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Closing the gap between material and meaning is one of the most important things you can do as an artist.


Don't settle for creating art that's simply beautiful...


It’s time to infuse your artwork with
intention and purpose





The best, most-inspiring and value-for-money course, both online or in person, I have ever done. It’ll continue to inform my journey into textile art for a very long time.

– Janina Byrne


Create Your Own Story

Creating meaningful art allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, evoking emotions and sparking conversations that can leave a lasting impact.

It allows you to express your unique perspective and tell a story through your art,
making it more personal and relatable.

But Where Do You Start?


How do you infuse meaning into your textile art in a way that feels authentic and true to your artistic vision?

How do you connect your making with the materials to tell a compelling story

Cas Holmes understands the importance of creating a dialogue with the materials you use. She creates artwork layered with meaning by piecing together somewhat disparate materials so they can weave in their own history onto the work and ultimately stimulate the viewer’s imagination.

 Cas also knows before you unlock your creativity and elevate your artistry first,
you must be willing to take a risk…

Screen Shot 2024-03-25 at 8.12.42 pm

"When you start a project, things are always uncertain. I step between points of certainty and uncertainty all the time. But when we allow ourselves to be absorbed in that process of creation and making, there is always a point where we don’t know where things are going. However, this allows us to find a new pathway.

Making art is our way of making connections with the world around us and sharing our own particular take of the world. As I work with you, we will uncover your voice and your own connections to the work you create. I want us to engage and participate so we can be creative together."

Cas Holmes
Textile Artist, Writer, Educator

Are you ready to turn seemingly ordinary materials
into refreshingly evocative textile art,
layered with meaning?


Under the expert guidance of internationally acclaimed Textile Artist, Author and
Lecturer Cas Holmes, it’s easier than you might think...



An online exploration suitable for those
willing to take a risk, closing the gap between making, meaning, and
materials to tell a compelling story through mixed media and stitch.


Perfect for people who want to develop achievable ways to create texture and depth in their
fibre artwork using printing, layering, and stitching techniques with paper and cloth.

Whether you’re a seasoned textile artist or just starting out, Cas Holmes will help you take
your artistry to new heights and leave a lasting impression on your art practice.



Huge thanks to Cas for a truly inspiring course, which has helped me break down my artist’s block and taught me to look and play with materials again.

– Sue Busby


You'll Learn How To...
Incorporate various techniques and mediums to create a cohesive andpowerful artistic message by learning to…

Come Along For A Sneak Peek…



Connect Drawing to Stitch

Be guided by Cas, learn to see with fresh eyes through a series of achievable ways to observe and evaluate your world and fall in love with sketching.

You’ll be surprised how the everyday things and objects around you stimulate the narrative to develop in your work and how everything is connected and begins with looking differently.


Create Your Own Story

You can find great joy in the unexpected. Through Cas’s playful nature, you’ll learn to let go of the outcome, embracing uncertainty as part of the investigative and discovery process that leads to invention and experimentation.

Cas will show you aspects of transference, moving the work on, reflecting, and making ideas more concrete, using copious tools to keep things flowing.


Find Meaning in the Process

Using low-tech methods to transform raw materials and found objects into individually designed mixed media and textile works that tell your story fuelled by deep meaning and connection to a place, landscape or family history.

By walking alongside Cas for a little while, you’ll learn to see the extraordinary in the everyday as you make your own connections between found materials and the meaning of telling your own story

Most importantly you’ll be empowered to create work that truly reflects your unique voice and perspective.


I believe Cas to be one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is an extremely talented artist and a highly skilled teacher. She knows how to get down the nitty-gritty of concepts and can explain the ‘how to’. Not everyone has both these talents!

– Chez Aitken


Make The Everyday Extraordinary. Here's What You Can Expect From Cas Holmes Herself...


Cas will step you through the following modules untangling the creative process.

Module 1 ~ Looking Differently

Cas will demystify the sketchbook, allowing you to let go of the old belief “I can’t draw!” Drawing may seem hard at first, but under Cas’s guidance, you’ll learn how to engage with your own narrative through your sketchbook to create your own story. From traditional spiral bound to creating your own improvised sketchbooks, you learn how to work on different surfaces using techniques including continuous line drawing and how it relates so well to free-motion stitching.


Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 1:

  • Introduction to Sketchbooks
  • Process of Discovery
  • Continuous line drawing
  • Isolating Textures
  • Using a View Finder
  • Imperfect Sketchbooks
  • Telling your Story with Sketchbooks

“It has been a great experience seeing how you process your work from beginning to end, it is teaching me to look differently at the environment around me. This course has been a very valuable learning experience that will continue with me in the coming years.Anne Crowther

Module 2 ~ Drawing, Observation & Appreciation

Cas will now take you deeper into how to develop what you have discovered. By laying the foundations of a daily sketch practice and bringing the outside in, you have the stimulus for your work to progress. Through a series of achievable exercises, including isolation techniques, exploring colour and tonal value together with the beginnings of the layering process through instinctive collage, which is surprisingly similar to how you’ll later work with paper and cloth, you begin to appreciate how everything is related to the sketchbook.
Module 2

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 2:

  • Isolating your Work
  • Working with Tone Value
  • Drawing Meets Collage
  • Instinctive Collage
  • Adding Line and Colour

“This course has cracked me right open to challenge and change (in a good way), and I’ve said it before: I don’t think I will ever be the same again creatively. Drawing and sketchbooks are my challenge but will also be my way to continue exploring and finding my own voice. I never knew how to get started with these, now I do.” Janet Ferguson

Module 3 ~ Connecting Drawing to Stitch

Building on what you have been developing with your observations, in this module, you’ll understand why the connection between drawing and stitch is so strong. Using the sewing machine with simple exercises and consideration to help you build your confidence with free motion stitch by following forms on paper and constructional straight stitch, with seams and folds. You’ll learn what types of papers work best with machine stitching and why Cas prefers mechanical machines as a simple tool for making a mark with stitch.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 3:

  • Sewing Machine Basics
  • Seams – Expectations About Paper
  • Adding Dimension Straight Stitch Seams and Folds
  • Free Motion Stitching
  • Machine Stitching into a Sketchbook

“The connection between continuous line drawing and free-motion stitching was a revelation, and by learning the wet appliqué technique I feel closer than ever to achieving the results I have been striving for.” Louise Dop

Module 4 ~ Printing With Meaning

Use what’s available from the garden, kitchen and your surroundings to make marks on cloth and paper using printing and other mixed media techniques. You’ll now have the opportunity to build a library of textured cloth and paper to use throughout the course using printing methods Cas has adapted over many years. Explore relief printing with textured cloth, botanicals and printing using different paint and dye mediums whilst discovering their unique qualities. There's no need for expensive presses; use what you have to create amazing results.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 4:

  • Ink on Folded Cloth
  • Ink on Paper
  • Relief Printing
  • Printing with Botanicals
  • Staines, Dyes and Wallpaper
  • Staining Paper


“Thank you Cas your course enabled me to 'connect' my eco dying, gel printing, drawing and other mixed media!” Bron Dell

Module 5 ~ Auditioning Materials

It’s time to find joy in the accidental by looking at your marks in a new light. Using your printed materials and other materials you enjoy working with; this is the beginning of where painting meets cloth and your printing meets textile collage. As you move through the auditioning process, continuing to investigate what your materials can do and what colours you might use, you’ll create some dry sampling in preparation for module 6.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 5:

  • Visualisation Processs
  • Colour Palette Study
  • Auditioning Layouts
  • Cloth Collage
  • Introducing Elements

“The course has complimented the way I work but also helped move me forward to take more risks. It has helped me learn to build up work more slowly by taking the time to “audition” pieces then let them rest. Cas’ method of binding pieces together is invaluable. Cas is the glue that holds the course together but cellulose paste comes a close second!!” Janet Ferguson

Module 6 ~ Layering Materials - Wet Applique Method

Establishing and continuing your line of enquiry with your found materials you’ll explore how your work and materials further respond to Cas’s unique wet applique method. Temporarily laminating your cloth together allows you to use your sewing machine without pins giving you the freedom to move more instinctively. Step outside of your comfort zone and have some fun by having a go at a new temporary method.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 6:

  • Qualities of Cellulose Adhesives 
  • Why we use Adhesives 
  • Wet Applique
  • Lamination Process

“Cas’s applique techniques are a revelation and will forever alter my approach to collage. Witnessing both her and other students' results from rearranging & realigning sections has boosted my courage to keep a piece of work moving on.” Anna Marshall

Module 7 ~ Connecting Your Story Through Stitch

Stitch holds everything together. Using your machine to stitch into your dried pieces, you’ll discover how the newly created surfaces respond and how you can further extend your ideas and meaning within your work. You’ll realise this is not a linear process; things can keep moving forwards or backwards at any time, remembering the primary motivation is constantly discovering new things. You’ll move your palette around the table, rediscover, rework, and destroy to create, take a risk never to stop reimagining.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 7:

  • Working with Dried Pre-Pasted Pieces
  • Straight and Free Motion Machine Stitch
  • Relationships between Material
  • Machine Stitching a Drawing
  • Extending your own Ideas

“The course helped me to explore my surroundings and the stories I see there, and then gave me the tools to be able to tell those stories. It has been life changing. You inspired me to call myself an artist and get a studio and follow my dream”
Sarah Milne

Module 8 ~ Hand Stitching

As an experienced instructor, Cas recognises that all learning methods are valid. This is the only platform that Cas has chosen to deliver a longer online course. Giving you the luxury of taking the time to develop and evolve the processes between each module. With instant and lifetime access to beautifully filmed instructional videos and comprehensive written accompaniments, the Making Connections online course also includes ongoing guidance from Cas over the following 8 weeks after enrolments close. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to have a more extended discussion and delve deeper into your process, building your knowledge more profoundly.

Lessons & Topics Covered In Module 8:

  • Physical and Mental Stitching Tools
  • Why we use Stitch
  • Connecting to Touch Hand Stitch Exercise
  • Stitching on a Smaller Piece
  • Stitching the Wrong Side and French Knots
  • Finding Connections
  • Mounting & Hanging Textile Artwork

“It felt like I was working alongside a friend- a very knowledgeable and kind friend! It came at a time when I was looking for a new direction in my work and I now have plenty to investigate for months ahead! “ Ann Mayse


I just can’t wait to get into my studio to continue exploring and experimenting.

This course has really transformed the way I work and my artistic process priorities, and I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration and guidance you have provided.

– Elizabeth Bamberger


Here’s how everything in
this course comes together:




This is the only platform that Cas has chosen to deliver a longer online course. Giving you the luxury to take time to develop and evolve the processes between each module.

With instant and lifetime access to beautifully filmed instructional videos and comprehensive written accompaniments, the Making Connections online course also includes ongoing guidance from Cas over the following 8 weeks after enrolments close. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to have a more extended discussion and delve deeper into your process, building your knowledge more profoundly.



Come together with fellow creatives and join us for two LIVE Q&A sessions, where you can freely ask Cas any queries about the course and your artistic development. This presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage with Cas and glean further insights into her creative process and world-class teaching abilities.

It is an ideal complement to the lessons to gain more personalised feedback to assist you in moving forward. (We ensure that the technology for these calls is incredibly user-friendly!)


Having an online community of fellow creatives exploring new creative approaches is an extraordinary experience. Past participants of our program have experienced significant breakthroughs by being exposed to the works of other members. They have been particularly inspired by fresh ideas from viewing other students’ creations and receiving insightful weekly roundups. We are delighted to provide you lifetime access to an exclusive student community, offering an even more expansive space to connect, feel inspired, and learn. With this access, you can engage with and receive support from alumni, creating a nurturing and encouraging environment for your creative pursuits.

World Wide Community


Entering exhibitions is part of the artist’s journey, and we see this as an essential part of your artistic development. Your enrolment into a signature course includes the opportunity to showcase your work in a beautifully curated and professionally designed online exhibition shared and enjoyed by thousands of people across the globe. It’s one of the highlights of a Fibre Arts Take Two experience, with the option to own a printed exhibition book as a stunning keepsake of your achievement. 

“This is a fascinating body of work. As as textile artist, I am intrigued by the process and am very proud of my amazing sister, Audrey Durbridge.” Jan Leishman

View Past Students Work Here

Click the image below to flip through an online exhibition by Making Connections alumni.

It’s time to empower yourself to create artwork that truly reflects your unique voice and perspective.

A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.


  • 8 Modules with Individual Video Lessons

  • Comprehensive Resource Guides

  • 2 Live Q&A Sessions

  • 8 Weeks of Tutor Engagement*

  • Lifetime Access

  • *Private Facebook Group

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Professionally Filmed content

Today's Price

$398 USD

Payment Plans

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Our promise of excellence

A message from Fibre Arts Take Two

You’re here because you are searching for more meaning and connection in your art-making. You want to learn the thought process and techniques Cas Holmes uses to create her textile landscapes using mixed media so you can find a more profound message and tell your story through your artwork. 

You want a beautiful learning experience that provides the resources to engage and be part of a wider community of textile artists, with additional support and guidance from your tutor at your fingertips. 

It’s our promise to deliver you nothing short of that. 

It’s essential you know that the Fibre Arts Take Two production is professionally produced with the highest standards, giving you an audio-visual experience that’s second to none. In doing so, we value collaborating with some of the most impressive thought leaders in the mixed media industry. We respect the lifetime worth of knowledge and intellectual property they pour into this creative and educational development for you. In return, we hope to attract the type of creatives with these same values.

That is also why, to protect your investment in this Signature course, our money-back guarantee covers you. Should you watch less than 10% of the course content within 7 days of your purchase and not be satisfied with the quality of this production, we will process a full refund. For further information, please see our terms and conditions. 

Our supportive team is here to answer questions, either before, during, or after your investment, ensuring you get the best experience as a Fibre Arts Take Two student. Please contact our approachable customer service team at support@fibreartstaketwo.com. We are always happy to help.


What Our Students Are Saying

The main thing the Making Connections course did for me was encouraged me to play with colours and "finds". It reopened my eyes to the world around me, that beautiful natural world. It made me take time out of a busy life to think about what was really important to me and how to record that. 
Jill Revell 01

Learning about Cas' process was transformative. I am now using a sketchbook with something approaching confidence!

The comments on my posts from both Cas and the FATT team were thoughtful and considered; together they pushed me through the log jams in my head and freed up my approach, for which I am very grateful! 

I've learned to be guided by the process and not to be focused on the outcome. 

Cas is a remarkably generous tutor, encouraging us gently along our individual paths of discovery. Since the course, I've had the courage to submit my work for exhibition and sale, a huge step forward! Thank you! 

Rachael Margeson 1a

The course has complimented the way I work but also helped move me forward to take more risks. It has helped me learn to build up work more slowly by taking the time to “audition” pieces and then let them rest. 

Having been fortunate enough to do an in-person course with Cas in the past, I still definitely gained a lot from “Making Connections”.


 I learned to let fabrics speak to me -- to be open to what the possibilities were for even a lowly drop cloth with paint stains and holes. Such a piece could be developed into a work of art.

This course includes a wonderful variety of ways to paint and stain fabric, to combine paper, fabric and stitch in creative ways. 


Cas Holmes is such an amazing and generous teacher. The course inspired me and pushed me outside my comfort zone and into a brand new way of working, but always in a way that made me feel it was possible to develop my work in the way I was being shown and to achieve my goals.

The course helped me to explore my surroundings and the stories I see there and then gave me the tools to be able to tell those stories. I learned new ways of using stitches in a way that enhances the story. I used to make work with lots of different stitches, often complicated. This course taught me ways of using simple stitches in varied ways that tell a visual story much more effectively. 

Sarah Milne

My textile practice changed. I learned to play and experiment more, becoming less directly representational in my pieces.


The new approach gives me greater freedom to combine mixed media elements in ways that go beyond my previous ideas about materials, scale and detail when representing place. I can now develop more effective and meaningful work .

Catherine Macrae_Looking for the Horizon

Cas is a wonderful tutor, and throughout the course, she shared her unique perspective on life and how this shapes the art she makes while encouraging us to ‘Do Different’ and explore our own uniqueness, which has been invaluable in my own practice.

Cas has given me the courage for introspection and the tools to include more of myself in my artworks.

This course is a game changer; it will have a lasting impact on your art practice in so many meaningful ways.


This class has given me the confidence to try sketching, painting on paper and fabric, and experimenting with collage.

As a teacher, I used to tell my students to "feel the fear and do it anyway". Cas has pushed me and given me the courage to do just that.

As a quilter, my previous appliqué work has meant striving for precision and realism. This class and these new techniques have given me the skills to push through that to impressions and a more relaxed, playful approach.

Lynda Wadden1_edit KL

I have sewn, patched, quilted, painted, etc. for many years, but seldom drawn from nature. Just thought it was out of my league. My thought "How can I replicate what is there?"

Making Connections has inspired me to draw and put ideas into sketches kept together in a handmade book. It has also helped me see the connections between what I have traditionally done (sit and watch) and inspired me to use my previous experience with textiles and paint to represent what I see and feel



Cas Holmes has a huge heart which expresses itself in her love of art and her care in working with each individual student.

She is the rare art teacher who simultaneously teaches us transformative elements of art and new and helpful techniques, all while encouraging us to be ourselves and develop our own style and voice.

I learned many new techniques and approaches, interwoven with a joyful discipline of daily practice. 


Let’s meet your tutor, Cas Holmes



“I have taken courses in the past, but I really feel that this one has given me the tools to make a significant breakthrough in my own practice that will continue past the end of the course. 

– Louise Dop


Here's a recap of everything included in
Making Connections…

  • Learn at your own pace, with unlimited curriculum access.

  • Downloadable resource guides and material lists.

  • Over 8 hours of beautifully filmed content.

  • Two live Q&A sessions with Cas Holmes (recorded for your convenience).

  • 8 weeks of interaction with Cas through a private Facebook community.

  • Lifetime access to the student community so you can stay in touch with your new creative cohort.

  • Opportunity to exhibit in an online exhibition showcasing your work internationally. 

Are you ready to discover the power of creating meaningful art?

A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.


  • 8 Modules with Individual Video Lessons

  • Comprehensive Resource Guides

  • 2 Live Q&A Sessions

  • 8 Weeks of Tutor Engagement*

  • Lifetime Access

  • *Private Facebook Group

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Professionally Filmed content

Today's Price

$398 USD

Payment Plans

available at checkout

 Here are Questions that others

have frequently asked prior to joining...


(If we still need to answer yours, please contact the Fibre Arts Take Two team at
support@fibreartstaketwo.com and ask away!)

A list of Minimum requirements can be downloaded here: Materials guideline

A full list of materials is supplied once enrolled.

2 out of the 8 modules in the Making Connections course involve techniques demonstrated using a sewing machine.

Whilst having a machine is not essential, Cas recommends that it is a wonderful place to start and open your practice to new ways of working.
Second-hand mechanical machines are a wonderful investment.

Second-hand mechanical machines are a wonderful investment.

Hand stitching is also covered in this course and is an important part of Cas’s practice.

Great question! Cas has explained to Fibre Arts Take Two that the Making Connections course is for beginners looking to learn achievable ways to begin their textile and mixed media practice and advanced artists feeling unsure about where their work is taking them.

Both beginners and advanced artists will discover more clarity in their making process by connecting the materials with meaning through a series of professionally developed tasks stemming from Cas’s fine art training and as a professional tutor.

Professional artists and beginners are in safe hands with Cas Holmes, supported by Friday Arts Take Two.

The Making Connections – Mark, Layer & Stitch online course – contains the equivalent of 10 days of live workshop material and is designed as a deep dive into the process and techniques Cas uses to create her textile landscapes.

There are over 9 hours of pre-recorded content to immerse yourself in and many techniques to try. It may take you weeks or even months to get through all that Cas has to share, and that’s why it is a self-paced course with 8 weeks of initial support from Cas, including two live Q&As within a closed Facebook group.

When you enrol, you have access to the entire course immediately. Some people choose to immerse themselves and watch the whole course before getting started, while others prefer to work through each module, trying out the techniques and experimenting in their own time.

Remember, it’s yours to revisit time and time again!

Online courses are building in popularity. They are a great way to supplement live workshops affordably and from the comfort of your own home. Learn new skills and see behind the scenes into the studios and lives of your favourite artists.

Our platform is very simple to use and we offer a great support team should you ever run into problems.

No, not at all.  You will have full access to the course via your online portal.  However, we offer a private Community Facebook group for enrolled students to connect and share their journey.

The group also allows you to gain further insights and tuition from Cas and other students. 

Whilst this group is not compulsory, it is highly recommended.

"It’s such a joy to be in a group of like-minded people sharing their art, thoughts and frienships. Its wonderful to have this platform where none of us judge each other, and its all about striving to learn something new in a safe environment." - Evelyn Thomas

Because we have students from all around the world – we have geolocation set up to try and accommodate where we can! Therefore, we currently accept USD, AUD, GBP, Euro and NZD… with more to come! And if your currency wasn’t mentioned, your bank will still automatically convert it to your local currency once the charge goes through.

(And on the topic of being international, Fibre Arts Take Two, the course producers, are based in Australia… hence the spelling of things like fibre, realise and enrol!)

The Making Connections, Mark Layer & Stitch online course is designed to fully immerse students in Cas Holmes’s style and techniques for a comprehensive learning experience. Therefore, the course is only available as a complete package and cannot be taken as separate modules.

Absolutely! All of the course content is fully responsive so it will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

Good question! You’ll be able to post your questions about the course in our private Facebook group; either someone from the community, Fibre Arts Take Two or Cas herself will be able to help you.

If you have more technical questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@fibreartstaketwo.com

Yes we do. We offer closed captions in English, Spanish, German and French.

About Cas Holmes

Cas Holmes is an internationally renowned artist, writer, and lecturer celebrated for her innovative work in textiles and mixed media. She seamlessly blends her background in fine art painting and photography into her creations, exploring the intricate spaces between natural and urban environments and the personal connections within.

Her unique approach, often described as "Painting with Cloth" and "Stitch Sketching," involves a fluid, intuitive process that breathes new life into discarded materials, offering a glimpse into the overlooked simplicities of daily life.

Author of acclaimed books like "Stitch Stories" (2015), "Textile Landscape: Painting with Cloth" (2018), “Embroidering The Everyday” (2021) and recipient of numerous awards, Cas's work extends beyond the canvas into community collaborations focused on environmental themes.

These projects enrich her art and forge deep connections across communities worldwide. Cas's work, which has graced collections from London to New York to Australia, invites us into a world where every piece tells a story, encouraging us to find beauty and commonality in our surroundings.

fibre_arts_take_two_cas_holmes_31 (1)



“My application of material and media has been described as ‘painting with cloth’. Bridging the worlds of textiles and colour, mark and stitch I find this liminal space a rich and challenging ‘in-between world’ in which to practice and welcome you in joining me there on this ‘Making Connections’ course.

My references come from the everyday, the world around me, and of course, the landscape.

The depth and tactile nature of textiles and their manipulation with colour and mixed media is particularly apt when trying to portray the shapes and forms we see in the world around us. In turn, the texture, details, shapes and colours of the outside world provide an infinite stimulus for the artist to draw upon.

Where these two worlds meet, the world of the painter and that of the stitcher, is where I ask you to engage with the course, drawing upon the subjects that stimulate your imagination as you ask what if? What next?

This course is not so much a ‘how to’ as opposed to a ‘why to’. I look forward to seeing how your work evolves and your understanding deepens, as you translate your learning into the art you want to create.

By way of explanation, according to the Oxford English Dictionary the word liminal comes from the Latin word limen, meaning threshold, relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process, or occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold. A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next.’ a place of transition, waiting, and not knowing.

fibre_arts_take_two_holmes_31-300x202.png (1)


Enrolment for this online experience with Cas Holmes is limited and will close soon.