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Coming in 2024

Donna Watson
The Way
of Wabi Sabi Collage

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We are pleased to announce a second online course with Donna Watson based on her signature Wabi Sabi Collage. Filming is scheduled for early next year with the course to be released in late 2023. To be notified when this course will be released add your name and email above. We can’t wait to share this incredible course with you.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic and way of life or a way of looking at things and seeing the world.  Wabi means living with simplicity and nature, and Sabi refers to the passage of time.  Wabi Sabi finds harmony and beauty in the transience and aging process… things that are worn, torn, weathered, and rusty.

Donna Watson is a USA based award winning mixed media collage artist and teacher.   Her process involves hand painted papers using acrylic paints and a Gelli plate.   There will be demos and examples of painting Japanese mulberry papers, making prints on the Gelli plate, Momigami and Joomchi.  You will learn how to create collages using all sorts of papers,  along with design elements and principles, compositions and placement.   You will be introduced to 3-D collages using things from nature and even textiles and bookmaking.  You will also be introduced to wrapping and binding papers and making scrolls.  You will learn how to incorporate rubber stamps, stamping tools and stencils. You will find balance and harmony in your artwork.

Register Now To Be Notified When This Course Becomes Available