Coming in 2023

Eva Kalien

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Filmed in Denmark, German Mixed Media Artist and Songwriter, Eva Kalien will gently guide you through her mixed media techniques and philosophies in her signature online course with Fibre Arts Take Two. 

Finding your own rhythm you’ll find small poetic moments within your work as you learn to combine abstract drawings, mark making, collages and transparent layers of material into a network that opens up spaces, sets clear impulses and seeks unity in quiet fusions.

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Meet Eva Kalien

“My art lives, grows and develops in silence.

For as long as I can remember, the calm of deep, ancient forests

or the young, silvery sound of a morning sea surface has been something

that has made me want to be artistically active. Poetry has always fascinated me and today it is an integral part of everything I do. 

On the one hand it is quiet, on the other hand listening to the sublime language of things, to what speaks, sounds or shines between the lines. 

For me, art is always conversation and process, growth and transience. 

I don’t plan the artistic process, but I cultivate my amazement, the desire to find something. Basically, there is never a failure, because everything is experience and communication. 

The materials and techniques I work with are diverse, I look for my common thread in diversity and am constantly curious about new things that I can work on and thus make my own. 

Mixed media is my philosophy, whose very own design and expression I look for every day. I have a very wise advisor who tells me secrets and guides my way if I know how to listen, this advisor is every new picture I work on, every new picture whose language I try to understand and to speak with.”

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