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Coming in September 2024

Lorna Crane
Fibre Art Reimagined

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Detail with subversive stitch
Possibilties after collaboration-1
Commercial stencil hand paintred detail
Sampling (1)
Vintage cloth set of 3
Kntting with cordyline (1)
Detail with subversive stitch-1
Textures for making Reprise (1)

Fibre Art Reimagined with Lorna Crane

Back by popular demand, delve into the transformative world of fibre and mixed media art with Lorna Crane's second signature online course, presented exclusively with Fibre Arts Take Two.

Born from the overwhelming success and personal growth experienced in her  'Perfectly Imperfect' course, Lorna embarks on a new journey to challenge conventional artistic boundaries. This course it about pushing the limits of what fibre truly represents and how its malleability can be expanded in various innovative forms, all while retaining Lorna's distinctive, edgy flair.

Created for the artist hungry for evolution, this course promises to elevate your craft to unprecedented heights. Whether you're striving to define your unique voice in the vast sea of artists or yearning for a paradigm shift in your creative perspective, Lorna's rich narratives from her artistic journey since the early '80s will guide you. With every module, be prepared to be challenged, to question the norms, and to make brave decisions that redefine your artistic journey.

Lorna's vision is clear: for each student to emerge with the confidence and conviction to proudly declare, "I am an Artist!" Through a retrospective exploration of their past, both physically and metaphorically, artists will be equipped to 'reimagine their future,' echoing Lorna's profound realisation that "we are the sum of our past." Harness the power of this immersive experience and shape a future echoing your unique voice in the art world. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to transform your artistic narrative.

Add your name to the waiting list today and embark on a journey to rediscover, redefine, and reaffirm your identity as an artist with Lorna Crane.

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