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Visual Narratives - Student Exhibition 2024

In Retrospect

On the following pages you will discover a wonderful collection of mixed media work produced by some of the students who enrolled on my online course called Visual Narratives. Delivered through a series of modules, this is an in-depth course that challenges students to delve deep into a subject they are interested in and to undertake a visual experimental journey. For their submission for this exhibition, they were asked to consider the word ‘In Retrospect’. To reflect on its meaning and interpret it visually. The resulting work and accompanying statements, they have produced, demonstrates the many ways this idea can be interpreted.

I am excited for you to discover some of the wonderful, extraordinary works that students have created. From contemplative prints exploring personal histories to reimagined objects. The images of work presented over the following pages celebrate the many considered, thoughtful and awe-inspiring
works produced. Works that are personal, complex and beguiling. Importantly, they demonstrate how in-depth artistic inquiry can reveal something not only about method and meaning but also promote and allow personal discovery. I hope you enjoy discovering what they have created and reading about the ideas behind the work as much as I have.

Sally Tyrie

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