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What is Creating with Courage?

Filmed on location in Washington State, USA  Creating with Courage is an online course based on creativity and exploration. Centered around transforming recycled textiles through many techniques including eco and rust dyeing you’ll create fabric forms that are pieced together to make your own fibre art sculptures.

Whether they be abstract, organic or representational, the choice is yours and the variety of fibre artwork that will emerge as a result of this online experience will be extraordinary!

Delving deep into Clarissa’s philosophies around creativity, which have sustained her professional creative practice for over 30 years, it will feel like Clarissa is right there with you supporting you as a creative coach.

Many students have found their creative spark as they find freedom in letting go of the rules and recipes that often hold us back.

All course materials, including self-paced beautifully filmed videos and comprehensive resource guides, are within an easy to use member portal and yours to revisit anytime.

Creating with Courage – Adventures in Fibre Art is an extensive resource to support your creativity for life. It’s a worldwide community for enrolled students to connect in a private online forum and share your textile adventures directly with Clarissa, ask questions, bounce ideas, and gain the skills and confidence needed to create your own authentic fibre sculptures.

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Clarissa Callesen

You'll Learn How To....

Find Your Creative Courage

It’s really common to look at your own work and hate it, you may even be feeling stuck, stale and tired as an artist or simply afraid to make a mistake. Clarissa comes at creativity from all different angles helping you to find the courage to take some risks by trying new things. You’ll learn to see without judgement, allowing you to appreciate your work in new ways, opening up new doors to authentic expression.

Transform Textiles

With Clarissa’s no rules or recipes approach, see past what you define as ugly as you forage for found objects and recycled textiles, experimenting with rust and eco-dyeing with plants and other household products. You’ll step out of your comfort zone by stitching with wire and even doing some burning as Clarissa steps you through some amazing ways to embroider, embellish, and sculpt with fabric.

Create Authentically

Clarissa is passionate about sharing different mediums and simple creative tools to help you build a practice of creativity and find your unique voice as an artist. You’ll come out of this experience having created truly authentic fibre art sculptures, but it’s the gift of changing your attitude about creativity that is the foundation of it all, bringing techniques and authenticity together, that will support you forever.

Clarissa Callesen

What's Included?

Over 10 modules with 7 hours of footage and 8 weeks of ongoing guidance and comprehensive downloadable resources guides, Clarissa has created an in-depth experience that covers the techniques and philosophies she has developed over her lifetime as a professional artist.

It begins with an urban prospecting adventure where you’ll learn to see beyond what most others can. A master of transformation Clarissa shares practical ways to modify different materials with rust, eco-dyes, paints, stitches and further methods to distress your finds before translating your inspiration and ideas into 3D fibre forms. You’ll look at composition in a refreshing way, investigate armatures and how to successfully incorporate found objects into your artwork.

Your confidence will grow as you embellish your textiles from traditional embroidery to contemporary mark-making, burning and melting. You’ll be amazed at the creative freedom that is unleashed as you let go of the rules and recipes that often hold us back as creatives.

Most importantly you’re going to conquer the hard part of finishing a piece both in it’s physical and emotional ways, coming to a place of completion feeling satisfied with your creation.

Keep scrolling for a detailed description of each module and enjoy the video below.

About This Course


“Doing an online course with Clarissa has been one of the best things I’ve done for my artwork.

She is fun, personable, easy to follow, and super encouraging.

Best of all her processes are very freeing and empowering – you don’t need to go out and buy special materials or tools, you don’t need lots of practice to master a technique, you just go for it!

I loved it and can’t wait for this new workshop to begin.”

Deirdre Bruen

Learn at Your Own Pace

Clarissa embraces the chaos and clutter that creativity often brings and as an experienced international instructor she recognises that sometimes we need to rein this in a little and find some structure. For this reason, Creating with Courage is segmented into modules that build upon one another over 82 individual videos.

We understand that working in a linear fashion is not the reality of making art and everyone learns at their own pace.

As a Fibre Arts Take Two student you’ll enjoy instant and lifetime access to this course so you can choose to binge the entire content before getting started, take it step by step, or dip into this, jump into that, before circling back to inspiration all from the comfort of your own home.

You're Not Alone

There’s nothing worse than purchasing an online course only to be left in the dark.

That’s why we have created a worldwide community to further support your learning where you’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect not only with Clarissa but a close-knit network of fellow Creating with Courage students in a members-only online Facebook group.

Here you’ll receive invaluable support, engage with live Q&A sessions with Clarissa and it is also yours to access for life.

You are further supported by the team at Fibre Arts Take Two with the personal and attentive customer service that we have become known for.

Student explorations with rust and eco dyeing

What Other People Are Saying

Meet Your Tutor

More About Clarissa

Clarissa Callesen is a sculptor and installation artist based in the USA, working primarily with found objects and recycled textiles. Clarissa uses her unique style to tell stories about the joy and devastation that is the human experience.

Her work is inspired and informed by her untraditional choice of materials: found objects, recycled textiles, and cultural detritus. In using these materials, it is her objective to search the margins and to find beauty and value in that which our society has deemed worthless.

She has supported herself as a working artist for 25 years in many different mediums. Through those experiences Clarissa has acquired a diverse artistic palette of techniques and perspective that she brings to her art and teaching.

“I love the evidence of time on a worn object or tattered cloth. The small details that speak to years of being touched and used by hands unknown to me.”

“I am passionate about creativity being accessible to everyone. It is not about fancy materials and complicated techniques. It is about showing up and being willing to explore and experiment.

My approach to teaching is down to earth and even a bit goofy. Embracing spontaneity, cherishing the mistakes, and not knowing what you’re doing is where true authentic creativity and originality come from.”

Fibre Sculpture Course with Clarissa Callesen

Unique and Individual

“As a teacher and a student having participated in art conferences all over the country for at least 30 years I can say that Clarissa is one of the finest teachers in the art world today.

She brings to her classroom enthusiasm, expertise, knowledge and excitement.

She teaches not only her art form but guides and encourages her students to experiment with product application (surface design, texture and more) which gives their finished pieces a unique and individual look.

Clarissa challenges her students to become their own artist.”

Pamela Armas

10 Modules, 7 Hours of Footage and 8 Weeks of Tutor Interaction!

Clarissa will guide you through the following modules opening up your world to endless fibre sculpture possibilities.

Module 1
An Introduction to Creativity

Clarissa will introduce you to the creative benefits of non-traditional journaling and passive and active alter building as tools to visually support yourself through this experience. Take an in-depth look into her fibre sculptures and installation artwork and how they relate to what you’ll be exploring in this course.

Module 2
The Art of Seeing

Artists see what others don’t. Discover the difference between functional and artistic seeing by looking at texture, shape, colour, depth and value. Take a mindful mediation as you walk through nature letting go of judgments as you learn and practice the practical skill of seeing without identifying.

Module 3

Feeling bad for collecting stuff? Relax knowing that collecting and gathering is an important part of your creativity. Clarissa invites you on a prospecting adventure in a rusty forest and recycled textile outlet! Looking at our judgements, as a source to begin creating from a place of authenticity you’ll investigate and sit with the discomfort of what you may think of as ugly or gross.

Module 4
Altering and Alchemy

One of the ways you can find originality in your own work is by altering your own materials. In this module, you are going to be embracing mistakes and experimentation as you transform your materials with rust, plants, spices and household materials. You’ll start to loosen up as you explore non-traditional ways to alter the fabric and marvel at the results!

Module 5
Inspired Movement

In this module, Clarissa invites you to try some creative exercises for what she calls inspired movement to further develop your originality. You’ll begin to understand inspiration doesn’t come out of anywhere finding inspiration is also a skill, based on curiosity and it takes some work. Enjoy learning these simple exercises to get your inspiration flowing.

Module 6
Building your Palette

It’s time to begin building your palette, with shapes. Take the inspiration and information from previous modules to let go and do your own thing. Clarissa will guide you through making basic and outside of the box forms, introducing you to the different stitches and threads needed for needle sculpting. It’s time to embrace making mistakes and play without a plan.

Module 7

Combining decorative and sculptural elements, imagine taking all of this junk fabric and transforming it into textural objects that can imitate nature with all of its textures, colours and glory. Clarissa shares her most used surface design techniques and tells you about some others..You’ll explore drawing and sketching with stitch including seed and running stitch, french knots, and couching. You’ll melt, burn, wrap and dye as you build textures and layers to create

Module 8
Putting Things in Their Place

In this module Clarissa takes you on a journey to the wild urban side of her home town in a rusty rail yard, deconstructing the collage art degree subject of composition. In a simple and down to earth manner Clarissa shares with you the basics of composition and what to look for when you’re out exploring. Back in the studio, you’ll be eager to take your forms and play with some compositions of your own, taking notice of what speaks to you and your forms.

Module 9
Substrates and Foundations

Bases, skeletons, armature, substrates or whatever you call them are the support for your fibre forms. Your support may be strong and sturdy or loose and flexible, depending on your intention. Amorphic or geometric shapes are covered so you can move forward with confidence learning the skills to support your creativity where ever it may take you!

Module 10
The Last Miles - Finishing

You are entering the last few miles of the marathon, the hard part, a place where we often learn some of the most important lessons. In this module, you’re thinking about details and making some tough decisions. It’s time to be gentle with yourself and let things marinate. This is the place where you may start to really doubt yourself. Let Clarissa support you through this process so you pull all the pieces together both physically and mentally can create a piece of finished artwork that you will be proud of.

60+ Downloadable

Resource Guides!

Find everything you need to enjoy and extend your fibre art adventure, with additional information to complement your online experience.

By layering your learning you’ll be surprised how quickly your creativity expands as you breeze through artistic doubts to complete finished pieces of art
you are proud to share.

But That’s Not All……

Further supporting and layering the creative processes that you have been exploring within the course Clarissa will take you through a series of 6 thought-provoking Creative Coaching sessions.
The insights covered in this bonus module are the backbone of all that came before it and will be a valuable asset for your art and life.

This exclusive BONUS is valued at over $100 USD and yours free when you enrol in
Creating with Courage – Adventures in Fibre Art.

Uncover Your Inner Creativity

“Clarissa is an artistic life coach.
She is able to reach inside you and bring out your inner creativity.
She challenges you to be the artist you are.

After a week’s intensive tutoring creating recycled fibre and textile sculptures, I felt able to embrace myself as an artist.

I could not recommend Clarissa more highly.

Apart from her teaching of different techniques and perspectives, she teaches in a joyful, caring way.”

Ann Harper

You’re Protected

With Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This course has been created to the highest standards. Professionally filmed and crafted for your viewing pleasure and is the culmination of Clarissa’s 30 years of learning, teaching and innovation.

The tuition for lifetime access to Creating with Courage – Adventures in Fibre Art. Payment plans are also available, please see below for details.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’ve viewed less than 10% of this course within the first 7 days of purchase we’ll happily purchase the course back from you.

We’re confident that if you do the work and engage with your tutor you’ll get enormous benefit from this experience. And we’re happy to back that up with our risk-free guarantee.

Pricing Options

Learn from an expert textile artist for a fraction of the cost of in-person lessons.

2 Month payment Plan
$3902 x Payments of $195
  • Currency - USD
  • Modules - 10
  • Hours of Content - 7
  • Paid - 2 Payments Monthly
5 Month Payment Plan
$4005 x Payments of $80
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  • Modules - 10
  • Hours of Content - 7
  • Paid - 5 Payments Monthly

Explore The Creative Process

“I have been inspired by and in conversation with Clarissa Callesen’s art for over two decades. I have been so affected, that I took a workshop from her wanting some of that to rub off on me and work its way into my creative process and art.

To my delight, what Clarissa provides in her workshops is a safe portal for play, exploration, discovery, as well as skill development.

She met me where I was, witnessed and heard my challenges and obstacles, valued questions, and nudged when appropriate.

It’s clear through her art and her teaching that she explores the creative process inside out, sideways, and back again.”

Karen Frances

This Course Is For You If...

You are looking for clear strategies and techniques to reignite and strengthen your creativity

You are eager to explore the use of recycled textiles and found objects to create authentic fibre sculptures

You are open to making mistakes and learning new methods for seeing without judgment

You are ready to dive into your own creativity and find your courage to create

Interested in learning from and engaging with one of the world’s best fibre and installation artists

View Past Students Work Here

Click the image below to flip through an online exhibition by Transformation: Creating with Courage 2021 Alumni.

Frequently Asked Questions

10 Modules, 7 Hours of Footage and 8 Weeks of Tutor Interaction!

Clarissa will guide you through the following modules opening up your world to endless fibre sculpture possibilities.