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Student Success Story with Zara Muraydan

Zara’s Transformational Journey in Fibre Arts

From Classical Roots to Fibre Art Mastery: Zara’s Out of This Earth Evolution

Zara Muradyan, a classically trained artist with a background in fashion merchandising and illustration, experienced a profound transformation in her artistic approach after discovering Claire Benn and her signature online course with Fibre Arts Take Two.

We had the opportunity to talk with Zara Muradyan about her experience and her development from traditional artistry to embracing abstract fibre art. Watch here…


Zara, an artist with a rich blend of classical training and fashion expertise, embarked on an artistic evolution, discovering a new medium that resonated deeply with her creative spirit.

Initially, Zara found herself in a creative limbo, seeking a fresh perspective in her art. “I was at a point where stitching was my outlet,” she recalls, seeking solace in the meditative practice of fibre arts amidst life’s challenges. Despite her extensive background, she had  a yearning for something more – a different form of expression that traditional mediums couldn’t satisfy.

Zara’s turning point came after discovering Out of This Earth, an online fibre arts workshop, and was particularly inspired by instructor Claire Ben’s approach to earth pigments and abstract art. “Claire’s reductive way of working inspired me to rethink my own approach,” Zara reflects. The comprehensive, beautifully filmed workshop, offering in-depth techniques and constructive critiques, provided Zara with the tools and confidence to explore beyond her classical roots.

Zara’s journey through the workshop led to remarkable artistic growth. “It was more than learning techniques; it was about connecting with my materials on a deeper level,” she explains. Her series of landscapes, born out of a challenging period, transformed her pain into stunning visual narratives. The workshop’s focus on composition and the unique application of earth pigments empowered her to create art that truly resonated with her vision. “The confidence I gained was immense, especially when my work was selected for a masterclass,” she adds. This newfound confidence and skill have set her on a path to continually explore and evolve her artistic practice.



Reflecting on her experience, Zara is eager to encourage others to explore new mediums with Fibre Arts Take Two “The workshop broke boundaries I didn’t know I could,” she enthuses. 

With plans to continue her artistic journey and inspire others, Zara’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and community in the arts.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Zara!

Read more about Zara Muradyan and how she found solace in the healing powers of art and community in our Friday Feature Artist interview (coming soon).

In Out of this Earth, Claire Benn invites you to explore the fusion of Earth Pigments, Soya, and Cloth in art. This online workshop emphasizes eco-friendly practices and mindful creation, encouraging you to connect with nature through the use of natural media and soy milk binders. You’ll learn to master unique colour palettes and advanced composition techniques, processing both dry and wet pigments to create visually impactful art that resonates with your personal style. The course also delves into the art of composition and stitching in abstract art, enabling you to create captivating, contemporary pieces while exploring various finishing and presentation methods.

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