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Creating with Courage - Student Exhibition 2023

Interwoven Strength
“It is a celebration of the ties that bind us, showcasing the strength and beauty that emerges when we intertwine our lives, experiences, and creative endeavors”

I am so proud to introduce the remarkable 2023 Creating with Courage exhibition: Interwoven Strength/ Cherishing the Unexpected. In this captivating showcase, the realm of fiber art transcends conventional boundaries, igniting our imagination, and inviting us to embrace the unexpected beauty that lies within the most unlikely places. It is here that we witness communities interwoven with profound connections and heartfelt bonds. Interweaving lies at the very core of fiber art. It is a dance, an intricate symphony of warp and weft on a loom, transforming individual threads into a solid tapestry of creativity. It is the needle, gracefully piercing through the fabric, merging two distinct pieces into a harmonious whole. Picture the knot, tightly binding two cords, forging a strength that stems from the power of connection.
Through decades of patched layers, functionality and history are intertwined, creating an art form that tells a unique story. However, the magic of interweaving goes beyond conventional techniques. It dares to embrace the unexpected and breathe life into discarded fragments. With courage as their guiding force, talented artists infuse love, plants, and rust into forgotten pieces of clothing, giving them new purpose and transforming imperfections into cherished features. Each creation becomes a testament to the artist’s individuality, weaving a narrative that resonates with authenticity and beauty. Yet, the true power of this exhibition lies not only within the art itself but also in the profound sense of community it fosters. Within the virtual walls of this space, stories of encouragement flourish, genuine compliments are exchanged, and empathy thrives. In this safe haven, artists find solace in their insecurities and doubts, offering each other thoughtful advice and troubleshooting. Here, heartfelt connections transcend borders and overcome vast distances, united by a shared passion for creation.
Through the web of technology, across time zones and differing days, this exhibition resonates with a profound sense of interconnectedness. It is a celebration of the ties that bind us, showcasing the strength and beauty that emerges when we intertwine our lives, experiences, and creative endeavours. As you take in this exhibition, allow your senses to be captivated by the ingenious works of artists who have fearlessly ventured beyond the confines of traditional fibre art. I am so honoured to have been a part of this amazing journey with these incredible artists. Thank you for sharing yourselves.
Clarissa Callesen
Sculptor, Installation Artist, Instructor

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