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Complimentary Phone Photography Course for Fibre Arts Take Two Students

Finding the Light Phone Photography Course for Artists

Over the years, helping students take better photographs of their artwork for online exhibitions, we have learnt that some people struggle to take photos that truly capture and showcase their artwork.

To help, we've created Finding The Light: Phone Photography for Artists… and we are gifting this course to Fibre Arts Take Two students for free!

Finding The Light is about turning your smartphone into a magic wand to take stunning photos of your art that you'll be proud to share.


What does the Phone Photography Course include?

Understanding Phone Settings: Master the intricacies of your smartphone camera settings to optimise your photography experience.

Setting up a Home Photography Studio: Discover practical tips for creating a home studio for your photography needs using everyday items.

Finding the Right Light: Overcome stumbling blocks related to lighting and camera angles and focus on capturing your artwork's true glory.

Working with Big Pieces: Learn techniques for photographing larger artworks with finesse and precision.

Editing Techniques: Explore the world of photo editing to refine and enhance your images.

Art Director's Perspective: Gain insights into viewing your creations from an art director's standpoint to elevate your photography skills.

During filming for Phone Photography for Artists course

Accessing Finding The Light: Phone Photography for Artists

If you are already a Fibre Arts Take Two Student, Finding The Light is ready and waiting for you. Dive in and start showcasing your art in ways you never imagined! Log in to the Fibre Arts Take Two student portal, head over to your course dashboard, and voilà – Finding The Light will be there, ready to explore and enjoy.

If you’re not a Fibre Arts Take Two Student yet, take a look at the wonderful online art courses we have available. You might find one that’s right up your alley! 

Here's to capturing the beauty of your creations with every click! 📸 ✨

By the way… Please tag us on your Instagram posts and stories so we can enjoy seeing and even sharing your artwork! Use #fibreartstaketwo and @fibreartstaketwo

Fibre Arts Take Two team during filming for the Phone Photography for Artists Course


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