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Are You Ready To Get Inspired By Nature?

What Is The Inspired By Nature Course?

The Inspired by Nature course is an online experience designed to untangle your creative process. Tara Axford invites you into her studio and guides you through the process and techniques she has developed over 25years making her one of Australia's most popular Mixed Media Artists.

Exploring a variety of media Tara will show how to look at the familiar with fresh eyes. By the end of the course you will confidently interpret your collections of found objects and photographs from nature into artwork that truly reflects your unique style and sense of place. 

All course materials, including beautifully produced videos, actionable tasks and downloadable resource guides are within an easy to use member portal.

You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with Tara and fellow Inspired By Nature students online within a private group for enrolled students.

You'll Learn How To....

  • Uncover Your Unique Style

    Experiment with photography, collage, gelli printing, watercolour and inks, discovering the best medium and techniques to interpret your visual language.

  • Untangle Your Creative Process

    Bring your many art materials and techniques together by stepping through Tara’s creative process in an easy to follow practical format and break through confusion, giving you the confidence and freedom to play!

  • Use Time Creatively

    Discover pockets of creative time and how to use them to craft your own souvenir that truly captures the essence of any place you visit. It's easier than you may think.

What's Included?

With 9 modules, 50 videos and 25 downloadable PDF's covering photography, collage, gelli printing, watercolour and ink techniques, creating products and artbooks, Tara guides you step by step on a creative journey.

Each module contains several short video lessons that build upon each other plus actionable assignments and downloadable resource guides.

Students are fully supported by the Fibre Arts Take Two team and are invited to join a private Facebook community where you can share your progress directly with Tara.

Here Tara offers invaluable support to students through live Q&A's and ongoing tuition for a further 8 weeks.

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"Tara introduces skill and processes with clarity and adds her own magic so it makes the whole experience visually delightful. You can't go wrong."

Gretchen ~ Fibre Arts New Zealand

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About This Course

Use Pockets Of Time

Create Bespoke Artwork and Develop Your Unique Style!

Being an artist requires discipline to consistently show up to your space ready to do the work. Without a clear vision the creative process can be overwhelming.

From experienced artists to beginners the Inspired by Nature - Exploring Mixed Media course will show you ways to find the time to live a truly creative life!

Learn At Your Own Pace

Once enrolled you will have instant and lifetime access to the entire course so you can go through the modules at your own pace, refresh, rewind and revisit anytime you like.

Being beautifully filmed and produced you'll find yourself wanting to dip back in and linger in modules that speak to you.

By fully engaging with the course content, at the end of 9 weeks you will be able to confidently take your collections of found objects and photographs from nature to create artwork and a unique souvenir that truly reflects your sense of place.

Meet Tara

Hi there, I’m Tara Axford, a mixed media artist from Sydney, Australia.

With over 25 years of design experience working as a magazine art director, I’m excited to share what I have learnt including the principles of design and composition that holds many people back.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with an abundance of art materials and found inspiration, pinned or collected. You don’t know where to start, what to do with it.

This course will help you to find a way ‘in’ and show you easy techniques to unblock your own creative process and get going. Or, come along to see how to explore your subject matter further, allowing yourself time to play, with no expectations.

I hope that once you have taken this course you will feel like you have spent time with me on my walk and in my studio, that you flew into Sydney and experienced a small focussed workshop where you learnt skills and techniques to untangle your own art process. By showing you how I do what I do, you’ll see that it’s achievable.

I’m excited to guide you to find your creative thread and develop your own unique style.
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Meet Your Tutor

"A great example of what can be achieved in a course led by an enthusiastic and experienced facilitator who has taken the time to put together a structured and sequential learning experience".

Kerrie Maloney

9 Modules, 71 Lessons and 8 Weeks of Ongoing Tuition!

Tara will step you through the following modules untangling the creative process.

  • Module 1

    The Finding

    Take a walk through the Australian bush in Tara’s hometown of Sydney Australia. Learn how to collect and change your viewpoint so you can discover your own place in literally a new light.

  • Module 2

    Be Curious

    It’s often hard to know where to start. In this module Tara will step you through her systemised approach to curate your collections and start with a well organised and clear picture to drive your creative vision.

  • Module 3

    Documentation and Exploration

    Learn to see things differently and use composition to your advantage to recreate your own vignettes. Zooming in on your discoveries you’ll learn one of Tara's signature ways to create mini artworks through photography.

  • Module 4

    Referencing Your Materials

    Edit your images and create a mood board so you can easily identify and create your colour palette. Tara will show you simple tools to identify your colour pallet digitally. Your creative voice begins to emerge during this process.

  • Module 5

    Moving Towards Abstract

    Finding time to create can be one of the biggest challenges for artists. Tara will show you how to use pockets of time to create backgrounds, let loose and have fun painting, mark making and stamping. You'll be surprised how it all comes together.

  • Module 6

    Gelli Printing Techniques

    There's no need to invest in expensive printing presses. In this module you’ll learn a number of Tara’s signature Gelli Printing techniques so you can add variety to your work all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Module 7

    Finding Your Thread

    Collage and design are no longer dirty words! Tie your backgrounds and prints together as Tara walks you through design principles to make your very own inspired by nature postcard.

  • Module 8

    Watercolour Landscapes

    From small watercolor studies to panoramic landscapes you’ll learn many simple techniques to make your own watercolour and ink abstract landscape. Most importantly knowing how to start and when to stop.

  • Module 9

    Stitching It All Together

    Never be left with a stack of unfinished projects again! Take your watercolours and prints to the next level and learn to create stunning artbooks and folded pocket books.

Create Your Own Workbook
25 Downloadable PDF's

These specially designed action tasks and resource guides follow the course curriculum. By layering your learning you'll be surprised how a pattern emerges in your work uncovering your unique style.

"Breaking finds down to 'micro size' like your modules did have made me more observant. I have developed some new techniques of mark making to my prints too.

The whole course was FABULOUS and thank you for allowing us to keep it for life!"

Ellen Donnelly

This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to discover new techniques, expand your skills

  • You want to learn how to use your art materials in a new way

  • You want to reconnect with nature and create art that reflects a place you visited

  • You want to unblock your creative process and find your unique style

  • You want to see behind the scenes into the studio of an accomplished artist

  • You want to find the time to be creative and live a creative life

What Other's Are Saying

Added Layers To My Love Of Nature

Melanie Baulch

"This course has taught me a lot. I love to think I can dip into the course material anytime and have another go at the lessons.

I really value the feedback from Tara and the other participants as this adds to learning different techniques.
I'm looking forward to finding many pockets of time to practice these techniques.

The course has given me a purpose for 'going bush' and added layers to my love of Nature. Thank you so much!"

All Four Seasons

Linda Steely

"I have enjoyed taking much more notice of my surroundings and taking so many photos. It has also renewed my interest in drawing and watercolours.

I am looking forward to going through the course again in all 4 of the seasons and noticing the difference in all the plants and trees."

A Special Opportunity

Patricia Smithyman

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found the structure was so encouraging of development.

I have never before had such a consistent length of time to just work at art. This was a special opportunity."

A Great Privilege

Cas Holmes - Textile Artist

“Inspired By Nature Exploring Mixed Media online course is beautifully presented. Easy to follow practical demos with resources.

A good starting point for beginners and experienced artists who want to re-assess their design knowledge.

Tara attended a course I led and it was really a mutual learning experience and I felt extremely honoured to have her on my course. "

Loving The Stimulation

Valarie Kirik

"I have been loving the stimulation of set projects which get me out looking at nature and working in the studio.

I have learned a lot in the course and will continue refining the techniques."

Truly Solid Focus

Wendy Ness

"I have gained…so much really. I love the use of creating a mood board and I shall definitely be using that in the project I have in mind.

I’ve been working on doing a photo book of our farm environment for ages but haven’t felt satisfied with its progress. Using the skills I’ve learned here has given me a truly solid focus of creating a more artistic book.

Thank you so much for your wonderful perspective, teaching and generosity.

I’m on a high now !!!!!"

I've Learnt To Be More Free

Janet Haswell

"I’m really enjoying the course for many reasons - it’s encouraged me to be more observant and to look at nature in more detail.

I’m now going back to places I visited a month ago and it’s interesting to see how areas have changed as the vegetation has grown. I’ve also learnt to be more free in experimenting which doesn’t come naturally. Have loved experimenting with the vignettes.

Don’t think I’ve ever been so observant!"

A Profound Impact On My Art Practice

Anne Lawson

"Oh Tara, your course has had a profound impact on my art practice.

I have always been drawn to habitats, but have found it difficult to interpret them ~ scattered by too much information and too many different media and techniques.

Your course helped me understand how I need to find my visual language, and has given me a process to do that.

As well, I realise that all the different techniques I use are simply part of a toolbox. I can look in and draw out the technique that best suit what I want to say about the habitat.

So, instead of being driven by the technique/medium, my starting point is which to choose to best to interpret my visual language. That is such a break through, and I can't thank you enough for helping me to get there.

So Encouraging

Mary Connoley

"It has been a treat doing this course. At first, I was a little intimidated about even signing up due to my lack of art related experience.

Having you clearly outline your process has given me something to follow and provided some focus. I’ve certainly enjoyed being able to dip back into parts of the course when I haven’t quite got things.

I have enjoyed both moving between the different mediums trying out the same ideas in collage and then by creating stamps and stencils to use on my gelli plate, as well as going through the process of selecting which will best suit my needs.

The pockets of time concept has been particularly helpful, as has having a few things in various stages on the go.

Thank you for being so encouraging – and thanks also to the other participants for sharing their work so generously."

Beautifully Constructed Course

Kathy Little

"Beautifully constructed course.

Walking and observing the natural world has always been really important to me. My main connection to making art has been doing some online eco and botanical printing courses, so your course has helped expand my range.

It is excellent to have lifetime access. I have enjoyed seeing some gorgeous work by other participants."

Learn From Tara Axford

Mixed Media Artist | Pattern Designer | Art Director

Tara has been creating artwork her entire life, from her professional career in graphic design to being an art director for one of Australia's leading publications.

As a mixed media artist and tutor focusing on printmaking, collage and ephemeral objects, Tara draws inspiration from her home town in Sydney Australia and lives a truly creative life!

For her, joy is found in seeking out unique pieces that someone has created by hand.

“I love tactile, textural pieces that distil the essence of the Australian landscape into something that reflects the colours, patterns and textures of our natural surroundings.”

Currently exploring found objects, patterns and textures, Tara’s passion is to abstract the essence of a place to create something new, giving the viewer an opportunity to experience something they may have previously overlooked, with fresh eyes.

"Oh Tara, your course has had a profound impact on my art practice.

I have always been drawn to habitats, but have found it difficult to interpret them ~ scattered by too much information and too many different media and techniques.

Your course helped me understand how I need to find my visual language, and has given me a process to do that.

Anne Lawson


  • What tools and supplies will I need for the Inspired by Nature - Exploring Mixed Media course?

    The recommended minimum requirements for this course are:

    Gelli plate
    Milini hard rubber roller
    Smartphone or digital camera
    Transparent or semi transparent acrylic paint at least 6 colours
    (black, burnt sienna, white, and 3 or more)
    Watercolour paint, at least 3 colours that reflect your sense of place
    Waterproof drawing ink in black
    Pencils, Crayons
    Photocopy paper
    Watercolour paper and or Mixed Media paper.
    Paintbrushes (cheap ones are fine)
    Access to a colour printer

    Recommended household items:
    Baking paper, card, erasers, paper towels, baby wipes and or hand sanitiser, thread, scissors, glue stick, cardboard

    Optional extras include:
    Ezy carve rubber block, lino tool, stamp pad, yupo paper, sepia coloured ink and acrylic inks.

  • How long does the course take and *ongoing tuition last for??

    The Inspired by Nature - Exploring Mixed Media course is designed for you to follow at your own pace.

    When you enrol you have access to the entire course immediately. Some people choose to immerse themselves what all the videos in one binge session then return to each individual module to complete the projects others choose to take their time and watch and work as they go.

    One this that remains the same, it’s yours to revisit and rewatch time and time again!

    *Ongoing Tuition

    Tara will be available in the private Facebook Community for 8 weeks after enrolments close answering questions and providing you with ongoing guidance. Including 2 live Q&A's.

  • I’ve never done an online course before?

    Online courses are building in popularity. They are a great way to supplement live workshops affordably and from the comfort of your own home. Learn new skills and see behind the scenes into the studios and lives of your favorite artists.

    Our platform is very simple to use and we offer a great support team should you ever run into problems.

  • I don’t like social media, is this a necessity?

    Nope, you will have full access to the course via your online portal.
    We offer a closed Facebook group for enrolled students only to connect and share their journey.
    The group also offers you the opportunity to gain further insights and tuition from Tara and other students. This group it is not compulsory but is highly recommended.

  • How much does the course cost?

    Fibre Arts Take Two is a global company. This course is sold worldwide and is priced in USD a recognised international currency. Please check your local exchange rate before purchase.

  • Can I purchase the modules individually?

    To ensure a solid learning experience and to build community, the Inspired by Nature - Exploring Mixed Media online course is only offered as a full course.

  • How does the guarantee work?

    The Inspired by Nature - Exploring Mixed Media online course has a 100% money back guarantee should you watch less than 10% of the course within 7 days we will offer you a full refund.

    If you feel that this course doesn’t meet your expectations please email us at support@fibreartstaketwo.com within 7 days of enrolling. If you have watched less than 10% of the content we will immediately arrange to purchase the course back from you.

  • Can I take this course on my phone or tablet?

    Absolutely! All of the course content is fully responsive so it will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

  • What do I do if I have a question about the course?

    Good question! You’ll be able to post your questions about the course in our private Facebbok group, either someone from the community, Fibre Arts Take Two or Tara herself will be able to help you.

    If you have more technical questions please don't hesitate to reach out to support@fibreartstaketwo.com