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What is Creating with Courage?

Filmed on location in Washington State, USA Creating with Courage is an online course based on creativity and exploration. Centred around found objects and recycled textiles you’ll create fabric forms that are pieced together to make your own fibre sculpture.

Whether they be abstract, organic or representational, the choice is yours and the variety of fibre artwork that will emerge as a result of this online experience will be extraordinary!

Delving deep into Clarissa’s philosophies around creativity, which have sustained her professional creative practice for over 30 years, it will feel like Clarissa is right there with you supporting you as a creative coach.

All course materials, including self-paced beautifully filmed videos and comprehensive resource guides, are within an easy to use member portal and yours to revisit anytime.

Creating with Courage – Adventures in Fibre Art is an extensive resource to support your creativity for life. It’s a worldwide community for enrolled students to connect in a private online forum and share your textile adventures directly with Clarissa, ask questions, bounce ideas, and gain the skills and confidence needed to create your own authentic fibre sculptures.

More About Clarissa

Clarissa Callesen is a sculptor and installation artist based in the USA, working primarily with found objects and recycled textiles. Clarissa uses her unique style to tell stories about the joy and devastation that is the human experience.

Her work is inspired and informed by her untraditional choice of materials: found objects, recycled textiles, and cultural detritus. In using these materials, it is her objective to search the margins and to find beauty and value in that which our society has deemed worthless.

She has supported herself as a working artist for 25 years in many different mediums. Through those experiences Clarissa has acquired a diverse artistic palette of techniques and perspective that she brings to her art and teaching.

“I love the evidence of time on a worn object or tattered cloth. The small details that speak to years of being touched and used by hands unknown to me.”

“I am passionate about creativity being accessible to everyone. It is not about fancy materials and complicated techniques. It is about showing up and being willing to explore and experiment.

My approach to teaching is down to earth and even a bit goofy. Embracing spontaneity, cherishing the mistakes, and not knowing what you’re doing is where true authentic creativity and originality come from.”

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