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Have a love for nature and
an urge to create something?

But have no time, no sense of the materials
in front of you, and no idea how to begin?


Join Inspired By Nature with Tara Axford and become
creatively unstuck and resoundingly inspired



A profound impact on my art practice…

I was always drawn to habitats but didn’t know how to interpret them because I was scattered by too much information and unknown techniques... Inspired By Nature gave me a process to find my visual language - and now I have a true starting point rather than always being overwhelmed by what to do next. This piece of my practice has been such a massive breakthrough for me.

– Anne Lawson

fibre_arts_take_two_tara_axford 1 (1)

What would it look like if you...

  • Finally had something to do with all the bits and pieces that you’ve collected over time?

  • Had permission to PLAY - to make mistakes and experiment with art?

  • Went for a walk and came back with hundreds of creative ideas?

  • Discovered a completely different viewpoint in nature, even if you’ve been to that same location a hundred times before?

  • Created meaningful, unique pieces that you communicated through a new-found artistic expression?

  • Started doing something for yourself again?

And what if you could do all that with

what little time you have in your day?

In an original collaboration with Fibre Arts Take Two + Mixed Media Artist, Tara Axford, you'll learn to own pockets of time and to create beautiful abstract artwork that's meaningful to you.

Whether you want to get back in touch with your creative side after years of life getting in the way… 

Whether you want to expand your creative boundaries of what you think you’re supposed to do with everything in your art trays, boxes, and glass jars... 

Whether you’re looking to make gifts, capture memories, expand boundaries, sell your work, or simply fire up your joy….

…Between the two of us - we’re excited to share something unique with you that requires no previous skill, no boundaries or rules, and no long chunks of free time.

Something that will allow you to…


You’ll see the outdoors, pathways, light, and environment around you with completely fresh eyes. This shift lets you see how art becomes accessible - because not only will you see nature differently, but you’ll see your materials, possibilities, and projects differently, too.



You’ll feel a new sense of freedom this time around. There are no boundaries and no wrong way of doing something. You’ll feel inspired, ignited, and re-connected to not just the work table in front of you, but the artist inside you.

1Tara_Axford_Inspired_By_Nature_Online_Course copy


You’ll create tangible new art that will inspire more art, different ideas, and new practices. You’ll learn more about your voice, your style and your processes - allowing you to stand back and think, “look at what I created.”


Your pockets of time philosophy has been adopted forever into my practice.

– Jo Malherbe


It’s time to tighten up your walking shoes and pull out your art apron because we’re taking you on a journey inside:


The at-your-pace program has you
looking at nature with fresh eyes

While taking you from
finding -> to doing -> to creating



I have wanted to do something with my nature walks up in the hills for a while now, but never knew the next step of how to translate my photos and trail findings into ideas! Thank you for helping me see past my line drawings, and take the next step to explore colours and possibilities.

– Gayna Murphy


Here are all the beautiful transformations you
can expect inside this course:

  • Discover your way in (or back in!) to being creative - no more feeling intimidated by art stores or overwhelmed with where to begin - welcome to your new starting point for endless inspiration.

  • Find the creative confidence to collect bits and bobs (aka Pocket Finds!), and actually know how to bring it together and why you’re doing it - all to give you a sense of place and completion.

  • Gain transferable skills when you learn to assemble, edit, re-arrange, explore, and be curious… to make original and rewarding pieces of art from the minimum materials you have and find.

  • Look at nature with fresh new eyes when you can observe your surroundings differently and translate your findings into something tangible and meaningful… all in an accessible and relaxed way.

  • Integrate the art and skill of finding pockets of time to create new art processes into your everyday life and feel more like YOU than you ever have.
Tara_Axford_FATT_4 (2)

Take a look at what awaits you...

Let’s take a walk through the modules, so you know exactly what’s inside:



















Exclusive BONUSES

Take your creativity to the next level with these practical and inspirational BONUSES.














The Perfect Starting Point

Turn Your Inspiration Into A Variety Of Mixed Media Artwork!


Being an artist requires discipline to consistently show up to your space ready to do the work. Without a clear vision the creative process can be overwhelming.

Tara will show you how to take a walk with meaning and a renewed sence of place, as a starting point, before translating inspiration into a variety of mixed media artwork.

From experienced artists to beginners the Inspired by Nature – Exploring Mixed Media course will show you how to turn your daily walk into your daily art practice to live a truly creative life!


Learn At Your Own Pace

Once enrolled you will have instant and lifetime access to the entire course so you can go through the modules at your own pace, refresh, rewind and revisit anytime you like.

Being beautifully filmed and designed to fit into any pocket of time you’ll find yourself wanting to dip back in and linger in modules that speak to you.

By fully engaging with the course content, you will be able to confidently take your collections of found objects and photographs from nature to create artwork and a unique souvenir that truly reflects your sense of place.

Meet Tara


Hi there, I’m Tara Axford, a mixed media artist from Sydney, Australia.

With over 25 years of design experience working as a magazine art director, I’m excited to share what I have learnt including the principles of design and composition that holds many people back.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with an abundance of art materials and found inspiration, pinned or collected. You don’t know where to start, what to do with it.

This course will help you to find a way ‘in’ and show you easy techniques to unblock your own creative process and get going. Or, come along to see how to explore your subject matter further, allowing yourself time to play, with no expectations.

I hope that once you have taken this course you will feel like you have spent time with me on my walk and in my studio, that you flew into Sydney and experienced a small focussed workshop where you learnt skills and techniques to untangle your own art process. By showing you how I do what I do, you’ll see that it’s achievable.

I’m excited to guide you to find your creative thread and develop your own unique style.



Let’s take a walk through the modules, so you know exactly what’s inside:



We’ll start our journey together on a nature walk, and you’ll begin to shift your perspective on seeing the world in a new, radiant, and creative light. You’ll join Tara for a walk deep in the Australian bush and learn how to discover items you’ve never seen before… even the items that were always right in front of you. You’ll find not only new materials, but new viewpoints of yourself, your travels, and your values.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Put your learnings into action with your “Walk, Collect, and Capture” challenge.* Resource guides included

“This was the catapult to observe nature closer this year. I have explored back roads, parks and places that neither my husband nor I have seen before, even though most of them have been so close. This opened up a brand new creative journey that I am enjoying immensely” - Wendy Ness


Back in the studio after our walks (one together on screen, and then one on your own!), you’ll learn a system to begin organising your findings and creating a rhythm for the items in front of you. Unloading your pockets and your bag has never felt so good when you can SEE the big picture, curate new collections, and discover new layers of what’s in front of you. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: Put what you have learned into action with your “Color Coding” challenge.* Resource guides included

“This easygoing approach to be curious has truly allowed me to see my natural surroundings in a richer, more meaningful way” - Jill DeFehr McDougall



Welcome to your PLAY stage, where you’ll learn to pull, arrange, re-arrange, audition, assess, capture, and create. Your inner child becomes the star of Module Three because you’re not yet assigning meaning or structure - you’re simply doing. You’re beginning to create your own story, even though you don’t know the components or the reason… it will reveal itself as you allow your new processes and learnings to seep in.

Discover capturing the essence, creating collections, photographing with your phone, communicating through different viewpoints, and even navigating negative space.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Put your learnings into action with your “Create Your Own Vignette” challenge.* Resource guides included

“So many inspiring elements to keep exploring and further developing. I think I’ll be creating vignettes for the rest of my life!!” - Susan Latty


Give action to the question, “If I do this, what will happen next?” Set your creative inspiration ablaze when you eliminate the boundaries of simple photo editing to create mood boards, establish palettes, and discover palettes digitally! Your creative voice will EMERGE in the most beautiful ways…

ACCOUNTABILITY: Put your learnings into action with your “Creating a Mood Board” challenge. * Resource guides included

“I have LOVED the freedom of expression, allowing me to discover new areas to create a variety of projects. Tara provides so much flexibility to interpret and create something on your own” - Jennifer Hees



Uncover how to transfer your palettes to paper and use your discoveries as a catapult for endless new projects, ideas, souvenirs, gifts, and capturing moments of time. You’ll learn how to fit a project into the time you have (even if it’s only ten minutes) rather than needing long stretches to make any sort of progress.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Put your learnings into action with your “Pockets of Time” challenge. * Resource guides included

“This urged me to look much closer at the drier Wyoming landscape. My focus was usually on figures, florals, the occasional animal, acrylics and collages. This course taught me to refine my palettes and to go more for the design elements. Thank you for pointing me in a different focus, even with just a Pocket of Time” - Kay Hornick



Welcome to the world of Gel printing. Whether you’re familiar with this technique or not, you’ll dive deep into brand-new opportunities with Gel plate printing, stamps, monoprints, and stencils while soaking up more of Tara’s expert processes and hidden techniques. The more you look, the more you see—and by this module, you’ll be creating your own visual language that has meaning to you.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Put your learnings into action with your “Gel Printing Techniques” challenge. *Resource guides included

“I have watched many YouTube videos of people using Gel plates, but apart from using stencils, there seemed to be limited scope for doing something beyond the mundane… But Tara presented so many ideas, possibilities, and challenges to explore. I’ve been creating something on most days, now!” - A.P



If you've ever feared the words collage or design, you'll round out module seven with yet another inspiring point of view… You'll confidently learn to add depth, texture and life to your backgrounds by releasing what you think collages should be. You'll add more creative feathers to your hat by working with design principals through postcards… only to formulate new principles aligned with your style and newly inspired creativity.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Put your learnings into action with your “Creating Postcards” challenge *Resource guides included

“There are two words which can strike fear into an artist… One is “design” and the other, "collage" ...yet during the lesson, we were “designing”, and by the end, we were collaging our prints into postcards” - Judith



Jump into learning all about art supplies for watercolour, and then test them out for yourself. From small watercolour studies to panoramic landscapes, you’ll learn many simple techniques to make your own abstract watercolour and ink landscapes. Above all, you’ll gain confidence in knowing how to start and when to stop.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Put your learnings into action with your “Watercolor Play” challenge.* Resource guides included

“This has opened my eyes to what I can create and to appreciate the amazing details of nature - an abundance of patterns, shapes, and colours” - Adelaide Hunter



No more unused materials or unfinished projects ever again. Your final stop on our journey together is to take your creations to the next level of completion by learning to create stunning artbooks, folded pocketbooks, accordion book variations, shifting from 2D to 3D, different types of folds, and more unique pathways to ensure you’ve put a final exclamation point onto everything you started. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: Put your learnings into action with your “Make Your Own Artbook” challenge.* Resource guides included

“I can’t stop creating now - what a fabulous process! I particularly love the profound lesson that you can only direct the outcome so far, and that the process itself gives you surprises.” Chris Ruston


This course has opened my eyes and made me appreciate the amazing detail in nature - an abundance of patterns, shapes and colours! Sincere thanks Tara for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm.

– Adelaide Hunter


Rolling out the suite of bonuses for you…

Taxford 9


    A curated roundup recording of all previous questions from fellow Inspired By Nature members in the midst of their projects - now yours to watch and learn from, too.

    Add the dimension of stamps for unique textures and "your" visual language (no more relying on storebought materials when you can create exactly what you envision for yourself now)

    Turn your completed creations into physical products you can use, wear, sell, and gift, and discover what's possible with them!


    There’s something about the tranquillity of watching an artist in their element... Gain access to this “fly on the wall” recording of Tara - no talking or instructing - simply in her creative space and deep in her flow state.

    Borrow Tara's design talents include her interpretations of different elements and her personal "rules" of elements such as negative space, combining shapes, variations, and contrast. The more you learn and grow, the more you can refer back to this guide.

    As a helpful addition - most notably for those who aren’t able to get outside, don’t have a reliable phone/camera, or otherwise can’t get their hands on personal photos - you’ll receive 60 images from nature to inspire your Mixed Media journey throughout the course.
2.Taxford+col+gal+4 (1)

Here’s how everything in
this course comes together:

Resource Guides - Axford IBN


Once enrolled you will have instant and lifetime access to the entire course so you can go through the modules at your own pace, refresh, rewind and revisit anytime you like.

Being beautifully filmed and designed to fit into any pocket of time you’ll find yourself wanting to dip back in and linger in modules that speak to you.

By fully engaging with the course content, you will be able to confidently take your collections of found objects and photographs from nature to create artwork and a unique souvenir that truly reflects your sense of place.


Having an online community of fellow creatives exploring new creative approaches is an extraordinary experience. Past participants of our programs have experienced significant breakthroughs by being exposed to the works of other members. They have been particularly inspired by fresh ideas from viewing other students’ creations. Therefore, we are delighted to provide you lifetime access to an exclusive student community, offering an even more expansive space to connect, feel inspired, and learn. With this access, you can directly engage with and receive support from Tara's Inspired by Nature alumni, creating a nurturing and encouraging environment for your creative pursuits.

“The community has been such a blessing, and I’m honoured to see what everyone has created and shared continually” – Eunice Rieken.

Worldwide Community - Axford IBN

Here’s how we make sure you grow your creativity

Regardless of whether you feel inspired to learn a brand new technique…

Or inspired to improve a technique you already love…

And regardless of whether you feel pulled to touch on every technique and process…

Or decide you want to spend 90% of your time on ONE module…

You are free to EXPLORE and make this unique program work for YOU.|

Each lesson was crafted to empower you in a way that makes sense for whichever season of life you’re currently in…

"With the ability to see, feel, and create something different every time you hit the play button." Tara Axford

View Past Students Work Here

Click the image below to flip through an online exhibition by past Inspired by Nature Students.


Tara’s course really was a game changer for me, as it offered a very practical and accessible way into my self expression, and lots of ways to connect more deeply with my sense of place, and from this felt sense, I was able to make little momentos / art pieces to celebrate this. I return to the modules often and always find new perspectives to try out, and encourage me.

– Emma Taylor


It’s time to overhaul your artistic routine,
processes, and possibilities

A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.


  • 9 Modules with Individual Video Lessons

  • Comprehensive Resource Guides

  • Lifetime Access

  • *Private Facebook Community

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

  • Professionally Filmed Content

Today's Price

$198 USD

Payment plans
available at checkout

Curious if you’re the perfect fit for Inspired By Nature?

This program was created for you if…

You are inherently creative, yet that part of you has been dormant or feels disconnected, and you want to RE-VIVE it

You may not feel overly skilled as an artist, and you desire a non-intimidating way to break down art and inspire your own practice

You have a love for nature and collecting items here and there… and want to make sense of it all, spark meaning, and capture the essence of the environment around you

You are busy with day-to-day commitments, but want to do something for yourself again and cultivate a creative way of life!

Our promise of excellence

You’re here because you want to find pockets of time to create. You want to get started, look at nature with fresh eyes, and translate nature into abstract and meaningful mixed-media art. And it’s our promise to help you do nothing short of that. 

It’s important you know that the Fibre Arts Take Two production is professionally delivered with the highest standard - giving you an audio-visual experience that’s second to none. In doing so, we value collaborating with some of the most impressive thought leaders in the mixed media industry, and we value their lifetime worth of knowledge and intellectual property that they pour into this creative and educational development for you. It’s our hope to attract the type of creatives who hold these same values in return.

To protect the integrity of our community and the artists we represent, all purchases for Inspired By Nature are final.

Please know that our supportive and available team is always here to answer questions - either before, during, or after your investment, to ensure that you get the best experience as a member.

If you have any questions at any time, never hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at support@fibreartstaketwo.com, who are always happy to help!

 Course types offered
by Fibre Arts Take Two


Fibre Arts Take Two now proudly offers two types of courses.
The below will help you better understand the differences between our two offerings.

Access to the course for life
Live Q&A Sessions
8 Weeks of Tutor Interaction
Online Exhibition
Facebook Student Community Group
Learn at your own pace
Comprehensive resource guides
Professionally filmed content
Signature Course
On-Demand Course

Not only the content and the artwork, but the excellent production of videos and information are so incredibly inspiring

– Chris Ruston


Learn From Tara Axford

Hi - I’m Tara!

During the thick of being a busy mom of twins, I would often get the question, “how do you manage to fit everything in?!”

The truth was, I never had a lot of spare time, but I still knew I needed art in my life to feel like myself, and to be the best me possible...

So when I answered this question, it was usually:
1) I’m a realist, not a perfectionist
2) I’ve learned to fit my small pockets of time into a project rather than trying to fit projects into my very little time

Because when you look at it this way, you allow yourself to release the need of creating a masterpiece, and in turn, you give yourself more permission to play and be.

And that’s precisely the goal behind Inspired By Nature.

The program is propelled by those two values - giving you everything you need to create without boundaries and breaking everything down so you walk away with completed projects that make you feel alive.


From my Australian studio to wherever you are in this world, my promise as a multidisciplinary artist is to help you find yourself and introduce you to new techniques, processes, and viewpoints - all so you can lean into the methods you love, interpret them your own way, trust yourself in the process, and be incredibly proud of the unique art you create.

Meet Your Tutor

6 Taxford mood 6-1

Here’s a recap of everything you’ll gain inside Inspired By Nature:

  • 9-Module Core Inspired By Nature Curriculum (Value $349)
    • Module 1: The Finding 
    • Module 2: Be Curious 
    • Module 3: Exploration Process
    • Module 4: Referencing Your Materials
    • Module 5: Moving Towards Abstract
    • Module 6: Gel Printing Techniques
    • Module 7: Finding Your Thread
    • Module 8: Watercolour Landscapes
    • Module 9: Bringing It All Together
    • Unlimited access to content
  • BONUS 1: Tara’s Technique, Design, and Creative Questions Asked and Answered (Value $200)
  • BONUS 2: Tutorial: Create Your Own Rubber Stamps (Value $60)
  • BONUS 3: Tutorial: How to Create Commercial Products From Your Artwork (Value $60)
  • BONUS 4: Behind-The-Scenes Footage: Tara’s Original Watercolor Landscape Creation
  • BONUS 5: Design Principals Checklist (Value $50)
  • BONUS 6: Tara's Stock Image Vault (Value $20)

Come find yourself inside Inspired By Nature

A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.


  • 9 Modules with Individual Video Lessons

  • Comprehensive Resource Guides

  • Lifetime Access

  • *Private Facebook Community

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

  • Professionally Filmed Content

Today's Price

$198 USD

Payment plans
available at checkout


What Our Students Are Saying

I want to thank Tara for not only teaching us process and providing feedback along the way, but for inspiring the confidence to take on a new challenge. I would never have figured out such a fun and creative way to take this tiny element from my garden and turn it into a piece I am quite proud of!

I am very excited to have discovered a new direction in my ongoing search for a way to combine my love of botanicals with a more abstract and colorful approach. I learned so much in this course and can't seem to stop playing with each of its elements.

Susan Ratka 01

I have taken many online art courses over the years and can honestly say that Inspired by Nature has been my favorite.

It was such a wonderful class with beautiful photography, many techniques, and takeaways, and Tara—I loved her gentle guidance and sense of humour. I will continue to revisit it!

Cathy Laccetti 05

Tara encouraged us to observe and make patterns, colour and light.

This experience has opened up new ways of practising art, inspiring me to explore my environment using a range of media. I have especially loved being part of a shared learning experience with an international alumni community.

Joanne Mihelcic 04

I now feel that I have more confidence in my creative process, my process that is unique to me and that I wholeheartedly embrace.

This development has allowed me to improve my ability to trust my intuition and to allow the pauses, the times when despair or judgement sets in, knowing that the joy and excitement of returning to flow are just ahead. My art is definitely reflecting this development.

Kay Hustwaite

This course offers students the opportunity to try a range of mixed media while encouraging each person to value their own voice. Tara reinforces that we all see things in a very personal way and, hence, create our own visual language.

I loved documenting the natural beauty around me by creating vignettes with the treasures I collect in my garden or on my walks.…… ‘pocket finds’ as Tara calls them. This process seems so natural to me as someone who has for years, collected small treasures. But to then create ephemeral compositions to honour the found beauty and photograph them seems such a perfect response to this joyful experience. Tara’s course has expanded my creative response and leaves me filled with inspiration. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course.

Susan Latty 03 - Vignette 1

Tara's course has taught me so much; it has given me a process to work through, shown me how to look at my surroundings in a whole new light, and taught me how to work with many new materials.

Most importantly, it has got me creating again

Emma Poppenberg
If you want a platform to dive into mixed media or are searching to connect more deeply with your sense of place, this course will guide, inspire, and encourage you on your journey. Tara and the team are simply brilliant! Take the course!
Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 8.06.37 pm

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and am tickled with the inspiration and increased desire to create.

Thank you Tara for “a course with a difference” and for all your support and thoughtful feedback! 

Glynis Williams 07

The pocket finds, photo mood boards, stamp carving, and new ideas for gelli printing have been inspiring me so much!

I appreciate your lighthearted, easygoing approach and your encouragement to explore and to be curious. I've truly begun to see my natural surroundings in a richer, more meaningful way.

Jill McDougall 07 - Moment vignette

 Here are Questions that others

have frequently asked prior to joining...


(If we still need to answer yours, please contact the Fibre Arts Take Two team at
support@fibreartstaketwo.com and ask away!)

Our goal is to help you find inspiration from your nature walks - elements from the ground, trees, shrubs, and anything that catches your eye. Other than these free finds, there are a small number of standard art supplies that you will need. Here’s a downloadable list to help you get started: MATERIALS GUIDELINE. 

As a bonus, you’ll also receive our favourite (and easiest) recipe for making your own Gel plate, with three simple ingredients.

We welcome you to join our Inspired By Nature Facebook group, where you can interact and share your work with other participants from around the globe. Be inspired, meet new artists and search a wealth of knowledge and historical posts from Tara. 

Not on Facebook? Don’t worry; you’re always invited to join the conversation!

You’ll be able to share your work with us and others using # tags that are released during the course.

Perfect if you'd love to move through a course with a group of like-minded people and feel part of a community, with access to the course tutor for additional support and guidance.

On-demand courses are designed for people who want access to top-quality training now and are happy to work through the curriculum and extensive resources (including curated videos of FAQs from past students) at their own pace. They offer an online private student community but have no official tutor interaction, live Q&As, or exhibitions. Enrolment is always open for On-Demand courses.

Perfect for those on a budget who still crave access to learn the techniques and processes of the world's best Fibre and Mixed Media Artists and a library of knowledge they can access for a lifetime.

Inspired by Nature is an On Demand online course with no official tutor interaction, live Q&As or exhibitions.

Inspired By Nature has been meticulously organised to help serve all walks of life - even for those who aren't overly tech-savvy. (One of the biggest differentiators we continually hear is how well organised and easy to consume the course is, plus how top-notch our customer service is!) So know that we make it simple for you to get what you need - and we are ALWAYS just a message away. You can also access everything wherever you feel most comfortable - your computer, phone, or tablet.

We have students from all around the world - therefore, we have geolocation set up to try and accommodate where we can! We currently accept USD, AUD, GBP, NZ, CA and Euro.  And if your currency wasn’t mentioned, your bank will still automatically convert it to your local currency once the charge goes through.
(And on the topic of being international, Fibre Arts Take Two, the course producers, are based in Australia… hence the spelling of things like fibre, realise and enrol!)

Of course! From the moment you join us - you will receive the entire nine-module Inspired By Nature curriculum, with access to it for life. You’ll also receive six carefully constructed bonuses, including Q&A recordings from Tara of all the most pertinent questions that have come in from the course. And to wrap it all up - Tara has you covered with all her written resource guides and creative prompts to accompany each module!

“I have gained… so, so much. I love the use of creating a mood board, and I will definitely be using that in the project I have in mind. For ages, I had been working on a photo book of our farm environment, but I never felt satisfied with the progress. Now, with the skills I’ve learned here, it has given me a new focus and confidence in creating a more artistic book. Thank you for the wonderful perspective, teaching, and generosity… I’m on such an artistic high!!” Wendy Ness

Absolutely! All of the course content is fully responsive so it will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

If you have more technical questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@fibreartstaketwo.com

Yes we do. We offer closed captions in English, Spanish, German and French.

“The ultimate creative springboard that will
long continue to evolve you and
your art”