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Are You Ready To Combine Your Love Of Mixed Media And Textiles To Create Contemporary Fibre Art?


Welcome To Finding Fragments

An online course designed for people who are ready to push the boundaries and bring new ideas to their artwork.

Learn the techniques and processes that UK artist Shelley Rhodes uses to create her popular contemporary fibre art inspired by the smallest of inconsequential things.

Taking inspiration from traditional methods, this experimental course combines Shelley’s love of fragmentation and repair through drawing, mark making, cloth and stitch. She shares ideas, demonstrates techniques, and walks students through her process from start to finish, so you too can enjoy the flexibility of working in small units to creating and displaying completed works of art.

Finding Fragments: Respond Rework Repair is a rich creative resource ideal for students ready to indulge in the interplay of intention and chance. It’s a worldwide community for enrolled students to connect in a private online forum and share explorations directly with Shelley, ask questions, bounce ideas, gaining the skills needed to propel your mixed media artwork forward.

Learn From Shelley Rhodes

UK Mixed Media Artist

“Hi, I’m Shelley! 

I am drawn to the environment, the landscape, particularly the coast, and the things around me. I like to walk, observe, record and gather. I collect discarded objects, fragments and small unimportant things but I am also drawn to museum collections and how they are presented.  I embrace imperfection and often look for peeling walls, worn surfaces, broken shells, a fragile leaf or rusty corrugated iron.

I’m here today to show you how to:

  • Take your inspiration and develop it into daily practices
  • Have an experimental approach to your work 
  • Think differently and
  • Push your ideas further

During this course, we will explore together and find ways to turn small discoveries into unique pieces. 

What inspires you? 

I can’t wait to see what fires you up and gets you excited to make new art.”

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Extend Yourself With A More Experimental Approach To Creating Contemporary Fibre Art.