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A Contemporary Approach To Working With The World's Oldest
Source Of Colour.

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Professionally filmed at Potters Farm, Claire’s studio in the UK and for the first time online, Claire Benn will share with you the results gleaned from hundreds of hours of exploration into Earth Pigments, Soya and Cloth
so you can…

  • Enjoy the freedom natural media provides. No more acrylic binders, washing out your cloth and messy clean-up procedures! All the products are natural (unless you need to use the occasional synthetic pigment), and leftovers can be put down the drain or on the compost heap in the case of soya bean pulp!

  • Relish in a slower process to explore and take risks whilst letting go of the outcome. Using soya milk to bind pigments to cloth is a slow process due to drying and curing times, so you’ll need patience during the learning process. Outcomes – or intentional work – can be achieved once you have some familiarity and experience with the process, and Claire has allowed time for this to happen.

  • Find a deeper connection to your work by unearthing your own colour. Claire will show you different methods for processing dry and wet pigments and all you’ll need to know about processing your own collected soil.
  • Learn new application methods using soya paint and thickened soya milk. Taking 20 years of experience working with surface design, Claire will guide you through a variety of application processes for both liquid and thickened soya paint on cloth.

  • Make great contemporary, abstract art of any size by discovering how to approach intentional work. Once the groundwork is done, you’ll be ready to create intentional work. You’ll also uncover the essentials of composition and the role stitch plays in Claire’s own work and enjoy learning the various options for finishing and presenting your art textiles.
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Meet Claire Benn

Based in the beautiful region of Surrey in the United Kingdom, Claire Benn has been a professional tutor and artist for over 20 years. Having travelled globally, teaching and working with fibre-reactive dyes and complex cloth for many years, it wasn’t till Claire discovered the work and writings of artist Agnes Martin that she began to truly make the work that she wanted to make. 

The work that made her heart sing, and she’s never looked back. 

Taking inspiration from the wild and remote landscape she visits, Claire’s work is quiet, distilled and potent. Claire is one of the few artists today who have dedicated their entire creative practice to working with raw earth pigments, soya and cloth. 

For Claire, working with earth pigments is a direct connection back to the land and comes with many environmentally friendly benefits. 

Stitch is the slowest process she uses. The finishing touch that helps express her reverence for her adored wild landscapes through added subtle colour and texture.

She looks forward to sharing her in-depth explorations and process with you and seeing what you create with a medium that is literally, Out of This Earth!


“Generous with her time, knowledge and expertise, Claire inspires, challenges and drives her students to develop into more thoughtful and creative artists. Caring and intuitive, she motivates each individual to find their own voice and sing their own song. A rare talent indeed!

– Bobbie Frances


Register Now To Be Notified When This Course Becomes Available