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This a unique online experience for all levels of artists looking to break free from uninspired,
everyday practices and step into a new identity of authenticity and originality.

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What Is Creating With Courage?

Filmed on location in Washington State, USA  Creating with Courage is an online course based on creativity and exploration. Centered around transforming recycled textiles through many techniques including eco and rust dyeing you’ll create fabric forms that are pieced together to make your own fibre art sculptures.

Whether they be abstract, organic or representational, the choice is yours and the variety of fibre artwork that will emerge as a result of this online experience will be extraordinary!

Delving deep into Clarissa’s philosophies around creativity, which have sustained her professional creative practice for over 30 years, it will feel like Clarissa is right there with you supporting you as a creative coach.

Many students have found their creative spark as they find freedom in letting go of the rules and recipes that often hold us back.

All course materials, including self-paced beautifully filmed videos and comprehensive resource guides, are within an easy to use member portal and yours to revisit anytime.

Creating with Courage – Adventures in Fibre Art is an extensive resource to support your creativity for life. It’s a worldwide community for enrolled students to connect in a private online forum and share your textile adventures directly with Clarissa, ask questions, bounce ideas, and gain the skills and confidence needed to create your own authentic fibre sculptures.

Enrolments are limited.

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The Secret To Feeling Alive With Your Work Happens By Knowing How To Uncover Your Authenticity. 


It happens by stepping outside the lines and allowing yourself to be different.

It happens by making mistakes, taking risks, and re-writing the narrative. 

And in a world of fast fashion and perfectly polished influencers…

A world where 92 million tonnes of textile waste overflows landfills each and every year…

Your authenticity is needed more than ever.


Let’s MEET

Hi – I’m Clarissa – a creative coach, traveller, rust lover, and true believer that you can make something out of anything if you’re honest with yourself and willing to experiment. 

And that’s why authenticity permeates throughout everything I do and teach – honouring the integrity of the environment, preserving materials, and honing in on your YOUness to create a better world.

Because the truth is – in an age where so many people are focused on things like mass production, throwing items out instead of repairing or reusing, and dishing out quick judgments to what’s “pretty” or “worthy”. 

It’s clear that our world is craving more uniqueness. 

And that’s why I’m so excited to partner with Fibre Arts Take Two on such a life-changing project.


A project that pushes the creative envelope, and embraces unique recycling methods. 

Because when you can change the way you look at art – it changes the way you look at yourself as an artist. 

And that’s about as life-changing as you can get.

View Past Students Work Here

Click the image below to flip through an online exhibition by Transformation: Creating with Courage Alumni.

Register Now To Be Notified When This Course Becomes Available