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Have you ever wondered what separates great artists from good?

The answer is YOU!

Essence of Identity Masterclass

For internationally renowned Mixed Media Artist Donna Watson creating mindlessly for sales and success was not enough; she had to conquer blocks and confusion working in many mediums and styles before she uncovered her true essence and ultimately a fulfilling art practice. 

In her first comprehensive online Masterclass, Donna Watson virtually invites you into her private studio and gardens promising to reveal your personal artistic path to creating visually impressive and personally fulfilling artwork. Using the same lessons and methods that she has used to help hundreds of artists unearth their own artistic voices, leading workshops all over the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand over her 40+ year career. 

This masterclass is for all artists, all mediums, styles and levels. All course materials, including beautifully filmed videos and comprehensive resource guides, are within an easy to use member portal and yours to revisit anytime. 

Essence of Identity – a Masterclass with Donna Watson is an investment in your creative future. It’s a worldwide community for enrolled students to come together in a private online forum and share your thoughts, fears and breakthroughs directly with Donna, ask questions with multiple live Q&A’s,  and is yours to keep as a resource for life! 

Get ready to...

Conquer Blocks and Confusion

By fully engaging with the content from the comfort of your own home, without distractions and time pressures, you’ll end up with a roadmap for a new journey and a wealth of inspiring ways geared to expressing your own unique aesthetic.  

Create Meaningful Artwork

Experience a series of in-depth lessons to guide you on your search for your inner core.  These lessons will help you see into your own heart and mind and bring all to a more conscious level where you’re truly able to connect with your work and connect it with others. 

Uncover Your Signature Style

After completing this unique masterclass with Donna, you’ll have a clearly defined sense of self and a unique ‘signature’ across all your works. It’s an exciting journey that focuses on personal expression above technique and produces confident artists.

About This Course

Why take an online art masterclass?

One of the main benefits, apart from being able to form a personal connection with a renowned artist from anywhere in the world, is being able to pause, rewind and rewatch.

Taking a masterclass online allows you to do deep into your own self discovery without the distractions of a live classroom. You can learn at your own pace and still connect to the Facebook group to share your journey with Donna and other students while engaging with regular live Q&A’s

When you enrol in Essence of Identity with Donna Watson, you pay once and learn forever. 

By fully engaging with the course content you will reveal your true self through your art, which will take on a deeper meaning and a more authentic art practice. 

Donna Watson Masterclass

Will Donna be teaching her style of art?

While you can always take a workshop on technique, few art teachers focus on personal expression and identity. 

Donna believes that when you pay attention to the way your voice is reflected in your work, take things at a slower pace and even feel a little lost at times, you’ll be able to keep searching and go deeper. 

The creative exercises within Essence of Identity are designed to be completed in any medium. One of the most exciting parts will be seeing everyone’s unique work and expression evolve.

Meet your Tutor

Is this course right for you?

This course is a perfect fit for you if you want to learn:

You’re willing to change and grow as you bring more of yourself to your work. 

You aspire to create artwork with more meaning that resonates with others. 

You’re ready to unearth your signature style and create recognisable artwork.

You desire more fulfilment in your art practice and a renewed sense of creativity.

You’re open to feedback and encouragement from others sharing this same experience.

You understand that this is not a workshop teaching Donna’s collage techniques, this is a workshop designed for your own self discovery. 

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