Sharing your artistic vision with the world


We don't believe in the notion ‘struggling or starving artist’. We believe that the talents and techniques that have been developed and refined over many years need to be shared and rewarded.

With online education fibre arts can have a resurgence - one that could benefit many artists and the community in general.

Fibre Arts Take Two work with artists to create their online masterpiece. 

We take the headache out of filming, editing and all that tech stuff that holds many artists back from profiting by creating something beautiful that people value and share it far and wide.

In a world where online learning is growing rapidly, artists are feeling the pressure from students to take their courses into the digital era however there is a big difference between art and science.

We like to think that Fibre Arts Take two let’s the artist be the artists as we take care of the science.

Working with a selected group of artists each year Fibre Arts Take Two collaborate with them to create and refine a course agenda, we travel to their studios where they can create in the comfort of a familiar work space, we film, edit, market, host and handle all of the customer service, administration and tech stuff that holds a lot of people back.

All for zero cost to the artist, we only ask that the artists take time out of their schedules for filming and reasonable correspondence and marketing efforts amongst their networks.  Artists are asked to engage in a private Facebook group for their alumni students from time to time.

Because we believe in art as a profession, you will receive a generous royalty as compensation for your time and services (conditions apply).

Sounds too good to be true? 

Maybe, but we love what we do and we all want to see the Fibre and Textile Arts community thrive well into the future!!

Are you an established fibre or textile artist wanting to create an online course but don’t know where to start? 

Is the idea of filming, editing, hosting and marketing your course distracting you from your art practice? 

Is the tech stuff getting you frazzled?

The team at Fibre Arts Take Two would love to help!

Email Angela now to start the application process: