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A comprehensive online experience for all levels of artists
looking to sharpen their Gel Plate skills, transform inspiration
into artwork with a designer's mindset and feed their creative soul.

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Gel Plate Printing At Home Is Excellent, However…

There Comes A Time When
You Want More Than Just Collage Papers.

  • As you grow and develop your techniques, you want predictable and reliable results so you can turn your inspiration into tangible artwork.
  • No longer satisfied with a muddy mess, and you long for translucent and multilayered prints without needing expensive printmaking equipment.
  • You desire a clear and precise framework to make intentional colour and design decisions with everything you need at your fingertips to create artwork on one page!

Tara Axford took many years to embrace and develop a creative process that leveraged her precise designer’s mindset with her free-flowing artists’ imagination. Something that affords her the luxury to solve problems quicker whilst relaxing into the creative flow to almost effortlessly turn inspiration into artwork. 

As an experienced mixed media artist and instructor, Tara knows many artists struggle with processing their ideas to utilise inspiration. As a creative director and designer, she understands the importance of learning to unpick often overwhelming amounts of visual stimulation to extract the essence of your findings, so you can confidently create well-composed and unique artwork.

Tara fell in love with the Gel Plate early in her Mixed Media career. She made it her mission to tame the plate and avoid disappointment.  Now Tara Axford returns to the Fibre Arts Take Two platform to share the techniques she’s mastered and the methods she’s developed in a unique online curriculum so you can…


Think Like A Designer. Create Like An Artist!

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Register Now To Be Notified When This Course Becomes Available