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Create authentic embroidery art that
sets your heart on fire.

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“I can't believe I created that!”

It’s a phrase you’ve wanted to say for a while…

But in order to get there, it feels like there’s so much in your way;

  • Tackling design and composition, so you can create unique artwork
    when you don’t really know all the rules. 
  • Choosing the best materials from your stash,
    because you love them all!
  • Curating which colours and textures work together
    without looking like a jumbled mess.
  • Deciding which stitch is best to use and how to tie them all together.
  • Finding the will to put in the hard yards to finish a piece
    when you’re not even sure you’ll like the end result.  

Can you relate to any of these points?

Please know that if you feel guilty about starting (another) new creative project with so many other unfinished projects already on the go, you’re not alone.

Just Begin And The Story
Will Tell Itself

Hi, I’m Fleur Woods a contemporary embroidery artist from New Zealand and I’m here to share my own mixed media techniques and guide you through processes that support genuine creativity.

I can’t wait for you to;

  • Fall in love with the very process of embroidery itself.
  • Find the colours and imagery, that feel like magic to you.
  • Forget the rules and relax into your creative authenticity.
  • Develop the knowledge to compose one-of-a-kind textile collages.
  • Never feel guilty about starting another embroidery project again!

We all need a jumping-off point, a simple framework to follow and most importantly to find joy in our creative process so we can ultimately get to that holly grail of finished embroidery artworks! 

And there’s nothing like creating together with a bunch of like-minded people to share the journey with so I’m thrilled to invite you to learn with me through my new online course.


I'm on a stitch journey! 

“As someone who had cross-stitched & followed patterns for years – I knew a few stitches but felt I had not a creative bone in my body. Through Fleur’s gentle & encouraging manner and generous skill sharing, I have made some things that no longer get stuffed in the cupboard unfinished but are displayed proudly in my home. I now feel cheated if I have a day without stitching – it’s a great calm at the end of a busy day. Thanks to Fleur, I am on a stitch journey!"




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