Working biographically, Cordula will show you how to turn your own life experiences into stunning abstract collage pieces to tell a personal story that your audience can relate to.

You will explore different ways to move through creative blocks finding solutions with papers, textiles and paint to connect and unify your finished artwork.

Through Cordula’s gentle and comprehensive guidance you’ll fall in love with the process, finding the rhythm, resources and ideas for a continuous process of art making in your own day to day life, creating a coherent body of work that you are proud to share.

Filmed beautifully in the countryside of Lower Saxony, Germany within a 300 year old converted farm house where Cordula calls home, you'll be transported to a simpler time where inspiration can flow freely and time seems to slip away.

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Meet Cordula

My art reflects my life in an abstract way and is my way of expressing what I am not able to vocalize.

Living in an old house in the countryside for the past thirteen years has influenced my art. Being surrounded by nature and observing its constant change has shifted the focus of my art making toward exploring the themes of time and transience.

I create my work in solitude and lose myself completely in the process letting the image find its own path and just let the magic happen. I am fascinated by the materiality of papers and of the possibilities and textures that develop in the process of creating.

Using my own experiences and sometimes my own photos as a starting point I aim to bring the image into universalization by abstraction. The images symbolize the process of life, the gathering of experiences and impressions, the aging, the remembering and forgetting as well as everything cyclic in nature that is often represented by the use of the shape of the circle in my work.

I look forward to sharing my process and techniques with you in my signature online class in 2021.
Cordula standing infront of collage artwork