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Online Student Exhibitions


Welcome to the Fibre Arts Take Two Online Exhibition Space – a vibrant showcase of creativity and innovation. Here, our Signature course students' work takes centre stage, representing the culmination of their learning journey under the guidance of world-renowned tutors. Professionally designed and available for all to see, these exhibitions celebrate the journey of learning and artistic growth from within our community. 

Enjoy the exploration!

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What Our Students Are Saying

When I opened the exhibition booklet and saw my words and my creation on one of the first pages I looked at, I felt thrilled, tremendously proud, and, yes, pretty emotional. And I realized I had never felt that way in my previous “successful” life. With your inspiration, I dug deep and created something authentic from the soul. At long last, I am doing what I always thought must be possible and stepping into my true self. And what a joy it is!


I'm excited to participate in the Reveal/Conceal exhibition. This experience helped me get my creative mojo back after a 2-year hiatus!

Christine_Herman_Shadow Forest

Wow - what a masterpiece of an exhibition book!

I'm so pleased to have managed to get a design piece in amongst these truly beautiful and creative art pieces! Much love and appreciation to Fleur Woods, my fellow Joyful embroidery course members and the amazing team at FATT.

Priebee_Irene_Untamed Exhibition_02

For me, the Perfectly Imperfect course was really 'Breaking my Barriers' – a novice in working with fabrics and stitching, working with abstract and finishing for the first time a series of works and participating in an (online) exhibition.

My art practice will be, in the future, more adventurous and bold. Viewing other student's works and reading about their experiences was very enriching.

Dorien_Deschamps_Sardinia_Lorna Crane-2

Having my work on the cover of the 2023 Visual Narratives exhibition, with all the incredibly beautiful work from the other members shown, is such an honor.

"Visual Narratives" and Sally Tyrie have stretched me, and I believe many others, with this final topic of "Reveal and Conceal" bringing so many areas together. 


The exhibition is very impressive, such a wonderful selection of work. Beautifully curated and produced.

I feel privileged to be included. Big thanks to Sally and the FATT team. 

Joanne Olney_Fragile Nature

I'd been hanging out for this exhibition to appear, and what a delight to see it now and see it so beautifully and thoroughly curated.

It's inspirational and I feel honoured to be part of such a talented and imaginative group of artists.

What a wonderful tangible reward for all the work that you and the FATT team have done to release this course. Congratulations from a grateful student who was inspired to keep going and then revisit the parts that I loved.

Julie Hooper

This is an extraordinary collection of amazing work!

So exciting to see my book project in print, and then especially to experience how all of my wonderful, sharing classmates took their own work to the next level and beyond!


I feel so fortunate to be part of this book, in the company of other artists.

The book is gorgeous in its arrangement and presentation.


Thank you Shelley and FATT for a wonderful and beautiful presentation of student's work.

I was a little emotional when I saw my piece among all the stunning work of others. Congratulations to everyone represented.




Fibre Arts Take Two online art exhibitions spotlight individual achievements whilst connecting a global audience with the rich diversity of the Fibre and Mixed-Media Art community.

Each student, inspired by a unique prompt from their tutor, embarks on a creative exploration, employing the techniques learnt during their Signature art course and submits a written response and images of their work through a submission process whilst being fully supported by the team at Fibre Arts Take Two.

Participating in this formal exhibition process is a vital step for our students, equipping them with the practical experience and confidence needed to navigate the real-world art scene, from entering prestigious art prizes to securing gallery representations. At Fibre Arts Take Two, we celebrate the creative endeavours of artists at every skill level, from beginners to advanced practitioners, ensuring an inclusive experience where every student is encouraged to submit and showcase their work, embracing the diversity of our artistic community.

This process not only enhances their artistic expression but also prepares them to share their work with an appreciative global audience. Our online art exhibitions serve as a platform for this purpose, allowing each artist to present their vision to the wider Fibre and Mixed Media Art community.

The exhibitions are professionally designed and digitally published, offering an accessible window to the rich tapestry of artworks created by our talented students. Additionally, for those who wish to hold a piece of this transformative experience in their hands, a beautifully crafted book featuring the exhibited works is available for purchase. This keepsake is a celebration of creativity, learning, and the remarkable achievements of our artists.
We invite you to grab a cup of tea and delve into the stunning array of artworks showcased in the Fibre Arts Take Two Signature Course exhibitions. Discover the passion, dedication and incredible artistry that define our students and the vibrant community they represent. 
For your viewing pleasure, we recommend viewing on a desktop or laptop computer and clicking the full-screen viewing icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the exhibition.

A huge THANK YOU to all who participate!  

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