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Learn how to unify your collage artwork to produce a meaningful body of work you’ll be
proud to share!

Art mirrors the process of life… but it doesn't have to be extraordinary.
It’s simply about capturing the essence of the everyday.


Join Processes & Possibilities, Connecting Through Collage
with Cordula Kagemann and learn to…

follow and trust in the process, unlock the puzzle of collage and capture the richness of daily encounters to create stunning abstract collage artwork that tells your unique story!



 I was new to collage, and the new skills and processes I have learnt from Cordula through the amazing course have enriched and expanded my art practice and given me a new creative song sheet from which to sing.

– Petra Gotthardt

fibre_arts_take_two_cordula_kagemann_1 (1)

Have you ever stared at a collection of art materials, sensing the potential within but unsure of the next step? That’s the beauty and challenge of collage: combining diverse elements to form a cohesive whole. It’s like solving a unique puzzle, where each piece brings its story.

Connecting the Dots with Collage

Collage is an art of freedom, a process where experimentation meets expression. Yet, for many, the journey starts with feeling overwhelmed. The ‘what’ and ‘how’ of arranging elements may often feel daunting, echoing the uncertainty we sometimes feel in life.

Inspiration: Often Closer Than You Think 

But what if the key isn’t just in the materials in front of you but also in the world around you? The walks in nature, the daily routines, or even the quiet moments you take for yourself. Your life, in all its simplicity and complexity, is a rich source of inspiration waiting to be channelled onto your canvas.

What if you could uncover the joy of fitting the collage puzzle pieces together while drawing inspiration from your everyday experiences? All while blending new processes and techniques with your unique style to create a body of artwork you’ll be proud to share. 

It’s easier than you realise.

If you’re ready to be inspired by everyday experiences and explore ways to blend papers, paint, and textiles into remarkable abstract collage art…



will help you do that!

If you’re ready to be inspired by everyday experiences and explore ways to blend papers, paint, and textiles into remarkable abstract collage art…

If you’re ready to be inspired by everyday experiences and explore ways to blend papers, paint, and textiles into remarkable abstract collage art…



With Cordula's renowned calm and personable teaching approach, you can anticipate the following:

  • Discovering methods to overcome creative hurdles and broaden your creative horizons.
  • Transforming your daily life experiences into expressive abstract collage pieces.
  • Acquiring fresh techniques that you can customize and develop in your own distinctive style.
  • Cultivating a sustainable artistic process that extends well beyond the course's completion.
  • Advancing confidently, equipped to harmonize your artwork whilst crafting a substantial body of work you'll be eager to showcase.


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 Cordula’s class was life-changing. She taught us how to use mixed-media materials in a unique way, so that we can create original and unique art. By teaching us image transfer techniques, she showed us an entirely personal and meaningful way to make art. I can now use my own photography or watercolours, make an image transfer, and create a deeply meaningful and unique piece of art.

– Karin K


Are you ready to embark on a collaborative exploration, discovering ways to transform small treasures into exceptional pieces of art?

Equipped with a wealth of inspiration and insights, you'll learn how to...

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Abstract The Everyday

By learning how to abstract the everyday influences of your life together with the endless possibilities of working with transparent papers and paint, through the process itself, your work will become visually unified and layered with meaning.

fibre_arts_take_two_cordula_kagemann_71 (1)

Move Through Creative Blocks

Stay connected to your artwork by learning several unassuming, almost meditative ways of preparing materials in advance. Take the pressure off feeling like you need to create a masterpiece every time you head into the studio whilst ensuring you’re prepared when inspiration strikes!

fibre_arts_take_two_cordula_kagemann_73 (1)

Create A Coherent Body Of Work

Working on a series of canvases from beginning to completion, you’ll learn Cordula’s signature techniques and processes. Finding the rhythm, resources and ideas for continuation in your artistic practice to create a coherent body of work that is uniquely yours.

And So Much More!

Watch the below video on what
you can expect from Cordula


 This class gave me the confidence to try new things and branch out from my 'tried and true' style, and move outside my comfort zone with my art. I make art deliberately now and with confidence. I’m even thinking of having an exhibition in my local village. I learned so many new processes and techniques that it opened up all kinds of possibilities for me to be a better artist.

– Barbara Wright-Avlitis

Process & Possibilities, Connecting Through Collage with Cordula Kagemann - Fibre Arts Take Two

Step back in time as Cordula Kagemann takes you behind the scenes into her 300-year-old farmhouse in Germany to learn her signature process, which has sustained her art practice for over 15 years. This is a special opportunity to be guided methodically through the processes and techniques that have made Cordula one of Europe’s most recognisable abstract collage artists.   

Through the calm and personable tuition Cordula is famous for, you’ll see four blank canvases transformed into finished artwork. You’ll discover the different types of paper suitable for layering, glazing, paper cuts and image transfers and how to make your own unique collage materials before moving towards a textured approach to collage by embedding textiles and stitching into low-relief works of art.

Armed with a new approach, you’ll move forward with confidence, knowing how to create a coherent body of artwork you are proud to share.

Let’s take a look through the modules, so you know exactly what’s inside…




Immerse yourself in the history of collage and allow Cordula to share her insights into finding your flow through the process. Here, Cordula shares her daily rituals and creativity tools for staying connected to your art practice, inviting you to do the same.



Layering is essential to Cordula’s process. She delves into the practicalities of working with different papers and where to source the best assortment for collage. You’ll discover the power of limits and work through some critical elements Cordula uses within her abstract collage, incorporating words and image transfers.



Creating unique materials to include in your collage is both rewarding and relaxing. It is just one way Cordula recommends staying connected to your artistic practice by removing the pressure of having to complete a masterpiece every time you walk into the studio. Using gell plate techniques, create beautiful patterned and transparent collage papers that you can use in further modules.



The gift that abstract artists possess is learning to see differently and extract the essence of a place, photograph or found object. Here, you’ll learn Cordula’s freestyle cutting method to recreate stylised representations by noticing the negative spaces and endless inspiration that nature provides.



Working from a blank round canvas, Cordula completes a finished artwork. From preparing and glazing the canvas to building up the layers, you’ll learn how to incorporate acrylic paint and combine the previous elements created throughout the course to create depth and connection. Learning the finishing touches will be a turning point for pulling your elements together to unify your artwork.



It’s time to pull out your textile remnants and sewing machine and create a textile collage sheet and stitched collage elements that you’ll later use to embed into your artwork. This module is fun and exciting as you learn to let go of expectations and have some fun with acrylic paint and materials.



Looking deeper at your creative influences and composition, Cordula incorporates textures into low relief deep frame canvases. Starting with a canvas overview and wrapping technique to embedding paper rolls and fabric, you have the opportunity to further explore paper cuts on heavyweight paper to enhance the haptic nature of your compositions.



Working on a series of three canvases simultaneously, Cordula will complete each piece and add the finishing touches. You’ll find yourself itching to begin working in a series, working on multiple pieces at once as your ideas and inspiration begin to flow.

But That's Not All…... 

As a past member of IAPMA (the International Association of Papermakers and Artists), Cordula was and still is deeply passionate about using handmade paper.

So much so that she is thrilled to share this passion with you through a BONUS Introduction to Papermaking workshop. You can access over an hour of bonus footage designed to provide you with the tools and resources to create papers for further personalizing your artwork.

This exclusive bonus is not available anywhere else!

Your BONUS Introduction To Papermaking Workshop Includes:

  • Papermaking Equipment
  • Preparing Paper Pulp
  • Pulling & Couching
  • Embedding Plant Materials & Collage
  • Embossing
  • Making & Incorporating Pigmented Pulp
  • Creating Textured Colour & Patterns
  • Pressing & Drying Your Papers

This exclusive BONUS is valued at over $100 USD, and yours free when you enrol in Process & Possibilities.


Here’s How Everything In
This Course Comes Together:

Resource Guides - Kagemann


Once enrolled, you will have instant and lifetime access to the entire course.  You can go through the modules at your own pace, refresh, rewind, and revisit them anytime you like.

By fully engaging with the course content, you will be able to develop your own signature style and talk more confidently about your work and who you are as an artist.


Having an online community of fellow creatives exploring new creative approaches is an extraordinary experience. Past participants of our programs have experienced significant breakthroughs by being exposed to the works of other members. They have been particularly inspired by fresh ideas from viewing other students’ creations. Therefore, we are delighted to offer all On-Demand students lifetime access to the exclusive Fibre Arts Take Two Student Hub, an even more expansive space to connect, feel inspired, and learn. 

“The community has been such a blessing, and I’m honoured to see what everyone has created and shared continually” – Eunice Rieken.

World Wide Community - Kagemann
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Here’s how we make sure you grow your creativity

Regardless of whether you feel inspired to learn a brand new technique…

Or inspired to improve a technique you already love…

And regardless of whether you feel pulled to touch on every technique and process…

Or decide you want to spend 90% of your time on ONE module…

You are free to EXPLORE and make this unique program work for YOU.|

Each lesson was crafted to empower you in a way that makes sense for whichever season of life you’re currently in…

Meet Cordula Kagemann

My art reflects my life in an abstract way and is my way of expressing what I am not able to vocalise.

Living in an old house in the countryside for the past thirteen years has influenced my art. Being surrounded by nature and observing its constant change has shifted the focus of my art making toward exploring the themes of time and transience.

I create my work in solitude and lose myself completely in the process, letting the image find its path and just let the magic happen. I am fascinated by the materiality of papers and of the possibilities and textures that develop in the process of creating.

Using my own experiences and sometimes my own photos as a starting point, I aim to bring the image into universalisation by abstraction. The images symbolise the process of life, the gathering of experiences and impressions, the ageing, the remembering and forgetting, as well as everything cyclic in nature, which is often represented by the use of the shape of the circle in my work.

I look forward to sharing my process and techniques with you in my signature online class, Process & Possibilities.


View Past Students Work Here

Click the image below to flip through an online exhibition by past Process & Possibilities Students.


 Process and Possibilities is an apt name for this course. Cordula reveals the many possibilities through detailed demonstrations of many collage processes. It is a delight to take these creative processes and explore different ways of expressing one's own voice. It opened my thoughts to so many "What if...." possibilities. I really appreciated the generous way in which Cordula shared the many processes that she has developed.

– Denise Hart


Are you ready to unlock the secrets of abstract collage and immerse yourself in the unparalleled learning journey Fibre Arts Take Two is renowned for?

A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.


  • 8 Modules with Individual Video Lessons

  • Comprehensive Resource Guides

  • Lifetime Access

  • Private Facebook Student Hub

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

  • Professionally Filmed Content

Today's Price

$249 USD

Payment plans
available at checkout

Wondering if you’re the perfect fit for this course?

If you want to find ways to move through creative blocks and expand your creative practice, you’re in the right place.

If you aspire to turn your own everyday life experiences into meaningful abstract collage artworks, this is the course for you. 

If you need to find a sustainable artistic process that provides a continuation of art-making long after you finish this course, you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to see behind the scenes of an accomplished artist and network with a group of like-minded people, they are waiting for you!

If you want to move forward with confidence, knowing how to unify your artwork to produce a meaningful body of work, you’ll be proud to share.. look no further.

Here is a recap of what's included in
Processes & Possibilities

  • 8 modules and 8 hours of beautifully filmed content.
    • BONUS: Introduction To Papermaking Workshop
  • Learn at your own pace lifetime curriculum access.
  • Downloadable Resource Guides and Material Lists.
  • Lifetime access to the student community so you can continue to engage with other students.
  • Curated videos of the most frequently asked questions from past students

Our Promise Of Excellence

A Message From Fibre Arts Take Two

You’re here because you are searching for expert guidance and you want to go behind the scenes of a world-class artist to gain insight into their artistic viewpoint. You will have the opportunity to learn Cordula’s processes and techniques, immerse yourself in the projects, develop a new way of thinking and experimenting, and ultimately connect your everyday life with your artwork for continuous inspiration. We promise to deliver nothing short of that.

It’s important you know that the Fibre Arts Take Two production is professionally delivered with the highest standard - giving you an audio-visual experience that’s second to none. In doing so, we believe in the power of collaboration. We are proud to work with some of the most impressive thought leaders in the mixed media industry, who bring a lifetime's worth of knowledge and intellectual property to this creative and educational development. We hope to inspire and attract creatives who share these values and are ready to take their art to new heights.

To protect the integrity of our community and the artists we represent, all purchases for Processes & Possibilities are final.

Please know that our supportive and available team is always here to answer questions - either before, during, or after your investment, to ensure that you get the best experience as a member.

If you have any questions at any time, never hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at support@fibreartstaketwo.com, who are always happy to help!

 Course types offered
by Fibre Arts Take Two


Fibre Arts Take Two now proudly offers two types of courses.
The below will help you better understand the differences between our two offerings.

Access to the course for life
Live Q&A Sessions
8 Weeks of Tutor Interaction
Online Exhibition
Facebook Student Alumni Community Group
Facebook Hub for On-Demand Students
Learn at your own pace
Comprehensive resource guides
Professionally filmed content
Signature Course
On-Demand Course

Are you ready to explore ways to blend papers, paint, and textiles into remarkable abstract collage art?

A lifetime of learning and exploration awaits.


  • 8 Modules with Individual Video Lessons

  • Comprehensive Resource Guides

  • Lifetime Access

  • Private Facebook Student Hub

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

  • Professionally Filmed Content

Today's Price

$249 USD

Payment plans
available at checkout

What Cordula's Students Are Saying

I loved doing the Process & Possibilities course; it reopened my love of mixed media and collage for me, which has been sleeping for thirty-three years.

What captured my imagination was Cordula’s description of ‘biographical art making’ as it can tell a story of one day or your life. Cordula is creative and methodical, generously sharing her ideas and techniques in a way that allows participants to emulate or adapt her ideas and grow from there.

Kate_McCarthy_Ficai_Coastal re-collection 1

I found Cordula's gentle pace and direct manner deeply insightful. Her words are chosen carefully and with consideration. I loved listening to her as she walked us through the processes, interspersing her tuition with her own intuition!

It was such an eye-opener to see how she thinks as an artist, and it has caused me to pause and find my way through the "shiny objects" that seem to blur my own vision. I have come away with a sense of joy and accomplishment!


“Cordula’s course has shown me new mediums and encouraged me to create art freely without fear. She has given me the tools to create works of art that I would never have tried before or dreamed of doing.”


I have gained confidence in the making of collage and the use of collage. Layering has always been something I do, but now I can create more translucent textures, which add to the depth and composition.
I find the "not knowing" where the piece is going to take me very exciting, and these processes are an ideal starting point for any of my abstract pieces.

Sheena Fowkes_IMG_0416

"Fascinated by Cordula Kagemann's collages, I enrolled in this course. I was eager to understand how they are created, and I am thrilled!
Not only have I learned to work with transparent papers and create depth, but also, the cutouts open entirely new possibilities to bring vibrancy or tranquillity into a picture. This will be an entirely new way for me to create art."

Martina_Grandel_Rome I

"I am so immersed in paper, tissue, transfers, printing ideas, photos, cutouts and also, colours and patterns swamp my waking and sleeping brain. Your course was fantastic, and it’s so great to have it to refer to if I forget something or want more inspiration. 

The course came to me at the most perfect time. I feel very lucky to have “studied” with you, and I will take your teachings as far as I can into what I find is my own shape and style. I’m hungry to learn more about what I want to convey with my art. Really lucky I stumbled upon your course."


"I have learnt a vast amount of new, exciting ways to give my soul a voice. I have been introduced to techniques I hadn't considered before in collage and embraced the whole process and the possibilities these brought. 

Cordula instilled confidence within me to silence my inner critic and trust the art would reveal my inner voice and truth. Thank you."

Helena Rose 001

"Prior to Cordula's course, I didn't know how to combine photo transfers, paper cuts and texture sheets in one piece of art!
Now the possibilities are endless how I can use all or a combination of them to create beautiful art!"


"I’ve admired and loved Cordula’s work for a long time, and when I saw that the course was being offered, I had to sign up. Best decision ever!!! Not a single moment was wasted. Thanks so much for such a wonderful workshop."


"I loved Process & Possibilities. Cordula’s clear and practical instruction provided me with a solid foundation of abstract collage skills and techniques that are now in my toolbox... to be absorbed into my art practice and made my own. The Finishing Process was especially revealing! I learned that when individual pieces in a series stand together, it is possible to see what extra finishing each piece needs to make the series work and that subtle changes make a difference. Abstract collage is now another creative expression to enable my creative voice."

Trish Wykman_IMG_1157

"I was new to collage, and the new skills and processes I have learnt from Cordula through the amazing course have enriched and expanded my art practice and given me a new creative song sheet from which to sing."

Gotthardt_Petra_Doors Open-Doors Close

Get to know Cordula Kagemann...

 Here are Questions that others

have frequently asked prior to joining...


(If we still need to answer yours, please contact the Fibre Arts Take Two team at
support@fibreartstaketwo.com and ask away!)

We have prepared a minimum requirements list for your easy reference.

This document can be downloaded here:

A detailed list including suppliers and images, will be provided for enrolled students. If you have specific questions, please reach out to the team at support@fibreartstaketwo.com

Immediately after you enrol, you’ll receive an email with all your login details to access 7 hours of professionally filmed footage and a gamut of resources. The course begins as soon as you are ready! 

Of course! From the moment you join us - you will receive the entire eight-module Process & Possibilities curriculum, with access to it for life. You’ll also receive Q&A recordings from Cordula of all the most pertinent questions that have come in from the course. We have also compiled these Q&A sessions into a user-friendly, time-stamped FAQ document, making it easy for you to find the topics you're interested in. To wrap it all up - Cordula has you covered with all her written resource guides and creative prompts to accompany each module!

We welcome you to join our closed student hub on Facebook, where you can interact and share your work with other participants from around the globe. Be inspired and meet other artists.

Not on Facebook? Don’t worry; you’re always invited to join the conversation!

You’ll be able to share your work with us and others on Instagram using course-specific hashtags that will be provided once enrolled.

Perfect if you'd love to move through a course with a group of like-minded people and feel part of a community.

On-Demand courses are designed for people who want access to top-quality training now and are happy to work through the curriculum and extensive resources (including curated videos of FAQs from past students) at their own pace. They offer an online private student community but have no official tutor interaction, live Q&As, or exhibitions. Enrolment is always open for On-Demand courses.

Great for those on a budget who still crave access to learn the techniques and processes of the world's best Fibre and Mixed Media Artists and a library of knowledge they can access for a lifetime.

Process & Possibilities is an On Demand online course with no official tutor interaction, live Q&As or exhibitions.

Process & Possibilities has been meticulously organised to help serve all walks – even for those who aren’t overly tech savvy. (One of the biggest differentiators we continually hear is how well organised and easy to consume the course is, plus how top-notch our customer service is!) So know that we make it simple for you to get what you need – and we are ALWAYS just a message away. You can access everything wherever you feel most comfortable – your computer, phone, or tablet.

We have students from all around the world - therefore, we have geolocation set up to try and accommodate where we can! We currently accept USD, AUD, GBP, NZ, CA and Euro.  And if your currency wasn’t mentioned, your bank will still automatically convert it to your local currency once the charge goes through.
(And on the topic of being international, Fibre Arts Take Two, the course producers, are based in Australia… hence the spelling of things like fibre, realise and enrol!)

Yes we do. We offer closed captions in English, Spanish, German and French.

Absolutely! All of the course content is fully responsive so it will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

If you have more technical questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@fibreartstaketwo.com


This course is based on my own creative path as an artist as well as on the experience of years of teaching my techniques to other creatives. When I started teaching my way of collaging, I thought about how to create steps that make sense and build on each other. Through the process of creating my first live collage course, I learned so much and gained so many new insights.  

Over time, my ways of artmaking and teaching have developed further, and all this experience went into making “Process & Possibilities”.  

Layering with paper, paint and more has become my passion, and I am glad to be able to share that with you. Paper in all its variations is what fascinates me and keeps me exploring, but also fabric and textiles found a way into my collage art early on. I love how combining paper, textiles, and paint brings new possibilities of creating textured surfaces. 

Over time, abstracted shapes, lines and patterns have become more prominent in my artwork through paper cutouts made by hand with scissors or craft knives but also by making my own transparent collage papers.

Creating something new out of found papers and discarded materials means to transform the ordinary and make it beautiful. This course is also about finding inspiration in our day-to-day life, which also means to rediscover the beauty in everything that surrounds us and that we sometimes overlook.

I am glad you are joining me on this path, so let’s walk it together for a little while! I am looking forward to seeing what you will create!




 I have learnt a vast amount of new exciting ways to give my soul a voice. I have been introduced to techniques I hadn't considered before in collage and embraced the whole process and the possibilities these brought. The sections of learning were great to jump back and watch which lessons I wanted to review again. Cordula instilled confidence within me to silence my inner critic and trust the art would reveal my inner voice and truth.

– Helena Rose