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Are you drawn to imperfection and ready to combine your love of paper, textiles and stitch to create contemporary art?

You’re in the right place! 

Discover an online resource designed for people

ready to push the boundaries and bring new ideas to their artwork.



This course is life-changing.

It is so jammed packed with ideas, techniques, and know-how. It also provides a great framework for working in a series. I wish I had seen it 10 years ago.

– Roberta W

It’s Time To Reimagine Mixed Media And Transform The Traditional By Asking Yourself…

  • How far am I prepared to distress a piece of fabric or paper before it is beyond repair, and then…..am I brave enough to take that a little further still?
  • Am I ready to push myself with a more experimental approach to making?
  • Am I prepared to take a chance to burn, bury, coat, layer, paint, stitch, rip and repair my work? 

The idea of working large and then fragmenting into smaller pieces to reconstruct new work, concepts related to the Japanese concepts of Wabi-sabi (finding beauty in imperfection) and Mottainai (using every last scrap) is the core of  Shelley Rhodes’s work, and she’s ready to share her process and techniques with you!

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Learn From Shelley Rhodes

UK Mixed Media Artist

“Hi, I’m Shelley! 

I am drawn to the environment, the landscape, particularly the coast, and the things around me. I like to walk, observe, record and gather. I collect discarded objects, fragments and small unimportant things but I am also drawn to museum collections and how they are presented.  I embrace imperfection and often look for peeling walls, worn surfaces, broken shells, a fragile leaf or rusty corrugated iron.

I’m here today to show you how to:

  • Take your inspiration and develop it into daily practices
  • Have an experimental approach to your work 
  • Think differently and
  • Push your ideas further

During this course, we will explore together and find ways to turn small discoveries into unique pieces. 

What inspires you? 

I can’t wait to see what fires you up and gets you excited to make new art.”

Meet Your Tutor

I can’t tell you how glad I am for taking the leap. The course is incredible- beautifully filmed and Shelley is the most amazing tutor.

– Alison B

Are you ready to embark on a collaborative exploration, discovering ways to transform small treasures into exceptional pieces of art?



A Rich Creative Resource To Extend Yourself With An Experimental Approach To Creating Mixed Media Art.

Perfect for artists ready to push boundaries, explore distressing, experiment boldly, and embrace creative chances!


With A Lifetime’s Worth Of Ideas And Inspiration, You’ll Learn How To...



Respond to your environment and take inspiration from Japanese Boro and Kantha making as you push the boundaries of traditional methods to create contemporary textile and mixed media art.



You will discover many approaches, such as combining paper and cloth with mixed media, as you are encouraged to experimentally rework and alter surfaces.



Nothing will go to waste as you build layers, mend, incorporate stitch as a mark, display fragments and collect found objects to build a unique body of work under Shelley’s tutorship.

And So Much More!

Watch The Below Video On What
You Can Expect From Shelley

You have launched many of us towards a new creative journey, and your ideas and influences will be seen in our creations in the years ahead.

– Ann M

Finding Fragments is delivered in two parts: firstly, by encouraging students to gather information and inspiration before delving into drawing and mark-making, layering, reworking, and incorporating found objects.

The second part of the course examines traditional methods of stitching but encourages students to exaggerate and distort stitches and introduce non-traditional techniques and materials.

Students can explore and experiment by altering surfaces, fragmenting, and re-joining to create inspiring and innovative work. The result is a more fully developed artist who is clear about their way of working and can produce gallery-quality outcomes.

See the complete list of modules below…


Part 1 – Field Notes: Observe, Gather, Interpret

Sharing how Shelley approaches her daily practice, organises her research, and turns it into finished artwork, you’ll begin by gathering “field notes”.

Enjoy reworking, layering, and developing your initial intuitive marks into more resolved pieces through fragmentation and repairing paper and cloth.



Inspired by Shelley’s popular book Sketchbook Explorations: Making field notes is an important foundation for adding personal resonance to your work.
  • You’ll prepare walk cards and long paper grounds before heading out to observe and extract macro and micro marks from your chosen landscape.
  • Learn different ways to record and organise your research for further development.

By the end of this module, you will be confident observing and recording using different formats. You will be able to capture the essence of a place. Then, you will be able to rework or develop the notes, drawings and marks that you have made.




Enjoying the process without worrying about a finished product is essential. Shelley talks through her thought process, allowing you to enjoy the process of marking and layering.

  • Learn how to use a collection of objects as a source of inspiration for colour, drawing, printing and mark-making on a variety of surfaces with different media.
  • Excitement builds as you begin to fragment, cut, move and re-join.

You’ll look forward to making observational studies and combining photographs with drawn marks, feeling more confident with your drawing and mark-making. You’ll really learn to understand how ink reacts on different surfaces as you build up layers.



As you build on your foundations of a strong art practice, you’ll be ready to develop some exciting new work, and there’s no better way than with personal mark marking. 
  •  You’ll begin by combining fabric and paper to make mixed media grounds. 
  • Shelley introduces many ways to make a mark through text, making your own tools and simple but effective printing blocks. 

By the end of this module, you will have a stack of paper and fabric that you have marked in your own unique way linked to a source of inspiration that really excites you as you move towards creating your own unique and exciting mixed-media artwork.



In this exciting part of Shelley’s process, you’ll fragment the paper and fabric that you have just worked on before reconstructing it in some way. 
  • You’ll learn how powerful and exciting the fragmentation of marks can be through a series of fun exercises.
  • Distress edges, identify segments and rejoin using traditional stitch and other exciting methods that can form an integral part of your work. 

This approach’s flexibility will help you achieve a dynamic and well-balanced piece of work as you learn that anything can be cut out, moved, reinserted or rearranged and continually altered until you’re happy with the overall composition.

Part 2 – Making Changes: Transform, Rework, Represent

Taking a more experimental approach, Shelley encourages the pushing of boundaries whilst bringing your own ideas and experience to the table so you can produce work that is completely unique to you.



It’s time to put a twist on the traditional. Using old garments and using up every last scrap, you’ll make layered, hand-stitched pieces influenced by Japanese Boro.

  • You’ll distress fabric and investigate repairs, patching and overstitching.
  • Learn Shelley’s method for working in a series and how to make links and connections through each piece.

By the end of this module, you understand everything can be reworked and altered – even work made many years ago. Hand stitching can be a slow process, but you have seen that working on something regularly for short periods of time could be a helpful approach.



You’ll see the importance of sampling, testing and exploring in this module as you take further inspiration from traditional stitching to make unique, contemporary pieces.
  • Experiment with switching materials, exaggerating and altering stitches.
  • Explore coating the surface of the cloth, layering, cracking and distressing further.

This module is about taking some risks with an experimental approach before you move on to more resolved pieces of work.



American artist Jasper Johns said, ‘Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it’, so similarly, Shelley invites you to explore the idea of working on something, re-working, and then re-working again.
  • You will make a series of stitched work using some of the methods covered in earlier modules before altering, weathering, distressing, manipulating and exploring the interplay of intention and chance. 
  • Shelley demonstrates her process for piecing and constructing work, making holes, distressing, exploring alternatives to stitch and altering the cloth in some quite dramatic ways. 

By pushing yourself to explore, experiment and be inventive, your work becomes unique and personal to you.



Presenting your work in a simple but professional way relevant to the actual work is essential and needs to be considered.
  • This module gives many ideas about ways to present fragments into finished work.
  • Considering multiple units and how they can be built to create one large piece of work and present fragments in boxes, containers, assemblages, and books, as well as ways to frame, present, or hang finished work.

In the end, you’ll understand the flexibility that comes from working in small units and feel more confident when considering the presentation of your work.

Here’s How Everything In
This Course Comes Together:



Once enrolled, you’ll gain instant and lifetime access to over 9 hours of beautifully filmed content, with behind-the-scenes insights through a comprehensive workshop that would be impossible to share within the time limitations of a live class.

By fully engaging with the course content, you will try different techniques while being encouraged to push boundaries, incorporating non-traditional methods and materials, exploring surface alterations and fragmentation, and ultimately producing gallery-quality work with a clear artistic approach.

Having lifetime access means our online method allows you to slow down, take your time, and dig into the modules and learnings that speak to you, embedding your learning. You have endless opportunities to take the lessons – to come back, re-watch, and learn more as your research and techniques evolve.

Live-QA-Shelley-Rhodes-1-1 (1)


Come together with fellow growing creatives and join us for two LIVE Q&A sessions, where you can freely inquire with Shelley about any questions about the course and further explore the creative process. It is an ideal complement to the lessons to gain more personalised feedback to assist you in moving forward. (We ensure that the technology for these calls is incredibly user-friendly!)

Enrol now, gather your supplies and start engaging with Shelley on the  29th of October 2023 for a full two months of additional guidance and support.


Having an online community of fellow creatives exploring new approaches to creativity is an extraordinary experience. Past participants of our programs have experienced significant breakthroughs by being exposed to the works of other members. They have been particularly inspired by fresh ideas from viewing other students’ creations. Therefore, we are delighted to provide you lifetime access to an exclusive student community, offering an even more expansive space to connect, feel inspired, and learn. With this access, you can directly engage with and receive support from Shelley’s Finding Fragments alumni, creating a nurturing and encouraging environment for your creative pursuits.

“The community has been such a blessing, and I’m honoured to see what everyone has created and shared continually” – Eunice Rieken.



Entering exhibitions is part of the artist’s journey, and we see this as an essential part of your artistic development. Your enrolment includes the opportunity to showcase your work in a beautifully curated and professionally designed online exhibition shared and enjoyed by thousands of people across the globe. It’s one of the highlights of a FATT experience, with the option to own a printed exhibition book as a stunning keepsake of your achievement. 

Below is the latest student online exhibition, which we invite you to view.

View Past Students Work Here

Click the image below to flip through an online exhibition by Finding Fragments alumni.

Thank you Shelley, for your great inspiration and guidance through this course. There has been so much to learn and investigate during the last few weeks. With lifetime access, we will all be very busy for some time to come. Wonderful, thank you.

– Linda L

New Project

Let’s Make Sure You’re The Perfect Fit To Join Us In This Course…

If you want to exploreexperiment and continually push your ideas, we’re excited for you!

If you love to be inspired by the surrounding environment, you won’t be disappointed. 

If you’re interested in combining a clear process with a free and experimental approach to art, you’re in the right place!

If you would love some guidance around organising your work and your process, you’re in for a treat!

If you want to learn from a world-class mixed media artist, your quest for the best stops right here.

If you want to see behind the scenes of an accomplished artist and network with a group of like-minded people, this is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Fibre Arts Take Two invites you to join Shelley Rhodes on a Finding Fragments adventure – to expand and push yourself as an artist in exciting new ways.

Today's Price


A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.

Currency - USD

Payment plans available at checkout

Our Promise Of Excellence

A Message From Fibre Arts Take Two

You’re here because you are searching for expert guidance; you want to go behind the scenes of a world-class artist and gain an insight into their artistic viewpoint; you will have the opportunity to learn Shelley’s processes and techniques and develop a new way of thinking and experimenting, ultimately taking your work to an exciting new level. We promise to deliver nothing short of that. 

It’s important you know that the Fibre Arts Take Two production is professionally produced with the highest standard – giving you an audio-visual experience that’s second to none. In doing so, we value collaborating with some of the most impressive thought leaders in the mixed media industry. We also respect the lifetime worth of knowledge and intellectual property they pour into this creative and educational development for you. We hope to attract the type of creatives with these same values in return.

That is also why, to protect your investment, our money-back guarantee covers you. Should you watch less than 10% of the course content within 7 days of your purchase and not be satisfied with the quality, we will process a full refund.

Our supportive and available team is always here to answer questions. Either before, during, or after your investment, ensuring you get the best experience as a Fibre Arts Take Two student.

If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact our (Australian time zone) customer service team at support@fibreartstaketwo.com. We are always happy to help.


What Other People Are Saying

“A fabulous comprehensive course that will keep me exploring for a long, long time! I couldn’t be happier!”


“It was the most wonderful comprehensive course. Beautifully prepared, pushes you out of you comfort zone. Watching the work posted on the Facebook page from all around the world was a joy to see. Highly recommend Shelley Rhodes course.”


“A truly inspirational course. Such a wonderful range of tools and techniques, taught with clarity and compassion.”


“The unconventional use of concepts and materials of this course invited me to delve deeper into visual languages and to embrace the – often unexpected and very creative – results.

A wonderful and inspirational course that keeps giving!”


“Finding Fragments is the best art course I have participated in. Shelley is so generous in sharing her techniques and expertise. The course provided an expansive array of exercises for different techniques, that can be used alone or in combination.”


“An awesome course absolutely loaded with great teaching moments, abundant inspiration and a gentle teaching demeanor. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and will continue to work on my pieces”


I have two of Shelley’s books and have felt drawn to her work over the past few years. As a new artist, I thoroughly enjoy reviewing the content of Shelley’s books and social media pages. The course clarified so much of Shelley’s book. The course is inspiring and educational.


“A huge ‘thank you’ for the workshop, it was so inspiring. You are a great teacher Shelley and I felt you are a kindred spirit in your magpie approach, building layers over time, piecing together precious fragments.”


“You have launched many of us towards a new creative journey, and your ideas and influences will be seen in our creations in the years ahead.”


“It has really kept me engaged and will provide many months of exploration and excitement to come. I particularly love the fact that it’s non linear and encourages going off at a tangent as the mood takes. My notebook is bulging with ideas! Looking forward to continuing to be inspired”


“This is the most amazing course. It is so packed with everything from inspiration to techniques and just plain fun. I am so glad I have it for a lifetime because I have barely begun to scratch the surface I have so much I want to try.”


Frequently asked questions

Immediately after you enrol, you’ll receive an email with all your login details to access 9 hours of professionally filmed footage and a gamut of resources. The course begins as soon as you are ready!

The only time-sensitive part of this course is the live engagement you’ll receive from Shelley within the student community group, which begins now and until the 22nd of December.

Not at all. This course was created with you in mind – the creative who wants to watch in your own time, hit pause, re-watch, take a break, and then return for more! While you will receive live support during the first eight weeks of enrolment to cheer you on and help you through the art you make, know that there is no set schedule to complete this course – plus, you’ll have all the material for life!

We have prepared a minimum requirements list for your easy reference.

This document can be downloaded here:

A detailed list including suppliers and images will be provided for enrolled students. If you have specific questions please reach out to the team at support@fibreartstaketwo.com

Shelley will be available for support and guidance in the private Facebook Community for 2 months after enrolments close.

There will also be 2 live Q&As during this time.

Questions can be submitted in advance, and recordings are available.

We ask all enrolled students not to email our tutors directly. All questions can be submitted through the Facebook group or via email to support@fibreartstaketwo.com and will be answered during our live Q&A sessions or within the Facebook Group.

As a practising artist and tutor, it may not be possible for Shelley to comment on every post. She will engage as much as possible in between her other commitments, and the Fibre Arts Take Two team is always available to help.

We recognise that there are many community platforms and technology available.

Fibre Arts Take Two chooses to host our students’ community groups on Facebook as an accessible platform that allows ease of communication for both students and tutors.

All members can post images and videos, create albums of work and keep track of popular topics within the group. We stream our live Q&As directly into the group, avoiding external links and distracting Zoom calls.

We have multiple moderators within the group for encouragement and guidance, ensuring our communities are safe learning environments.

This free platform helps keep the cost of administration and course fees down for everyone.

It is important to note that we offer a closed Facebook group for enrolled students only to connect and share their journey for a lifetime.

To ensure an inclusive experience, we livestream our Q&A session through YouTube and send regular updates via email for those unable to create a Facebook account.

This group is not compulsory but is highly recommended!

“FATT have put together this fabulous format that nurtures the interactions among us. I didn’t even do Facebook before!” – Chris Carlson.

Of course! From the moment you join us – you will receive the entire 8-module course, which includes over 9 hours of beautifully filmed content with lifetime access, including downloadable PDF resource guides. You’ll also be welcomed into our online community, where you can introduce yourself and meet all your other new, aspiring, and growing artists. Once you’re all settled into your new digital home, you will meet Shelley with your classmates for two live Q&A calls. The details of the Q&As will be emailed two weeks in advance.  We can’t wait to see you there!

Finding Fragments has been meticulously organised to help serve all walks – even for those who aren’t overly tech savvy. (One of the biggest differentiators we continually hear is how well organised and easy to consume the course is, plus how top-notch our customer service is!) So know that we make it simple for you to get what you need – and we are ALWAYS just a message away. You can access everything wherever you feel most comfortable – your computer, phone, or tablet.

Because we have students from all around the world – we have geolocation set up to try and accommodate where we can! Therefore, we currently accept USD, AUD, GBP, Euro, CAD and NZD… with more to come! And if your currency wasn’t mentioned, your bank will still automatically convert it to your local currency once the charge goes through.

(And on the topic of being international, Fibre Arts Take Two, the course producers, are based in Australia… hence the spelling of things like fibre, realise and enrol!)

Absolutely! The course content is fully responsive, so it will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection.

Good question! You’ll be able to post your questions about the course in our private Facebook group; either someone from the community, Fibre Arts Take Two or Shelley herself will be able to help you.

If you have more technical questions or cannot join the student group, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@fibreartstaketwo.com.


Here's A Reminder Of What You Get.

  • “LEARN AT YOUR PACE” Lifetime Curriculum Access
  • Downloadable Resource Guides and Material Lists
  • 8 modules and 9 hours of beautifully filmed content.
  • Two Live Q&A Sessions with Shelley Rhodes (recorded for your convenience)
  • At least 8 weeks of Interaction with Shelley through a Private Facebook Community.
  • Lifetime Access to the student community so you can engage again next year and stay in touch with your new creative cohort.

This course is specially created to help students to feel excited by their work and the pieces they make along the way.

Fibre Arts Take Two invites you to join Shelley Rhodes on a Finding Fragments adventure – to expand and push yourself as an artist in exciting new ways.

Today's Price


A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.

Currency - USD

Payment plans available at checkout

It will change your art practice – and your life!

– Bobbi M


I have developed a way of working that combines drawing, painting and print, as well as collage, stitch, design and presentation. I draw on all my previous artistic experiences, and I encourage you to do the same because many things that you have already learned can feed into your current work, making it unique to you. It’s great that everyone comes with their own experience and strengths that can be built on.

I love to create using mixed media because even when things do not turn out as planned, they can be rescued and reworked. It is possible to alter and transform by cutting, tearing, moving, repositioning and reconstructing until something more exciting and magical than the original emerges!

I am drawn to details in my environment, whether at home or whilst travelling, and I love to record a journey. I observe the smallest inconsequential things: detritus, broken, mundane and often overlooked items. I will help you to notice and see beauty in the smallest of fragments and incorporate them into your artwork. I will encourage you to embrace the concept of ‘mottainai’ (too good to waste) by using remnants and scraps from previous projects, using up what you already have and improvising with materials. 

I share many ideas and techniques, some that will resonate with you and others that won’t, but I hope you will find something that makes you want to go off at a tangent, deviate or go ‘off piste’, using this course as a starting point to embark on your own creative journey. I will advise and support you, and there will be further helpful suggestions from members of the wonderfully supportive group that you will become part of.

I am so looking forward to starting this journey with you and seeing where it takes us as you explore, experiment and find your own artistic way. I can’t wait to see what you create.

Enrolment for this online experience with
Shelley Rhodes is limited and will close soon.