Imagine taking a walk with Cas Holmes, meandering through her neighborhood in England, stopping to observe, make a sketch all while learning to look differently at the landscape. Now imagine heading back to her studio, first for a cup of tea, sharing stories of places which delve deep into your memory, further exploring and conceptualizing your observations.

You begin to feel the pathways to your own creative process opening up as Cas shares her reflective process with you. Cas shares aspects of transference, moving the work on, making ideas more concrete, whilst demonstrating methods to transform raw materials and found objects into individually designed mixed media and textile works that tell your story.

Armed with a new set of tools and equipment, you are now ready to head home and take the first footsteps outside of your door. You may not always know where you are going with certainty but you will make discoveries and exchange ideas on the way to conceptualise your work and create art enriched by the very experience of discovery.

Experience all this and more in Cas Holmes upcoming signature online experience presented by Fibre Arts Take Two.

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Meet Cas

Cas Holmes is internationally acclaimed Artist, Writer and Lecturer.

Her training in fine art painting and photography is evident throughout in her well-known work with textiles and mixed media.

Cas's work comes from the place between the what and the why of creation, between natural and urban environments, people and place and flows from neither a solid idea, technique or desired outcome but rather through a subliminal, intuitive and fluid process.

Often working on multiple pieces simultaneously responding to materials such as discarded cloth and papers, Cas’s work contains a history and offers the viewer an instant feeling of intimate friendliness as she magnifies the details of the often overlooked simplicities of daily life.

Cas’ work is often and perfectly described as Painting with Cloth and Stitch Sketching.

Cas is the author of several books for Batsford Publications including Stitch Stories (2015) and Textile Landscape: Painting with Cloth (2018).

Cas has received many awards for her work and recently completed a commission as part of Gypsy Maker 4 exhibition created by the Romani Cultural and Arts Company supported by the Welsh Arts Council. Her work can be found in private and commercial collections all over the world from, London to New York to Australia.

As part of her practice Cas works on community collaborations developing a range of projects based on environmental themes from the natural and observed world. These collaborations offer her the insight to discover commonalities across these communities, which continue to inform her particular, take on the world.
Cas Holmes working in her studio