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Combine your love of mixed media with photography and printmaking, all without a press.

Fine Artist Sally Tyrie is ready to share her signature methods used to create her stunning works of art with you through her new online course with Fibre Arts Take Two.

Your training will begin with researching and examining areas of interest, before revealing ways of reimagining mark-making and collage from Sally’s considered and painterly approach. Use various print techniques without a press, including gelli plate, photo litho and collograph printing whilst learning to abstract visual narratives from any source of inspiration to create an ambitious body of work.

Students will feel like they are invited into Sally’s world for an intimate workshop & deep dive into her processes and techniques whilst experiencing both urban and coastal landscapes that inform and inspire her work.

All course materials, including self-paced beautifully filmed streaming videos and comprehensive resource guides, are within an easy to use member portal and yours to access and revisit at any time. 

Join a worldwide community of enrolled students who come together in a private online forum and share printmaking adventures directly with Sally Tyrie. Ask questions, bounce ideas, share knowledge and benefit from this course being your resource for life! 

You'll learn how to...


Identify areas and places of interest, learn to actively research subjects and develop ideas from them. You’ll investigate and explore by gathering a collection of visual inspiration through observing and capturing imagery.


Combine your love of photography and printmaking through Sally’s fine art approach as she reveals ways of reimagining print and mark-making techniques without a press whilst learning to abstract your source of inspiration.


Create a considered and ambitious body of finished works incorporating stitch techniques to create multilayered prints and repurpose books, adding assemblage to your art practice that will result in meaningful and personal art pieces. 

and so much more!

Meet Sally Tyrie

Sally Tyrie works predominantly with printmaking, mixed media and photography, often preferring to select surface and media that makes connections with the theme and context. Method and meaning are often interconnected.

Approaches often involve deconstructing and assembling work using collage methods. In particular juxtaposing multilayered prints and drawings with machine or hand stitch as a way to examine, reinterpret and reimagine. Sally is drawn to techniques that allow ‘chance’ and ‘accident’ to adopt a more painterly and expressive approach.

Her method of working usually involves some form of initial research and investigation. For instance repeated visits to a location or historical research in a subject.  It is important to Sally that visual and historical research underpin and inform the group of work. The investigative journey is as much a part of the work as the end result.

Sally is especially drawn to subjects with historical and environmental interest and looks forward to sharing her research and investigative approach to mixed media printmaking with you. 

10 Modules, 12 Hours of Footage and
8 Weeks of Ongoing Tuition!

Enrolments are open for a limited time.

Sally will guide you through the following modules sharing her observations and thought process along the way.

Module 1
Setting the Scene

This module covers the starting point of your project and will help you in identifying areas and subjects of interest.

You will look at how to get started and the environment you need to ensure you have an inspiring, positive and productive foundation for your project to ensure longevity and clarity of ideas.

Module 2
Field Research

Join Sally as she shares with you some of her favourite places around Portsmouth to conduct field research to collect visual inspiration.

Observe and capture imagery and learn the best ways of doing this. You will also, (where relevant) collect objects including flora, fragments, and textures. Your setting can either be rural or townscape.

Module 3
Collate, Review and Examine

Collate, review, edit and present the imagery you have collected, then make selections from favourite visual sources. You will make notes about the ideas that are emerging and being formed from the last stage.

This module includes further reading around your subject to sharpen your ideas and covers basic photography editing tools using Microsoft Word and Photoshop so you can begin to reimagine your images into a more abstract version. 

Module 4
Visual Reactions and Explorations

This module is about ways to really change and abstract the original imagery and move away from literal translations using gelli plate and mono-printing techniques with a range of media to create lively mark-making from collected sources and imagery.

You will look at viewpoints and create exciting unusual and personal versions that create a new vision of your work. You will also unpick and visually investigate the imagery and ideas you are interested in through this mark-making process.

Module 5
Printmaking with Photos

This module is about making prints that directly use and incorporate the photography that you have gathered. It is an opportunity to learn the Photo Litho technique incorporating oil-based printmaking inks and see how it’s possible to use the photos more creatively by combining printmaking and photos together.  

Module 6
Collography - Without a Press

Learn techniques and methods of collagraphy. We will look at how to translate your imagery and ideas into a beautiful collagraph plates and produce prints from these plates. You’ll be encouraged to make lots of small plates to fully explore the marks, patterns, lines and textures you have gathered. Sally covers the tools equipment and papers needed including ways to mix colours to achieve your desired outcome. 

Module 7
Print Studio

Join Sally on a special print-making studio tour and demonstration of the best practices when working in a professional print studio.

Filmed at the Omega Center in Portsmith, Sally demonstrates how to print collographs and photo litho so you can see the results from working with a large press.

Module 8
Reflections & Considerations

This module begins with some reflections and considerations on what you have created so far. We will then work on the imagery, to further abstract exploring book-making techniques, laying and juxtapositions using collage.

This is a time for quiet reflection as you decide on how to develop and take your work into a personal progression. Here Sally offers an opportunity and encourages you to critique and examine your work.

Module 9
Building a Consistent Body of Work

Having selected media and work to take into further development –you will work with these prints and collaged papers to create more resolved art.  You will also consider the format and surface you work with. 

Take further steps to identify the shape, scale and number of pieces to create. Will it be a series of pieces or ‘one-offs’ with very different results?

Sally demonstrates how to make your own tray frame from a repurposed book cover and how she incorporates stitch into her multilayerd pieces.

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