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Be A Fibre Arts Instructor

Fibre Arts Take Two invites you to bring your skills to the world.

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Teach Art Online

Fibre Arts Take Two are excited to invite textile and mixed media artists to deliver online masterclasses and workshops.

We’ll work with you to create your course content then come to your studio with film equipment and everything we need to produce a high-quality online course or documentary.

We edit, host and market your online course for you, taking care of all the administration and tech tasks!

Yes, You Get Paid To Teach Art

We don’t believe in the notion of a ‘starving artist’. We believe that the talents and techniques that have been developed and refined over many years need to be shared and rewarded.

Because we believe in art as a profession, you will receive a generous royalty as compensation for your time and services (conditions apply).

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How It Works

When you are selected as a Fibre Arts Take Two art teacher, we take the headache out of filming, editing and all that tech stuff by coming to you in person.

You get to work with a professional team to create, host and sell your course.

We ask that you prepare a high-quality course (we’ll work with you to do so) and make yourself available to interact with your students online once your course is live.

Featured Artists

Meet our world-class art teachers

Enquire Now To Teach Art With FATT

Want to skip the stress of creating an online course and collaborating with a highly experienced production team and generate a better income from your online art course?

Apply now to become a Fibre Arts Take Two instructor today.

We look forward to helping you connect with a global audience.