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A unique, online experience for all levels of artists
looking to explore deeper meanings and connections
to find their own rhythm of creating mixed media artwork.

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Here’s A Glimpse Of What You Can Expect When You Access Eva’s World Of Mixed Media Art:

For Eva, poetry is the basic structure of art, and whilst this course is not about writing poetry, in fact, there is little writing involved; it is about sensing, feeling and listening to your art whilst being guided by Eva’s poetic tutorage.

In this online workshop, you will:


Begin the layering process using lines and sketches and indulge in the wonderful process of creating your own collage papers using the ocean and forest as your muse.


Immerse yourself in colour mixing, using watercolours, gesso, rust and pigments to create your own unique colour palette.


Create textured and structured backgrounds using various substrates to incorporate pigments, oils, and inks while trusting your intuition.


Discover how the intricacies of working in miniature, enhance the delicacy of your work when scaling up. Create a series of abstract collages that explore contrasts, lines and texture.


Absorb yourself in Eva’s philosophies and processes she uses to create her delicate mixed-media artwork so you can expand your creative horizons.


Learn to listen and create a connection between you (the artist) and your subject matter. Deep listening will allow you to gain insights and understand things you may not have otherwise discovered.

Most importantly, you’ll learn to silence your inner critic and let intuition be your guide!

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a portfolio of unique pieces that truly reflect your inner self having learnt many different techniques and approaches so you can better understand the creative process.

As a singer, songwriter, actress, and artist, get ready to immerse yourself and fall in love with the poetic nature of Eva Kalien.

Meet Eva Kalien

“My art lives, grows and develops in silence. For as long as I can remember, the calm of deep, ancient forests or the young, silvery sound of a morning sea surface has been something that has made me want to be artistically active. Poetry has always fascinated me; today it is an integral part of everything I do.

On the one hand, it is quiet; on the other hand listening to the sublime language of things, to what speaks, sounds or shines between the lines. 

For me, art is always conversation and process, growth and transience. 

I don’t plan the artistic process, but I cultivate my amazement and the desire to find something. Basically, there is never a failure because everything is experience and communication.

The materials and techniques I work with are diverse; I look for my common thread in diversity and am constantly curious about new things that I can work on and thus make it my own. 

Mixed media is my philosophy, whose very own design and expression I look for every day. I have a very wise advisor who tells me secrets and guides my way if I know how to listen; this advisor is every new picture I work on, every new picture whose language I try to understand and to speak with.”

 "I Look Forward To Sharing My Creative Philosophies And Many Techniques
With You During This Special Online Experience.”
Here’s How Your Poetry & Place Journey Unfolds:

Module 1 ~ Inspiration, Lines & Sketches

Filmed in Denmark along the wild coast of the North Sea and deep within a juniper forest, Eva shares with you a place that holds deep meaning and reverence in her heart. Here, your journey begins as you see the world through Eva’s eyes as she shares her philosophies on creativity and the importance of silence in the creative process. 

Many people understand silence as the absence of noise; here, you’ll learn that it’s not the absence of something but the presence of a special quality. Silence is about the things we can’t see… but can feel. It’s about the strongly present atmosphere if we allow the space to listen

You’ll let go of distractions and engage with all your senses, opening up a conversation between you and your art. Learning many ways to make a mark on location and back in the studio and begin the layering process that is the foundation of Mixed Media artwork.

The beginning of this course is like an attunement. Eva shows you how she prepares herself internally, like a subtle warm-up. You’ll discover the importance of listening to your inner voice to find a place to rest within yourself. This works best if you dare to seek out the stillness within.


Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 1:

  • Eva’s creative philosophies 
  • Importance of silence
  • Engaging all senses
  • Collecting in nature
  • Blind sketching
  • Working on location with the elements
  • Blind Portraits

Module 2 ~ Colours & Pigments

Whether it is painting, poetry or music – Eva believes in observing and removing layers to open up the artistic process. Having stepped back from all the noise and engaged in the quality of silence, you are now truly open to art.

The language of the soul is hidden in colour. At this point, it is important to delve deeper into the world of colours in order to be able to work with these principles throughout the course..

You’ll take a closer look at colours, how they can be applied and mixed and how it is possible to create a good connection between the colours. On the one hand, you’ll work with finished colours and still make your own palette out of them; on the other hand, you’ll learn how pigments are processed into colours and with which different bonds they can be mixed and fixed.

Uncertainty of colour choice will be removed, and you’ll move forward with confidence, knowing that your colour choices won’t drown out the subtleties of your artwork.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 2:

  • Assembling colours
  • Creating pigments from peat and rust
  • Colour mixing 
  • Making colour paste from pigments

Module 3 ~ Collage Paper

Taking what you’ve learnt about colour palettes, it’s time to make your own collage papers. Printing paper yourself is an artistic act; it creates a more intensive connection, goes deeper and sharpens or opens the artistic sense. With this, you’ll go one step further into your own inner quality of creativity and feel how almost meditative and quiet but still extremely lively this process is.

Making simple prints of things found in nature and making your own stamps to explore patterns and rhythm will keep you busy using a gelatine printing plate – an essential tool and any mixed media artists kit.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 3:

  • Making your own collage papers
  • Using objects found in nature on the gell plate
  • Creating your own stamps
  • Exploring the difference between pattern and rhythm.
  • Make your own gelatine printing plate recipes.

Module 4 ~ Working In Series

In this module, you will start to go deeper into the work as you explore the world of miniatures and the theme of working in a series. Here the previous preparatory explanations and techniques are shown in a pictorial application.

You will make small collage constellations, looking at simple compositional aspects and delicate layering over the collage to create depth and fusion.

It’s now where you turn to playfully engage in this process as you experience the benefits of working small in a concentrated way and the tremendous impact this has when transferring your work to a larger format. This lively and stimulating process leads to a relaxed flow that can conjure surprising results to enhance your overall art practice.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 4:

  • Discover the importance and see examples of Eva’s sketchbooks
  • Creation of a miniature series 
  • How working in miniature helps when working large
  • Creation of a larger series
  • Use pencils, collages and colour to create a finished piece.
  • The beauty of repetition

Module 5 ~ Structured Surfaces

Ageing, patina and texture are reflected in this module as you examine and explore different techniques that can be used to create surfaces, layers and structures for your mixed media artwork.

You’ll learn steps to create a lively materiality in your picture, which is very similar to the transient processes of nature. Before you begin to work concretely on constructing an image, it is good to understand these different techniques and processes to have worked through their creation. These steps are memorized inside and begin to speak when an image emerges. 


You’ll begin to work communicatively with the image, and it will pose questions you can now answer with one technique or another.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 5:

  • Discover structure & marble pastes
  • Create backgrounds using plaster and clay
  • Explore how pigments and paints respond to surfaces
  • Experiment with oil and ink

Module 6 ~ Contrasts

 You have already travelled a path with many exciting experiences with Eva, and in this module, you will work with a large format in a very intuitive way. The large format is your playground, so to speak, for trying out a range of techniques and studying variations and repetitions. 

The layering of very different elements and paying attention to compression and openness are important aspects. This process has much room for experimentation, supported by the large format. After diving into this exciting process, you will search and find surprising pictures…

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 6:

  • Lines & planes
  • Large & small
  • Light & dark
  • A lot & a little
  • Complementary colours & material contrasts
  • Cropping and finishing

Module 7 ~ Putting It All Together

You are now ready to work more intentionally as you remain relaxed throughout the series. Eva will show you that more concentrated work can still be full of intuitive moments and that openness to this idea is essential and helpful. You’ll see how Eva approaches her more focused artistic work, like a conversation. Steps are taken that are like questions, the picture answers them, and the creator needs silence and hearing eyes to understand these answers and to be able to react to them.

All your modules will combine here to create a series of images while focusing more intensively on the individual design. With calm and listening observation, you will build up structures step by step and apply the possibilities you have learned.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 7:

  • Combine the media into two finished artworks
  • Learn to reserve judgement
  • Explore how depth and contrast can be created
  • The steps to finishing a picture

BONUS - Colour Constellations

Create your own colour constellations using this playful and yet surprisingly sophisticated technique. Discover the liveliness and openness that working with humble materials brings, allowing you to work intuitively whilst exploring dynamic and fragile qualities.

Enrich your surfaces by adding depth and layering with mixed media to transform your prints into stunning colour constellations.


A Note About This Course:

It was important for Fibre Arts Take Two to make this course as accessible as possible to people around the world. 

This course was filmed and delivered by Eva Kalien in German. Eva then re-recorded the entire course for you in English with the help of our German production team. We then diligently added the English voice-over on top of the course footage. For this reason, you may notice slight pauses in the audio and that the footage does not precisely lip-sync.

However, the results are a course that delivers a deep and meaningful message, where you can enjoy Eva’s poetic nature and calming voice as you immerse yourself in the making process.

In our busy lives, we believe that Eva’s message of creating a quiet place within yourself to allow your creative intuition to flow is an important one to share, and we are proud to make this available to more people around the world. 


Register now to be notified when this course becomes available.

By submitting your email address and registering your interest, you agree to receive information about this course, one monthly eNewsletter and weekly Friday Feature Artist interview updates via email, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will never share or sell your personal information.