Form to Freedome - Weaving for Fibre Sculpture

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Form to Freedome with
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Meet Harriet

Harriet Goodall has dedicated her entire adult life in service to the preservation of culture through her pursuit of weaving.

She has witnessed first hand indigenous weavers in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, India, Australia and across southern Africa recognising the universality in coming together to dye and weave in villages and homes.

“I find the community that is created when weaving in a group is soul food and really beneficial to mental health - perhaps mimicking the ‘family model’ of making at home, so prevalent across many countries I have visited around the world.”

Harriet has run an independent art studio making sculpture, lighting and woven installations for private and commercial clients since 2007. She exhibits regularly and has passed on her passion for contemporary basket making techniques through popular workshops across Australia and around the world.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge of weaving with a global audience, embracing the challenge of creating an online community of international weavers to connect with and also learn from.”