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Embrace the magic of
mixed media and
one with your art 

Perfect for people eager to uncomplicate their art practice,
embrace the beauty of nature in their creations, and discover the
joy of playful, uninhibited expression.

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Roxanne Evan Stout’s mixed media art is inspired by the natural world around her, from the picturesque rivers and forests that surround her pacific northwest home in the US, to the subtleties of the changing light of the seasons through her studio window. Roxanne has found a way to incorporate nature’s magic into her textured and layered mix media work. 

Roxanne’s work is diverse, from collage incorporating found objects stitch and encaustics, but she’s best known for her beautiful art books and journals, which often tell a bigger story over time. 

No matter what form, Roxanne’s work is unmistakably recognisable as her own. As an international tutor and best-selling author, Roxanne inspires and encourages her students to tell their own stories, as she helps them to find magic in the everyday and create artwork from their hearts. 

We look forward to bringing you Roxanne Evans Stout’s signature online course inspired by the Australian landscape in 2024.

Meet Roxanne Evans Stout

“I am Roxanne, an artist and teacher, wanderer and dreamer. Garden dweller and river walker. Child of the forest… daughter of the sea. Always grateful, always noticing, always growing.”

I draw endless inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest right below the mountains behind our house, looking over the Riverlands.

My mixed media work encompasses various artistic mediums, from collage and painting to utilising found objects in books and assemblage. I love to play and connect with my inner muse in a loose and abstract manner. I love Mixed Media because there are no rules! And if you make a mistake, it can be easily covered and reinterpreted. I often say a piece is never finished before it physically leaves my hands.

But it wasn’t always this way. I began years ago creating very detailed and fine botanical and animal drawings. Only when I reconnected with the joy in experimentation and play, last felt when raising my children, did I begin to create from a place of authenticity where I was able to simplify complex imagery. It was like I became more of myself, reconnecting to my soul. Then, my artwork, books, and workshops gained widespread recognition. 

When I think and talk about teaching, I am really talking about being a guide. A guide to helping you tell your own story through art, a muse to inspire you, and a vessel of inspiration for you to draw from. What I love about my own teachers is that by believing in me, they helped me believe in myself. 

I look forward to sharing my Australian Mixed Media adventure as you unveil and express your unique story through the transformative power of art.


Register Now To Be Notified When This Course Becomes Available