork with a balanced colour palette and harmonious flow… look no further!

If you want to connect and learn from one of the world’s most popular Mixed Media artists today in English… you’re absolutely in the right place.

Beyond The Brush

Perfect as they are, Lorna takes you beyond the brush, showing you how these utilitarian tools can open up a channel deep within you, creating a confidence and uncovering a connection with your work.

From the ceremony of the first marks to painting on cloth, your handmade brushes are just the beginning of finding your unique voice as an artist.

Fabric Collage
Painted Cloth

A Journey Rich In Discovery

The fear of making mistakes will hold you back.

It’s time to be brave and push the boundaries as Lorna guides you every step of the way, let go of any expectations and simply allow the magic to happen.

From experienced artists to beginners the Perfectly Imperfect, Discovering Your Visual Language course will show you ways to free yourself from the rules and become the artist you’re meant to be!

Let’s Officially Meet Your Tutor, Eva Kalien

Lorna is a true talent to the arts!

Not only did she make me feel comfortable, she pushed me in a new direction, opened my mind to creating my own signature/style which has stayed with me thanks to her professionalism as a fabulous tutor.

– Tracey Murphy

It’s time to empower yourself to create artwork that truly reflects your unique voice and perspective.

Our Promise of Excellence

A Message from Fibre Arts Take Two

You’re here because you’re searching for a new path towards creating more intuitive mixed media artwork whilst exploring another perspective to expand your horizons in the creative process.  It’s our promise to deliver you nothing short of that. 

It’s important you know that the Fibre Arts Take Two production is professionally delivered with the highest standard – giving you an audio-visual experience that’s second to none. In doing so, we value collaborating with some of the most impressive thought leaders in the mixed media industry. We also respect the lifetime worth of knowledge and intellectual property they pour into this creative and educational development for you. We hope to attract the type of creatives who hold these same values in return.

That is also why, to protect the integrity of our community, all purchases for Poetry & Place are final sale. Please know that our supportive and available team is always here to answer questions. Either before, during, or after your investment, ensuring you get the best experience as a Fibre Arts Take Two student.

If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out to our (Australian time zone) customer service team at We are always happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Course Is For You If...

You want to uncover your own visual language and develop your signature style.

You need to break free from the rules and let go of your limitations as an artist.

You want to learn new processes and techniques, that will elevate your work to a new level of sophistication.

You want to create beautiful hand made brushes, books and objects of desire.

You want to see behind the scenes of an accomplished artist and network with a group of likeminded people.

You want to move forward with confidence knowing who you are as an artist and what makes your heart sing!

It’s time to empower yourself to create artwork that truly reflects your unique voice and perspective.

View Past Students Work Here

Click the image below to flip through an online exhibition by the Perfectly Imperfect 2021 Alumni.


“ Before we begin, my wish and hope for you are that you learn to trust your own intuition and get a feeling for how delicate and subtle a conversation with one’s own work of art can be and how beautiful. 

I think it’s important to realise at the beginning that art doesn’t develop in the head and that art is a very fragile substance with a lot to do with the heart.

The steps my artistic approach shows are often not understood and cannot be grasped with the head. And it is important and further to trust that things will always go on and that there will always be transformations that bring something new and unexpected.

I look forward to sharing with you my great love for nature, silence and poetry. In all these components, I somehow always found and still find the same theme: the fine attention to what lies in between, that there is beauty and intimacy that lies hidden. I have also found that time, being able to wait, observing and listening are very important qualities.

In the north, the amber collectors, to whom I count myself, say: you can’t look for amber. But when you’re in the mood to find, he may show up and give himself a gift.

I look forward to giving you an insight into my inner principles and approaches as we embark on the journey together.”

Enrolment for this online experience with Eva Kalien is limited and will close soon.

Create Your Own Workbook
25 Downloadable PDF’s

These specially designed action tasks and resource guides follow the course curriculum. By layering your learning you’ll be surprised how a pattern emerges in your work uncovering your unique style.

Exclusive BONUSES

Lorna is one of the most generous tutors you’ll ever find. She believes in sharing her knowledge widely which is evident throughout this course. Not only does she share a detailed look into her past, current and future bodies of work, but Lorna has also included the below special bonuses to further elevate and inspire her students.

These exclusive bonuses are not available anywhere else!

A Guide to Artist Residencies
Valued at $150

Finding and funding the right arts residency can be expensive, time consuming and a little stressful. Where do you go? How do you apply and why is this so important?

Lorna knows what it takes and has prepared a comprehensive downloadable guide to help you discover the perfect residency for you, how to apply for grants and why residencies are such an important part of the artist journey.

Valued at $150

Plein Air Mark Making Experience
Valued at $120

Lorna invites you on location as she begins a large abstract piece on cloth.

Get a glimpse into her outdoor process before heading back in the studio to see how she analyses her marks and begins the deconstruct and composition process.

A wonderful insight into free flowing abstract mark making and where it can lead.

Valued at $120

Shimmering - The Mona Hessing Tribute Project Valued at $120

It’s been difficult to attend art galleries lately.

In never before seen footage take a guided tour around the BAS Exhibition Centre with Lorna as she shares with you the amazing artwork of a selected group of artists from the Eurobodalla Fibre and Textile Artist Group (EFTAG).

Valued at $80

Learn From Lorna Crane

Contemporary Australian Artist

After completing five years of arts training at the University of Wollongong in the mid eighties Lorna Crane gained an Associate Diploma of Creative Art followed by the Bachelor of Creative Arts graduating with Distinction.

Lorna has been involved with many artist run initiatives and community arts projects over many years, including Art Arena Gallery Inc, Megalo Access Arts and the ANCA Dickson studio complex in Canberra. During this time she participated in many solo and group exhibitions.

She was awarded the Sir William Keys Churchill Fellowship researching community arts and mental health in 2002. Her work has been represented in many group and selected exhibitions – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Known as The Brushmaker Lorna sources materials from her natural environment including driftwood, bamboo, organic fibres along with found objects making unique rudimental and utilitarian brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Career highlights include residencies with the Bundanon Trust, Alice Springs, Broken Hill Art Exchange, Berlin, New Zealand, Venice, Italy. During September 2016 she traveled to Barcelona for a two week residency at Art Print Residence to make a series of unique prints. During February/March 2017 she was an artist in residence at Bull Bay, North Bruny Island Tasmania. Upcoming residency is at Cloudbough in Kandos, NSW March 2021.

Visual Language Course with Lorna Crane
Lorna Crane

‘Lorna Crane belongs to a group of artists who feel a reverential connection to the earth (the elements, wind, rain, heat, dust, growth and decay) and immerse themselves in it: their body, their gestures, their choice of materials.

Their work is a kind of choreography of the bush, a down-and-dirty embracing of it, utilising methods that often mimic how nature itself behaves, how it evolves, forms and dissolves. As such, the works rely less on what is before the eye and much more on what the senses tell us; the resulting imagery being an experience rather than a depiction of something.’

Robert Hollingworth

8 Modules, 8 Hours of Footage and 8 Weeks Ongoing Tuition!

Lorna will guide you through the following modules sharing her stories and wisdom along the way.