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By following a line of inquiry, the creative process gradually reveals itself, often resulting in extraordinary work that reflects your individuality.

 But first, you must free yourself from the
constraints of predefined outcomes and develop skills to…

Research, Reimagine & Recreate 

Join an online exploration that combines photography and
mixed media with printmaking processes, all without a press, to reveal
your visual narrative.


Thank you so much for setting me on a wonderful journey that has helped me improve the way I research, develop and present my work. You have also introduced me to some amazing techniques that I am excited to be exploring and experimenting with for a long time to come.

Julia Green

  • You may have read a book or visited a place that tickled your creative imagination and thought, but now what?
  • You’ve most likely taken images of textures, nature or urban landscapes and wondered how to incorporate them meaningfully into your mixed-media artwork.
  • Maybe you’ve begun to respond to your inspiration but have become too literal in your response and are seeking a more abstract, sophisticated outcome.
  • Or suffering from an overwhelming abundance of information or visual references leads to difficulties in narrowing down your focus and finding a unique and personal perspective on the subject, resulting in a lack of clarity and direction in your artwork.

So, how do you take your ideas and imagery, gather further research, and turn it into a completed body of artwork?

Under the guidance of Fine Artist Sally Tyrie, it’s easier than you may think.

Meet Sally Tyrie

Hi I’m Sally, I work predominantly with printmaking, mixed media and photography, often preferring to select surface and media that makes connections with the theme and context. Method and meaning are often interconnected.

My approach often involves deconstructing and assembling work using collage methods. In particular, juxtaposing multilayered prints and drawings with machine or hand stitch as a way to examine, reinterpret and reimagine. I’m drawn to techniques that allow ‘chance’ and ‘accident’ to adopt a more painterly and expressive approach.

My method of working usually involves some form of initial research and investigation. For instance, repeated visits to a location or historical research on a subject.  It is important to me that visual and historical research underpin and inform the group of work. The investigative journey is as much a part of the work as the end result.

I’m especially drawn to subjects with historical and environmental interests and look forward to sharing my research and investigative approach to mixed media printmaking with you.


Meet Your Tutor

Sally’s course has given me so much confidence to build on my photographic skills through play and exploration. I now have a much clearer understanding of what it means to have a line of enquiry. Go for it! There will be no regrets!

Kathleen Williamson

Are you ready to expand your passion for Mixed Media
by combining Photography and Printmaking and create
an exciting body of work… all without a press?



Embrace the fluidity of the creative process and let go of the
constraints of predefined outcomes.

Perfect for people who consider themselves artists and explorers, setting out to reimagine the investigation process and wish to find their way into a more considered and satisfying creative process.


Professionally filmed in the United Kingdom, Sally generously unpicks her process and shares her techniques so you can…



Identify areas and places of interest, learn to actively research subjects and develop ideas from them. You’ll investigate and explore by gathering a collection of visual inspiration through observing and capturing imagery.



Combine your love of photography and printmaking through Sally’s fine art approach as she reveals ways of reimagining print and mark-making techniques without a press whilst learning to abstract your source of inspiration.



Create a considered and ambitious body of finished works incorporating stitch techniques to create multilayered prints and repurpose books, adding assemblage to your art practice that will result in meaningful and personal art pieces.

And So Much More!

Watch The Below Video On What
You Can Expect From Sally

About This Course

This course and fellow participants gave me the confidence, understanding and skills needed to keep moving forward in my newfound passion for creating visual narratives. I wouldn’t hesitate to let everyone know how inspirational and motivational this course is and how they shouldn’t miss it when next it comes around!

Bridget Harris

Throughout each module, you’ll discover the methodologies and philosophies that helped Sally become an internationally recognised artist. See a detailed description of each module below...



















Discover one of Sally’s favourite bookmaking techniques in a special BONUS Bookmaking Module.

Learn the skills to create your very own hardcover book as a very personal and artistic way to display pages of your artwork beautifully. Even if you’re a complete novice to bookmaking, you’ll be able to make something that looks professional, skilful and sophisticated as a piece of art.


Here’s How Everything In
This Course Comes Together:



Once enrolled, you’ll gain instant and lifetime access, to over 12 hours of beautifully filmed content, with behind the scenes insights through a comprehensive workshop that would be impossible to share within the time limitations of a live class.

By fully engaging with the course content, you will try out different processes, become adept at incorporating photography and printmaking into your work, and present well researched artwork with a strong visual narrative.

Having lifetime access means our online method allows you to slow down, take your time, and dig into the modules and learnings that speak to you, embedding your learning. You have endless opportunities to take in the lessons – to come back, re-watch, and learn more as your research and techniques evolve.



Come together with fellow growing creatives and join us for two LIVE Q&A sessions, where you can freely inquire with Sally about any queries you may have about the course and further explore your visual narrative. It is an ideal complement to the lessons to gain more personalised feedback to assist you in moving forward. (We ensure that the technology for these calls is incredibly user-friendly!)

Enrol now, gather your supplies and start engaging with Sally on the 12th of August 2023 for a full two months of additional guidance and support.


Having an online community of fellow creatives exploring new approaches to creativity is an extraordinary experience. Past participants of our programs have experienced significant breakthroughs by being exposed to the works of other members. They have been particularly inspired by fresh ideas from viewing other students’ creations. Therefore, we are delighted to provide you lifetime access to an exclusive student community, offering an even more expansive space to connect, feel inspired, and learn. With this access, you can directly engage with and receive support from Sally’s Visual Narratives alumni, creating a nurturing and encouraging environment for your creative pursuits.

“The community has been such a blessing, and I’m honoured to see what everyone has created and shared continually” – Eunice Rieken.



Entering exhibitions is part of the artist’s journey, and we see this as an important part of your artistic development. Your enrolment includes the opportunity to showcase your work in a beautifully curated and professionally designed online exhibition shared and enjoyed by thousands of people across the globe. It’s one of the highlights of a FATT experience, with the option to own a printed exhibition book as a stunning keepsake of your achievement. 

Below you’ll find the latest student online exhibition, which we invite you to view.

View Past Students Work Here

Click the image below to flip through an online exhibition by Finding Fragments alumni.


Thank you, Sally and Fibre Arts Take Two, for helping me find my creative “tribe.” The experimentation, the use of multiple media and the online input from everyone have made this a great experience. I would encourage all of my creative friends to do this course because we all have stories we want to tell and this course gives you the tools to develop your ideas and put them into practice.

Megan Edwards


Let’s Make Sure You’re The Perfect Fit To Join Us In This Course…

If you are ready to take a deep dive into a considered approach to research and development of ideas, we’re excited you’re here.

If you are willing to work out of your comfort zone and abstract your source of inspirationyou’re in the right place.

If you want to explore new approaches and media and reimagine mark-making and collage, … look no further!

If you desire to expand your passion for Mixed Media and combine Photography and Printmaking, all without a press..this is the course for you!

Are you ready to expand your love for Mixed Media by combining Photography and Printmaking without a press?

Today's Price


A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.

Currency - USD

Payment plans available at checkout

Our Promise Of Excellence

A Message From Fibre Arts Take Two

You’re here because you are searching for expert guidance; you want to go behind the scenes of a world-class artist and gain an insight into their artistic viewpoint, to learn new techniques and processes to abstract visual narratives from your own photographic imagery. We promise to deliver nothing short of that. 

It’s important you know that the Fibre Arts Take Two production is professionally produced with the highest standard – giving you an audio-visual experience that’s second to none. In doing so, we value collaborating with some of the most impressive thought leaders in the mixed media industry. We also respect the lifetime worth of knowledge and intellectual property they pour into this creative and educational development for you. We hope to attract the type of creatives with these same values in return.

That is also why, to protect your investment, our money-back guarantee covers you. Should you watch less than 10% of the course content within 7 days of your purchase and not be satisfied with the quality, we will process a full refund.

Our supportive and available team is always here to answer questions. Either before, during, or after your investment, ensuring you get the best experience as a Fibre Arts Take Two student.

If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact our (Australian time zone) customer service team at support@fibreartstaketwo.com. We are always happy to help.


What Sally's Students Are Saying

The experience literally pulled me out of a 2-year art-making hiatus. Sally was so generous with sharing her mixed media approaches. The course was very broad (but also had the depth and immersive qualities I so enjoyed). Seeing the work of my creative cohorts was also exciting and inspiring for me. I felt in great company. The quality of the course was spectacular including filming and crafting of all the elements. This course as a resource to return to is priceless. Thanks.

Even as a long-time practising artist, I learned new approaches, but perhaps more importantly, new ways of combining and ‘seeing’ different media. Photo litho was new to me, which I plan to explore further. I have yet to print onto fabric but look forward to returning to the modules again and again.

The quality of presentation, organisation, and scope of this course was fantastic. The filming made me feel I was right there with Sally in her studio and locales. The videos and written content are great resources to return to. I loved being able to see my creative cohorts from around the world post images, questions, and comments in the FB group. I learned so much from them also.


The course content is excellently thought through and packed with information. Sally presented in a friendly and professional way through a series of concise and clear videos. All the content is made available at the point of registration, allowing one to work selectively and at a pace that suits. The Facebook group provided great support and encouragement for sharing explorations, as well as being a great place to ask questions.

Sally’s course has given me so much confidence to build on my photographic skills through play and exploration. I now have a much clearer understanding of what it means to have a line of enquiry. Go for it! There will be no regrets!


My main reason for joining this course was to learn how to use my photography in my artwork and, through this medium, tell the story. I have especially loved going through the initial discovery process and then working out how to approach the subject with the many techniques Sally teaches.

I feel this course has changed my artistic life forever, for which I can never thank Sally enough.

I loved being part of the Facebook group and seeing the amazing work of my fellow students, this group has been so supportive and sharing, and it was inspiring to see how others approached the same lessons.


I enjoyed everything. The modules were well-paced, and Sally’s videos explained the techniques so very well. Sally was available to further instruct me when I hit roadblocks. And the group of artists/participants was terrific; the work presented was so amazing, and their comments were so supportive. The group repeatedly showed a willingness to share of their experience. A fabulous course.

I have been taking photographs during train travels for over 10 years. I always thought I would do a book, but I couldn’t sort through quite the “how-to.” This course made it happen.

If you love photography and you want to go beyond a pretty picture, this course will take you there.


Learning with Sally was a great experience and a thoroughly enjoyable one. I have learned some new skills, which work alongside others learnt on a previous FATT course and I look forward to using them in my work going forward.

Using the skills learnt on Sally’s course will help in approaching a project in new and different ways. Photography had been something I used to use a lot when at college, but it had fallen out of my skill set, so it is good to relearn to use it as a starting point and as part of the resolution of a project. I can see that in future, many things that I have learnt will be put to good use!

Don’t hesitate! Do the course. FATT courses are simply great, making online learning a very enjoyable experience.

The multi-layered explorations.  The skill level and explanations on ‘how to’ The Facebook group – learning from others, being moved and inspired by The production of the course – structured content, filming, presentation The obvious passion for creating from Sally, the Fibre Arts Take Two team, the participants.

Ah, being encouraged to deepen my exploration! I have barely touched on the content as yet – have drawn so much inspiration watching how other participants have been interpreting the modules. I have been taking my time, knowing that the content is available, and feeling my own rhythms of exploration.

Absolutely – an affirming, enriching course offering so many possibilities!


Thank you Sally and Fibre Arts Take Two for helping me find my creative “tribe.” The experimentation, the use of multiple media and the online input from everyone has made this a great experience. Also, the concept of not being too precious about “playtime” is one I am finally letting go.

I have always struggled with abstraction and through the many tools Sally has shared with us, I now have the confidence to revisit some of my own work, further resolve it and also take on some of the projects in my “too hard” basket. I also feel my incorporation of stitching into many of my prints now has its own voice instead of my own hesitancy.

I would encourage all of my creative friends to do this Visual Narratives Print, Paint & Stitch course because we all have stories we want to tell and this course gives you the tools to develop your ideas and put them into practice.


Visual Narratives combined photography, printmaking, stitching and book arts, all art forms that I love, so I was curious to learn and see how other creatives approached and interpreted these.

I enjoyed refreshing my ideas through the module on developing a body of work, as I have been experimenting with unusual and unique ways of display and presentation, so this was incredibly helpful. It is always fascinating and inspiring to share progress with others

Take your time, experiment with what you have, go with the flow and enjoy!


I loved the process of exploring a place, taking photographs, altering these images then incorporating these with new printmaking techniques.

I have learnt more about the importance of the process; choosing a theme, exploring and studying this and developing an idea into considered artwork.

This is a wonderful professional course with an inspiring and encouraging artist, Sally Tyrie. The FATT team always produce a wonderful, courses that are easy to follow, with short videos that are clear and informative. The Facebook group was always so encouraging and supportive.


Frequently asked questions

Immediately after you enrol, you’ll receive an email with all your login details to access 12 hours of professionally filmed footage and a gamut of resources. The course begins as soon as you are ready!

The only time-sensitive part of this course is the live engagement you’ll receive from Sally within the student community group, which begins now and until the 7th of October, 2023.

Not at all. This course was created with you in mind – the creative who wants to watch in your own time, hit pause, re-watch, take a break, and then return for more! While you will receive live support during the first eight weeks of enrolment to cheer you on and help you through the art you make, know that there is no set schedule to complete this course – plus, you’ll have all the material for life!

We have prepared a minimum requirements list for your easy reference.

This document can be downloaded here.

A detailed list including suppliers and images will be provided for enrolled students. If you have specific questions please reach out to the team at support@fibreartstaketwo.com

YES, YOU DO!  Not only will you receive Sally’s personal feedback and support as you work through the class during the first 8 weeks after your enrolment within a private Facebook group.  You will also get two live, virtual Q&A sessions where Harriet can offer more personal feedback.  You can ask questions in advance; everything will be recorded and yours for future access.

We recognise that there are many community platforms and technology available.

Fibre Arts Take Two chooses to host our students’ community groups on Facebook as an accessible platform that allows ease of communication for both students and tutors.

All members can post images, videos, create albums of work and keep track of popular topics within the group. We can also stream our live Q&As directly into the group avoiding external links and distracting Zoom calls.

We have multiple moderators within the group for encouragement and guidance, ensuring our communities are safe learning environments.

This free platform helps keep the cost of administration and course fees down for everyone.

It is important to note that we offer a closed Facebook group for enrolled students only to connect and share their journey for a lifetime.

To ensure an inclusive experience, we live stream our Q&A session through YouTube and send regular updates via email for those unable to create a Facebook account.

This group is not compulsory but is highly recommended!

“FATT have put together this fabulous format that nurtures the interactions among us. I didn’t even do Facebook before!” – Chris Carlson.

Of course! From the moment you join us – you will receive the entire 10-module course, which includes over 12 hours of beautifully filmed content with lifetime access, including downloadable PDF resource guides. You’ll also be welcomed into our online community, where you can introduce yourself and meet all your other new, aspiring, and growing artists. Once you’re all settled into your new digital home, you will meet Sally with your classmates for two live Q&A calls. The details of the Q&As will be emailed two weeks in advance.  We can’t wait to see you there!

Visual Narratives has been meticulously organised to help serve all walks – even for those who aren’t overly tech savvy. (One of the biggest differentiators we continually hear is how well organised and easy to consume the course is, plus how top-notch our customer service is!) So know that we make it simple for you to get what you need – and we are ALWAYS just a message away. You can access everything wherever you feel most comfortable – your computer, phone, or tablet.

Because we have students from all around the world – we have geolocation set up to try and accommodate where we can! Therefore, we currently accept USD, AUD, GBP, Euro, CAD and NZD… with more to come! And if your currency wasn’t mentioned, your bank will still automatically convert it to your local currency once the charge goes through.

(And on the topic of being international, Fibre Arts Take Two, the course producers, are based in Australia… hence the spelling of things like fibre, realise and enrol!)

Absolutely! All of the course content is fully responsive so it will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

Good question! You’ll be able to post your questions about the course in our private Facebook group, either someone from the community, Fibre Arts Take Two or Sally herself will be able to help you.

If you have more technical questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@fibreartstaketwo.com


Here's A Reminder Of What You Get.

  • “LEARN AT YOUR PACE” Lifetime Curriculum Access
  • Downloadable Resource Guides and Material Lists
  • 10 modules and 12 hours of beautifully filmed content.
  • Two Live Q&A Sessions with Sally Tyrie (recorded for your convenience)
  • At least 8 weeks of Interaction with Sally through a Private Facebook Community.
  • Lifetime Access to the student community so you can engage again next year and stay in touch with your new creative cohort.

This course is specially created to help students to feel excited by their work and the pieces they make along the way.

Are you ready to create something unique to you that is generated from a journey of investigation into material, process and subject matter?

Today's Price


A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.

Currency - USD

Payment plans available at checkout

Thank you Sally for an inspiring, content full and at times challenging course. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your company and sense of humour in the modules and have many hours to look forward to seeing where these teachings lead me.

Cathy Hensman


My Signature Course is about finding your voice and taking you on a journey of exploration. 

We will delve, explore, and unpick the techniques, processes, and materials I use in my work and learn to take all this into more resolved work. 

All through your journey, you are supported and encouraged. This is about discoveries and how to develop, explore and nurture this.  

At the start of the course, you are encouraged to identify an area of interest and a starting point for your inspiration. We take you to various locations, and you get to see how I collect inspiration and what I do with these drawings and photos. 

Back in the studio, you are shown how to take these ideas into a sustained and ambitious body of work. You will learn the processes I use in my work: photography, printmaking, collage, stitch and combining media. 

You will be encouraged to record your progress and discoveries using a sketchbook. Working in a sketchbook is an opportunity to take risks, explore, write, rub out, and tear out.  

Your journey is also followed up with online support, interviews, and feedback.

I’m super proud of what we have created in this course and excited for you to join me.


Enrolment for this online experience with Sally Tyre is limited and will close soon.